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Canadian Social Movement Leaders Pledge Support for Historic Act of Climate Civil Disobedience



Ok, I'll happily be the 1st commenter: BRAVO to Canadian activists! BRAVO to Canadian voters! Re the 1st cheer, I know US activists will be as bold as our Canadian friends. Re the 2nd cheer, my most fervent wish, prayer, mantra, meditation, is that US voters be as smart as our Canadian friends, and volunteer/work/activate to make sure that Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Party's candidate for President, and then work even harder to make sure that he is elected as our President.
This is a man who is working for free college for qualified students, a bold and brilliant idea.
This is a man who works for Wall Street reform, singlepayer Medicare-type healthcare for all of us in the 50 states, another brilliant idea [BTW, COLORADOCARES will put singlepayer on their state ballot BRAVO COLORADO, another brilliant idea.
This is a man who is for responsible, sensible gun ownership.
This is a man who was a Conscientious Objector, a brilliant idea, and who has promised that the horrors of war will be A LAST RESORT, another brilliant idea or 2 [in spite of the gotcha Q&A of MisterOnePerCenterPersonified-Anderson Cooper, [what is the opposite of "brilliant idea"? Oh, I've got it: rude, slithery gotcha half truths?]
I do not believe our democracy -or what few shreds are left of it after the MIC steals our tax dollars and our very blood + the oligarchic disastrous Judges who are the opposite of Supreme [My God, I wouldn't let Thomas or Scalia or Roberts walk my dog-they are that scary-thank you to the Rethuglican who nominated them and the blind, spineless Congress that confirmed them-and y'all know who fits the bill there]
But I digress. Please just go to http://citizensagainstplutocracy.org and take the pledge for Bernie; and please please find a few minutes/hours in your bz life to do something for our country other than blog or make comments:VOLUNTEER TO HELP ELECT this decent man to our highest office. FEEL THE BERN!