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Canadians Call on Pension Fund to Stop Investing in US Private Prison Firms Profiting From 'Brutal Human Rights Abuses' of Trump

Canadians Call on Pension Fund to Stop Investing in US Private Prison Firms Profiting From 'Brutal Human Rights Abuses' of Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

Canadian campaigners have gathered tens of thousands of signatures from critics of the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), whose increased investments in a for-profit prison corporation became clear in new reporting by the Guardian Monday.

Thank you Canada.

The prisons of the United States are about to be emptied of all the non-violent, and filled with the corrupt politicians and their partners in crime, that are taking our nation towards authoritarianism.


From your keyboard to Gaia’s ear, PB.


The Canadian people seem to be great. Now if they can get rid of some of their leaders who are obviously bought out and colluding with US elites - they can get back to being one of the best countries in the world. Why send their pension funds into the global market. I’m sure there are a lot of opportunities to invest in local and Canadian companies and other Canadian interests. Global capital has this way of overlooking things like human rights and other violations.


Sovereign Wealth Funds are an excellent tool for meaningful change in the world today and help contrast the differences between peoples at large as represented by those protesting the CPP investment in Private prisons and their counterpart, that being the investment funds set up by Wall Street.

That segment of the population investing in those Wall street funds (84 percent of all stocks are owned by 10 percent of Americans) cares about nothing but a higher return on investment.

The people at large (call them the Commoners) do still have a conscience and care about things other then how much in it for them as individuals. Indeed this can be applied to collective wealth held in Common as compared to Private property as well. A parcel of land held in common will always have those voices of conscience worried about how it will be used. There no such opposing voices when it Private property.


The people of this world need to look in the mirror and ask themselves - do I only want to benefit myself or do I want to benefit my family, community and the world? The American way has become all about self interest - Wall street, Washington and every little company, etc, etc. Change is needed - now!


Please stop using the term “Trump administration”. The use of the word “administration” implies an orderly, legal process that falsely imbues Trumpism with a legitimacy that it does not have and does not deserve. Please use the term “Trump regime” because that is precisely what we sadly now have.

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