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Cancer Patient Arrested For Protest Big Pharma 'Death Sentence' Outside TPP Talks

Cancer Patient Arrested For Protest Big Pharma 'Death Sentence' Outside TPP Talksng

Jon Queally, staff writer

A cancer patient was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday after allegedly "disrupting" the negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in a protest aimed at maintaining access to affordable cancer medicines in the dozen countries, including the U.S. and Canada, that would be impacted by the colossal trade deal.

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Can Mr. Queally clarify who the “she” is in this sentence. How is Ms. Heckscher both “attempting to read a statement” and “refusing to stop talking” at the same time?

Yunzie, isn’t that a bit nitpicky? We know who “she” is. It seems clear that Ms. Heckscher was attempting to read all of her statement which means she was talking. She refused to stop reading/talking or leave the area and so she was arrested.

ThiThis is horrible, outrageous, immoral, downright mean and cruel!

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Is there a list of lobbyists with contact info available so we can connect with them directly? Sure would love to pass on a thought or two to these soulless creatures.

I should think tort actions could be brought against those who sign off, if not also against the negotiators. For aggravated emotional distress, deprivation of consortium, and even intentional interference with prospective economic advantage. And that’s just what I can think of without researching the issue.

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However, profits trump people in this new globalization. PTP!

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP should be the number one topic along with campaign finance reform in the upcoming Democratic debates since the Republican debates are not talking about it. The Presidential primary debates could help bring this to the attention of the public and expose it’s pitfalls since the corporate media is hush about it.

Well, kudos to the lady who refused to shut up so that corporations wielding human puppets could negotiate away the rest of the rights of humans!

It is a poorly written sentence. I write reports for a living and such a sentence would be flagged by the first person reviewing the report. I interpret the “she” to be a third person (who Mr. Queally forgot to identify) attempting to read a statement, but Ms. Heckscher refused to stop talking.