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Cancel RIMPAC, Protect Hawai'i

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/12/cancel-rimpac-protect-hawaii


Soldiers returning from World War I were the primary path for Spanish flu spreading around the world during the 1918 pandemic, confirming that military is the problem, not the solution.


Excellent article!!!


And crickets from the world’ s nuclear submarine arsenals… talk about snug settings for viral infections. Nothing like Mother Nature putting human beings in our place… pointing to a MUCH better place than a narcissistic, solipsistic, wasteful, short-term, short-sighted, paranoid, hyper- anal, self-propagating crisis format that eats the young of every healthy being on the planet.

Simplicity, respect, engagement, clear vision, heart and mind for each other. Come to think of it - what would an economy look like that held these as guidelines? Relatively small, interlocking, constantly evolving, mutually supportive, sustainable, modeled on things like the dynamics of forests, rivers, oceans. … responding to REAL needs.

There is a scene in the movie Smoke Signals where the main characters get a lift in a friend’s car… being driven backwards. Think they had the right idea.


Cancel the USA, protect Hawai’i and the Earth.

RIMPAC: hmmm that must stand for : Really Inept Military People Acting Crazily.

So military, what is about Covod 19 that you guys don’t get? What is it about what Capt Crozier did for his crew that the rest of you guys don’t get?
Not only is there a climate crisis—but there is that disease that has the ability to implode throughout the entire military------and then , of course the world population.

Hawaii, a beautiful island , of corse ruined the first time when corporate America decided to remove the Queen----- ruined the 2nd time in WW 2 when the US made a giant military base there----------and gosh --ruined again through sheer stupidity and hubris with RIMPAC. Where are the leaders with talent and ability who can see the Truth and speak it —sigh–it’s been a long tine since Marine General Butler showed the right way to behave--------be ashamed, be very ashamed military of all of your branches. : (



Priorities. Put our taxes into the important stuff.
(Personally, an immense system of continuous killing is not high on my list of ways to resolve world problems.)

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Don’t worry RIMPAC won’t happen. The U.S. NAVY isn’t stupid and the other nations that were supposed to participate will not show up(this pandemic will still be hanging around for awhile).

The Ruling Class have no intention of supporting a human population of 10 billion by 2050. RIMPAC is their plan to deal with the rest of us. “Let’s you and them, fight. Take these guns, bombs, poisons and go kill each other while storm, flood, fire, drought and starvation make everyone a target for extermination. We’ll check on your progress between rounds of golf and stadium football.”

The first part of your statement may not be true.
Please look up the work of Dr. Fred Hoyle and Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe.

To me, the military is rarely the solution.