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Canadian Judge Grants Freedom to Omar Khadr, Once Held as Child at Gitmo


Canadian Judge Grants Freedom to Omar Khadr, Once Held as Child at Gitmo

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

At long last, a Canadian judge has granted bail to Omar Khadr, who was just 15 years old when he was shot and captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan in 2002, and who subsequently became the youngest detainee in Guantanamo Bay prison.


“The conditions of Khadr’s release will be set May 5, 2015.” The conditions will be debated and might be set in the May 5th hearing but that doesn’t mean he’ll be released then.

Harper has publically called Omar Khadr a terrorist many times and fear of terrorism is one of his main tactics. The regressive Harper government will keep this process going through appeals until at least after the national elections in mid-October.

The Canadian courts are slightly less kangaroo like than those stateside but only slightly.


At least he hasn’t been remanded to a US For Profit Prison…yet.


The perfidious right wing, extremist, fascist Canadian government wants to appeal the judge’s decision! Talk about perverse. I wonder if the Canadian minister of justice even knows that Khadr should never have been charged and jailed in the first place. He was protected by a UN treaty on Children of war, not that the US pays any attention to them, nor it seems does the current despicable Canadian government. We all knew the US signature on a treaty wasn’t worth the paper its written on, but Canada? The sooner we can rid ourselves of this evangelical hypocrite of a prime minister, the sooner we can have our Canada back!


Habeus Corpus, Pat Tillman, Nazi Pope. That, to me is the Omar Khadr story. There is no chance of a fair or legal trial at Gitmo. The use of torture as well as lies and propaganda negates this place as any centre for law or justice. The U.S, military lied to the family of Pat Tillman about his death in combat and lied to the American people and to the government of the U.S. They cannot be trusted when their image or interests are at stake.Their track record stinks. The Catholic Church recently was lead by a pope who had been a member of the Nazi party when they were our enemies. When I mention this to some people. they would answer that he was “just a child” at the time, even though he was older then than Mr. Khadr was at the time of his capture. He is being illegally imprisoned and we Canadians must be ashamed for being the bum boys to the American Empire.


“In 2010, Khadr pleaded guilty to killing an American soldier”
So it is acceptable fo US soldiers to go anywhere and kill anyone, but a child there is a criminal if he retaliates?


Great to hear the accurate criticisms of this despicable Prime Minister. He works against the law, and it is unimaginable that Harper supports torture and the confessions that come from this torture, even though this contravenes international law.
To characterize this government as extremist and even fascist is no stretch. It is a simple matter of connecting the dots.


After the firefight in which Khadr was severely injured he was the only one left, barely, alive. There is no evidence that he threw the grenade that killed the unfortunate American. No matter, America wanted someone to be convicted and Khadr was the only choice.
Harper was committed to supporting the evil empire even if it meant sacrificing a Canadian child.
On the CBC recently they interviewed one American who thought Khadr would be a threat to the US and Canada indefinitely and another who thought he had been mistreated and that his treatment was unlawful.


Look up fairvote.ca. Also, it’s time to modernize the Canadian parliamentary system so that a party that wins a minority of the popular vote (Harper got 39.6% last time) somehow gets a majority government. That’s anti-democratic.