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Canary Mission: Ensuring That Today's Radicals Are Not Tomorrow's Employees


Canary Mission: Ensuring That Today's Radicals Are Not Tomorrow's Employees

Whoah: Zionism + McCarthyism = Slime. Citing their mission to expose those who are "anti-Freedom, anti-American and anti-Semitic (to protect) our democratic values," a murky website has launched with profiles of dozens of pro-Palestinian "radicals" - from known BDS leaders to students who once attended a Jewish Voice For Peace rally - hoping to harass them out of their beliefs and future jobs. Canary Mission claims to represent a canary in the coalmine of anti-Semitism. Sounds like a blacklist to us.


We can expect so much venom from people with so much to hide as the Zionists with their floods of war crimes.


I heard about this on Democracy Now and went to the website. It’s a disgusting attempt to stifle free speech by people who would scream anti-Semitism if something similiar were done to students publicly supporting Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians.

They even have a page (http://www.canarymission.org/contact/) for people to turn in people:

“Please help Canary Mission with our cause. If you have a SOURCED profile of someone involved in anti Semitic and/or anti Israel activities please submit their details and we will verify, to the best of our ability, your submission and then publish a page on the person whom you have submitted.”

Abby nailed it with her equation: Zionism + McCarthyism = Slime.

BDS: People Powered Economic Diplomacy


Gosh,do you think if by turning ourselves in and self-identifying as supporters of justice for Palestinians, maybe we could overload their servers and bring the whole thing crashing down? Rather than a wall of shame, it could be a badge of pride. What do you think?


And we could turn in Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter and Einstein too… :smile:


Thanks for the link!


This group’s website provides photos and information on individuals accused of opposing official Israeli policy, with no concern for their privacy or safety. At the same time they offer this excuse for their own anonymity:

"Another criticism levelled at Canary Mission is that we are outing radicals but not owning up to who we are and who supports us. However, from ISIS, to Hamas to domestic American radicals, there is a true physical danger. See the comments on our Twitter feed and Youtube video and get an idea of why we are not particularly forthcoming for now. "

Courageous, huh?


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if well-placed Zionists are behind it – think Adelson, Kristol, and people of that ilk.


Thank you for the link. It is sad that few people read Arnold Toynbee’s work. In his Study of History, he discusses the new Israeli State, how it was formed, and predicts what has now happened, and why.

  • He pretty much hit it right on the button. Pity nobody listened at the time.


It would be nice if the ACLU decided to take on this group as they seem to have time to defend so many others out there while refusing to deal with some major issues of law enforcement corruption. This is heavy propagandist cleaned up version of a few other of the same types groups specifically for Zionist radicals out there that have been publishing names and in some instances known places to find and addresses of activists. I can remember sending a link to one such site to a friend of mine in AIM as this site was all for causing as much violence to the individuals as possible. This isn’t something new Zionists have always attempted to demonize their victims and individuals who protest their actions and have done so heavily for some time in this country, but now it is a slicker more palatable version. What cracks me up is the victimizers playing the victims when called on this stuff