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'Canary in the Coal Mine': Experts Warn of Climate Tipping Point as Scientists Find Permafrost Thawing 70 Years Ahead of Schedule

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/canary-coal-mine-experts-warn-climate-tipping-point-scientists-find-permafrost

But the US MIC wants to upgrade all its nuclear weapons at $3 Trillion! Is the reason our ruling class doesn’t care about global climate distruption because they plan on killing us all off in a nuclear winter first?

The Human species is a virus and we have given the Earth a fever.

The Earth will be fine. Humans, not so much.

We’re done.


Some of us ARE done. The rest continue to stock their underground retreats for extended stays there.
This sounds like the plot for an end of times movie alright.

Whose “schedule” … ?

The arrogance of man once again to presume that he fully knows or understands
how Global Warming and all of its effects and harms will play out and when –

I seriously doubt that global governments (certainly not the US or Canada) will take sufficient action to address climate change, even as people start dying from insufficient water. The irony is that there is a lot of money to be made in ‘going green’. I read this and other articles and can only wonder, how do I talk to my grandchildren about this mess we’ve left for them?

To avert disaster we must stop burning hydrocarbons TODAY. Won’t happen.


Pretty much every prediction made over the previous 50 years is coming to pass ahead of schedule.

But that hasn’t spurred nearly enough remediation. How bad things will have to get before we actually do remediate isn’t the sad part. The sad part is that it’s too late already – chaos and mass death is just getting started.


The reality is that too few people will choose to teach their kids and grandkids to become activists or at least to become seriously involved over the long term. We act as if being progressive and ethically political people must be magically inspired rather than it being taught.

Explain it to your grandkids while you are at a demonstration against global warming. Explain to them as you sign a petition supporting the Green New Deal et al. Show them that millions and millions of people around the world are waking to the danger and becoming active. You included!

It is best to show that they don’t have feel powerless or fatalistic. Explain it to them by teaching them to join the fight… and then support their efforts when they do.


Ahead of whose schedule? Dane Wigington and many other independent researchers predicted this and have spent the last decade warning us about it, as well as other scenarios playing out right now.
Unfortunately, he has not been wrong about anything yet.

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Hi Wizard :)…but but, with no one to babysit the nuke plants they will go pop, so much for being in their underground retreats, oh what a treat :(((

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In California I hear they are going to come up out of their underground to rake the forests, then it’s back to the shadows trying to find clean water. (joking of course)

Ya’ hit that nail on the head…

Rain, rain go away, come again another day… it has been raining here in the Southern Tier of N.Y… for weeks on end not as much as the mid west, it has just been creeping up happening everyday almost… all of June… we had a flash flood alert today…tomorrow it will rain again all day… the GLOOM is like living in a black and white tv… it is depressing. June, is one of our most sunny months here… and … as many people may have heard…Binghamton, N.Y… is THE city with the LEAST amount of sun all year… now, it’s worse.

Reactionary Malthusianism. This is the logic of exterminism. Actually, no more than 100 giant corporations are responsible for 70% of CO2 causing global climate disruption. The average American uses 50 times the energy of the average person from Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries and most vulnerable to the vicissitudes of climate change. About 20% of the world’s population is responsible for 80% of the carbon in the atmosphere - the First World, that is, you and me. But when was the last time you were asked to vote on a sane energy policy, getting us off fossil fuels? Like never? That’s because we don’t make policy, we didn’t decide to subsidize the oil industry, or to go to war to control “strategic” oil reserves. It’s the ruling class of oligarchs that make energy policy, that make war for oil and profit, that have done little to nothing to mitigate the climate crisis in the last 30 years.

Actually, a very tiny percentage of the “human species” has anything to do with making the decisions that have gotten the whole planet into this genuinely existential mess.

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hehehehehe…giggle giggle

Thanks, I’ve got a Big Hammer :)))

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“Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, characterized the rapidly thawing permafrost as “one of the tipping points for climate breakdown” that is “happening before our very eyes,” and another “clear signal that we must decarbonize our economies” without further delay.”

First, what does it mean to “decarbonize our economies” without further delay? If you answered “We must speedily fund practical research and development of products that are going to get rid of fossil fuels, like next week!” then you have figured it out. Is anybody going to do that? Of course not, that would involve financial risk and all risk is bad (unless we’re risking our lives now, of course).

It’s also a clear signal that we must inhibit or halt the Arctic meltdown or we might die of mass starvation. Why didn’t somebody from Greenpeace say that? And where’s the R&D for that? Who is pushing it besides my lonesome? Is death that cool for you all?


Perfectly stated…