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Canadian Mining Companies Banned in Three Salvadorian Municipalities


Canadian Mining Companies Banned in Three Salvadorian Municipalities

Juan Carlos Jimenez

On March 29, Nueva Trinidad became the third municipality in El Salvador to officially declare itself a "territory free of mining" through a historic popular community consultation.

Canadian mining companies have had a brutal presence in El Salvador. Communities in the departments of Chalatenango and Cabañas have organized to prevent the entry of mining corporations into the municipalities.


It is precisely this form of local citizen opposition to practices that privatize immediate profits while externalizing massive costs (in the form of compromised public health, and destruction to irreplaceable ecosystems) that the new TPP and TIPP trade pacts cease to render null and void. What, with their own corporate tribunals deciding cases–themselves representing Profit’s rights over everything else–what hope would remain in place for actual justice, or respect for vital natural communities. Now especially, as the hour is late with so much of the natural world burning, being poisoned, slowly dying, or showing signs of restlessness in response to foul treatment that’s gone on far too long.


Again , this is why Governments and Corporations are so anxious to get TPP passed. It would not surprise me to learn that in the text of the agreement are clauses to make penalties for passing such laws, thus interfering with “right to profit” , retroactive so that these Mining Companies can make some bucks here.

Those “penalties” WILL result in wealth being drained out of one region and into the pockets of a few. They will be just another way of stealing the peoples labor and stealing and destroying the wealth of nature for personal gain. Just more of that “self-interest” crap.