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Canadian Senate Votes to 'Keep Fear Alive' With Passage of Spy Bill


Canadian Senate Votes to 'Keep Fear Alive' With Passage of Spy Bill

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Canadian Senate on Tuesday passed a sweeping surveillance bill that will expand the government's spying powers, despite massive outcry from Canadian citizens and privacy advocates who say the legislation threatens civil liberties and religious rights.

Bill C-51 passed 44-28 in the Conservative-majority chamber. The law will amend the Criminal Code to expand the mandate and power of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and allow police to detain and arrest people without charge if they are suspected as threats to national security.


Who’s fear is it exactly that they are trying to keep alive?
The elite’s fear that that the people will triumph?


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The Canadian Government is adopting the tactics of the Government that have served the state so well South of the border.

That is to fuel fear amongst the population with a wide range of announced “Threats” to our lives and livelihood from abroad. In this manner more monies will be funneled into militarism and the State can become ever more Authoritarian.

These “tools” well be needed by the State as ir perpares to pass that TPP and surrender the people completely to Corporate rule where the 1 percent are to see their wealth and power grow exponentially.