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Cancel All Corinthian Colleges Student Debt


Cancel All Corinthian Colleges Student Debt

Astra Taylor, Ann Larson

In February, 15 students who had attended Corinthian Colleges Inc. launched the nation's first student debt strike. The students declared that they would no longer repay their loans on the grounds that Corinthian — a network of for-profit schools including Everest, Heald and WyoTech — had used fraudulent marketing and recruitment practices and that the credits and degrees they earned were worthless. Soon the Corinthian 15 became the Corinthian 100, and the 200. Groups such as the American Federation of Teachers and Jobs With Justice endorsed their cause.


I agree that debts might be cancelled for some but with the caveat that they must have attended classes and received no benefit from their education. not just gotten a loan and changed their mind or decided that they did not want to pursue this course work. additionally what is the US Government doing to try to claw back some of these funds from these socalled educational institutions?