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Candidates for the 2015 "Hypocrite of the Year"


Candidates for the 2015 "Hypocrite of the Year"

Paul Buchheit

There are so many candidates. But the people included here stand out in their various areas of nefarious behavior: warmaking, tax avoidance, consumer gouging, environmental destruction, and criminal arrogance.

1. Charles Koch: Fighting For Prison Reform (So He'll Never Have To Go To Jail)


There's hardly anything to choose between them. They should share the prize. Which would probably be a new experience for them, sharing.


You left off Hillary Clinton.


Being chameleons the Clintons change color to suit the occasion too fast and too frequently for their hypocrisy to be noted...its in their DNA.


Trump lost. Yeah, we need another category for Trump. How about racist of the year! Trump reminds me of another demagogue that was not a hypocrite, George Wallace.


" ... years of oil pollution and years of mortgage lending fraud shouldn't be held against the CEOs who claim they didn't know what their employees were doing."

Well then in that case the CEO should be fired for incompetence!


"[Gates] seems genuinely interested in saving the world."

Education "reform"

The Green(wash) Revolution

GMO boosterism

I'd say he's still in the running ... if not the lead.


Recall candidate Obama telling us that when elected he would phone the President of Mexico and Prime Minister of Canada to fix NAFTA.

To date the only phone call that comes close is when Obama called Prime Minister - elect Trudeau in October to make sure Trudeau was still all in on TPP, which, along with Obama's other "trade deals" (TTIP and TISA) make NAFTA look like dress rehearsal for fascism.

Hubris AND hypocrisy !


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No, no anti-Semitic comments from me. It's you who are the flaming anti-Semite. "Some of my best friends..." Disgusting. Not only are you a bigot, you are uninformed and maybe even a deliberate liar. I'm sickened that CD let this post stand.


Your comments are a disgrace. SHAME on you!


Glen Ford of "Black Agenda Report" said it well - Barack Obama is the "more effective evil". I am truly ashamed that I fell for his slick BS in 2008 and actually voted for him. Needless to say, I did not repeat that mistake in 2012. I tend to get a bit snippy when I am repeatedly betrayed.


Fantastic post! Sharing would be a new experience!


Many of us agree with you. Hillary should be at the top of the list.


Yes, its true, the global reach of the mass murderer in chief is huge! And, there are things he does well that play into this global influence. He serves the MIC without fail, and he is a master at sugarcoating his deadly lies! Onward with the Peoples' Revolucion!


Why a disgrace? Is there any part of it untrue, or something Jews themselves have not said at one time or another?

There's a book that was recently discussed here: The Triple Package. I got it out of the library and read it, though I had to look up the name just now because the two authors, a couple who are both lawyers, Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, made errors that invalidated their case. But they sold a lot of books, so maybe they didn't mind.

Their thesis was that successful groups have 3 characteristics: belief in their group's superiority, personal insecurity, and strong impulse control. They mention that Jews are remarkably successful, with average (I don't remember whether that was mean or median) incomes above $90K, or maybe $99K. And that they're so dominant in media and entertainment that some Jewish wag in listing the members of some meeting said that if 2 others (he named them) had also showed up, they'd have had a minyan.

So what part of that post was "a disgrace"?


Ah geez, greedy people come in all flavors dear sir.


You are exactly correct.
And if Trump even makes it onto the Republican ticket, the US will be in exactly the same spot as Nazi Germany in the late 1920's: Money in the hands of a very few and everyone else scared of "others" who don't look like them, and folks too PC to acknowledge that Trump is peddling FASCISM to folks on the right.


You forgot Hillary Clinton's odious "I was against gay marriage before I was for it" or her "Wall Street loves me because of 9/11 and not because of the influence they bought with their campaign donations" or her "I only went to Trump's wedding for the great food" hypocrisy. She ought to be number one on the list, in fact.


Its Obama! And corporate media for supporting role! Such a failed chance at real change. Millions of people in this country going hungry,countless homeless. Violence everywhere-Tamir Rice breaks my heart-a thirteen year old gunned down like a gang shooting-and what do we get from Obama. The pretender in chief.