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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Climate Package Is a Dangerous Fraud

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/07/canadian-prime-minister-justin-trudeaus-climate-package-dangerous-fraud


So much of Canada’s economy is based on extraction that they’re forced by sheer inertia to cling like barnacles to the status quo. And that is your pathway to climate disruption. Yep, truly we’re f**ked.


"Status Quo Justin Trudeau" is fitting right comfortably into to the mold of an Oil and Gas Ass.


Yes. many of the big companies that operate horribly polluting and environmentally devastating mines is 3rd world countries are Canadian.


Very apt comparison to smoking and cancer in several ways.

Trudeau has to pay off the billions he spent on this boondoggle pipeline. So it is even more unclear whether he’d be able to keep his stated Faustian bargain.

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Ms. McQuaig makes a credible and intelligent argument against PM Justin Trudeau’s Climate Package.

Mr. Phillips
St. Catharines
Retired Autoworker

From this we see the end point of the meme that “Private industry must be in charge of creating jobs”. The Government has surrendered economic authority to the Corporations and all policy is designed around what the Corporations want “In order to protect jobs”.

This also affects foreign policy decisions as Governments jump on board with “free trade deals” and economic zones meant to ensure the Corporations Capital can move freely between different jurisdictions. It is no accident that the Canadian Military , once respected as peacekeepers and counted on to remain neutral in various conflicts transitioned to one which has as its main purpose ensuring those same Countries remain open to Canadian business ventures. This shift occured after NAFTA signed where The Canadian Government began to premise all policy decisions on “If it Good for our Corporations it good for Canada”. Lester Pearson and Pierrie Elliot Trudeau would never have gotten Canada involved in Yugoslavia and Libya and Syria. They would never have joined sanctions against Venezuela and would never have supported the Coup in Haiti. All of this started when the Government surrendered its Sovereignity to the Corporations when NAFTA signed.


“A 2018 study published in the journal Nature Communications ranked Canada among countries with the world’s least effective climate policies. The study found that if Canada’s policies were adopted worldwide, global temperatures would rise by a disastrous 5.1°C by the end of the century. And that assessment was made before Trudeau approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.”

That’s a pretty telling indictment, and somehow captures the ‘emergency’ part of this equation as well.


They tell us, it’s the Canadian way.

Yes, "the meme that “Private industry must be in charge of creating jobs” ", is probably the filthiest piece of propaganda promoted by Cons and Libs.
Not until government is required to provide living wage jobs or guaranteed annual income will we be unshackled from the dangerous, cancerous myth of private job creation that happily leaves millions in poverty. Normalized insanity anyone?


“Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required.” This is an important distinction.

The laws of atmospheric physics and chemistry are true whether we like them or not. Scientists are telling what is required, based on those immutable laws.

Although the transition won’t be easy, we are fortunate that wind and solar are becoming as cheap as fossil fuels.

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