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'Cannot Afford to Wait': Tlaib Leads Letter Demanding Congress Immediately Reconvene to Impeach and Remove Trump

Jayapal is one district over. i’m stuck with boring weak Adam Smith. Sometimes i think, we should move a couple miles just to live in her district!

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Pramilla Jayapal is a citizen. She has been for a long time.

The only thing I worry about and its a big one, is that she is a GATS-ignorer, like Bernie Sanders.

And GATS-ignoring leads us into a trap. We have to pursue its Article XXI, we cant just ignore it.

Thats insanity. Expanding Medicare by two years as Biden wants to do will kill its exemption from GATS.

And likely kill Medicare. Its too generous, like Social Security, because the government adds money for poor people. See how crazy the GATS is? TISA is even worse. Plus like GATS it plans to throw potentially millions of high skill services jobs up for grabs, if other countries subcontractors can do them cheaper. And we know they can.

Also, commercial firms sell similar annuities so would violate GATS to give people one, its framed as discriminatory against foreign firms that want that business. Its only allowed, in no small part, because Medicare and Social Security predated the WTO.

Now post GATS it would be forbidden to create it now. TISA is even worse because it includes a standstill, which I forgot that standstill is another reason any expansion is not allowed, See :
hell the changes made in the ACA were probably not allowed because were after 1998. The ACA was passed in 2010, 12 years after the standstill date. So it has to be temporary, emergency measure, I suspect. They dont have to declare that. It just has to fall within that category. If so there is supposed to be a ten year limit, it seems. Starting 2010.

That would decide it, if we were brought before the DSB. . And we would be, actually its slready begun, come to think of it. WTO Case 503 .

This will establish precedent for the whole world. Its such a huge scam, to get rid of democracy.

jobs are going away and a fight is developing over the remaining decent jobs, and a race to the bottom on the wages paid. Once it starts we wont get them back. Potentially tens of millions of good jobs that anchor communities. . Other countries claim entitlement to them and a race to the bottom will ensue. The social contract we think does, doesn’t exist because its not in writing at the international level. GATS is. See Inside US Trade for March 10, 2016.

read up on information gerrymandering.

Lots of land around our coastlines is underwater now. People own lots of property that’s underwater. Literally. Its been happening for quite a while.


Of course - thanks for correcting my error where I meant to write born in the US. If the Speaker is a person who was not born a US citizen (perhaps outside of the US like Cruz and McCain), then they would just be passed over according to ~https://politics.stackexchange.com/questions/30527/could-the-speaker-of-the-house-become-president-if-they-weren-t-born-in-the-usa. There is no precluding of the role of speaker based on not being born a US citizen. I would love to see Jayapal as a future speaker.

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I think a much more reasonable requirement would be that somebody who ran for President be either a person who had been born in the US or had been a citizen for say 18 years.

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I’m with you. Last time I heard anyone talk of this was for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but of course we have our people on the left that could benefit too. 18 years seems fine.

We aren’t the only county in the world with this silly rule. Brazil has it and I’m sure others do too (~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_presidential_qualifications_by_country). But plenty of others do it in a way that makes more sense.

I highly recommend people watch today’s Democracy Now to see Walden Bello’s critique of what we’re doing. It starts at around 20 min in.

We need to do everything we can to be more relevant, because with the current neoliberal agenda, people are abandoning us. And its stuff they need to come clean about because there is no reasonable explanation I can think of for it. Both parties are using this theatrical performance of theirs to manipulate the country.

We’re fucking up.

Please watch Bello.

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What about the Rape of Nanjing? Or Auschwitz?

No we don’t do the same. Not like that.


(And TISA, the thing that is blocking virtually all the things we need to change)

GATS is a real coup.

HI zed;
Well America has Guantanamo… those people in prison for years because somebody somewhere got $ for ’ je’ accuse ’ and therefore people were picked up in the Middle East so some people could make money FROM AN ACCUSATION : ( The logic that it’s in another country just doesn’t play well when a person thinks of all the black sites the US has all over the world.
AS TO AUSCHWITZ: That is going on in Israel now when they destroyed the only covid test site in Palestine. When the Friday Palestinian protestors went to the fence and were shot in the head or arm and leg joints…we give a lot of money to Israel’s which doesn’t do anything to help for Palestinian rights, as right now Israel is bulldozing on more Palestine land stealing more land for Israel and America continues to support what ever Israel does.
And sad to say what about what has happened to black people for 400 years and the indigenous people forever? Mexicans were thrown out of the US and then told they had to coe back and fight WW 2 for America. : 0 We do the same and sometimes worst. My Lai was not that long ago when a soldier who told the truth was ignored for a long time.And the one that began the murders of the women , grand parents and children spent a bit of time and then was released
That is why people like Trump find it so easy to lead the unhappy to crime against others, both foreign and domestic.Terror is not an anomoly in any nation. : (
Of course we did the same to the Japanese people in America, stealing everything they had and locking them into concentration camps IN AMERICA—, and as for rapes and murders…it seems like the US military bases seem to have a lot of problems with recruits being raped and murdered. America can be just as evil… after TESTING A BOMB ON Hiroshima—did America really have to do Nagasaki too? Yes, it was a different bomb, but still----AMERICA can be as evil as just about anyone… except maybe----Vlad the Impaler as he did unbelievable horrors to his own population. ; (