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'Cannot Endure This Nightmare for a Second Longer': Nearly 100 Lawmakers Demand Pence Invoke 25th Amendment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/cannot-endure-nightmare-second-longer-nearly-100-lawmakers-demand-pence-invoke-25th


Demand? But Pence does not listen.

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Because this Nightmare was completely endurable until the lawmakers felt like their own lives were in danger.


25 45 or impeach 45 but by all means Twitter and other social media must cut him off from his base, as that is where he is currently able to do the most damage. The Joint Chiefs of Staff can and probably would run interference from undo military action. Internal strife is our biggest threat at this time in my humble opinion. Cut his access off from his crazies, who may still wreak uncoordinated strikes here and there, but nothing like yesterday. The cop who took a selfie with one of the nut jobs took a lot of grief for his action, but let’s remember that he also gathered important evidence in a clever nonviolent manner. The DC police have exercised remarkable restraint in a number of volatile settings over the past few months. It is probably due to a combination of stringent gun control and training. There maybe a tinge of racial component to it, but when BLM ran the Proud Boys out of town a month or so ago, the DC police did not take sides. Getting back to IQ45, get the fuck rid of him, I’ll give him swimming lessons in the Potomac if necessary. I could be there by nightfall.


What should not be endured is the GOP members who objected to the count in AZ & PA.


Those “GOP members” need to be indicted by Biden’s DOJ on January 21 along with Trump, his appointees, and other enablers. Biden failing to do so will empower the GOP more than they ever have, ultimately consigning the Democratic Party, and US democracy itself to the dust bin of history.


Ha! To assume Pence has a backbone to stand up to drumpf is a catastrophic blunder to begin with, but to then believe drumpf’s cabinet, partners in crime, would go along with removal is completely delusional in sight of the fact that he’s the one protecting all their dirty secrets of the past 4 years that will likely send them all to prison.

Nah, nah, nah, this would be too easy. Dealing with this cesspool falls on the congress! Ah, but then they, the repugnants, would have to admit and confess to their fuck up back in January when they were handed the chance to do right then and remove the mad king. And that would mean facing the fact that they should in fact be all booted out of office themselves for dereliction of duty. And repugs just don’t do that.


Yes,yes,yes, there is plenty of time, in 13 days, for this low life to start a war.

And once the blood starts flowing, there is no way out. The humans on our planet, are hopelessly trapped.


I have great misgivings about having a POTUS Pence. Even for 14 days. I think he’s the type that probably has a contingency plan or two all ready to be dusted off and unleashed. He stepped up to do the right thing yesterday but he’s had 4 years of complicity.


“Nearly 100 Democratic lawmakers are calling on Vice President Mike Pence and Cabinet members to immediately invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Donald Trump from office for inciting the violent mob that invaded and ravaged the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday in an attempt to thwart the democratic process.”

And just remember that 137 Republican House members and 7 senators voted to throw out the election and hand the country over to the Christian Fascists.

Every Democrat and many Republicans should have their names on this letter, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Trump to be taken down.


Well said indeed!

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Confirmed before millions around the world yesterday, the freedom to peaceably assemble, to speak and ask the government to redress grievances are rights guaranteed to all people in the US. With these rights comes the responsibility to act lawfully in exercising them and the expectation that those governing will listen, respond, and act when necessary. The founders hoped to forestall social unrest, riot, and violence by codifying these rights which history had shown them has often happened where free speech, assembly, and redress were denied. However, people’s passion sometimes overcomes reason causing what happened at the Capitol yesterday also seen by millions especially when their leader stokes their passion by affirming their grievances and asking for their help to redress them. What message is heard by the millions if there are no consequences or punishment for the unlawful actions those assembled took at the behest of their leader? If Senator Romney’s opinion is an accurate definition of yesterday’s events, then history has many examples of what should be done. What action does require consequences and punishment under the law if incitement to insurrection does not? If everyone involved isn’t subject to consequences and punishment, I think the rule of law is weakened and these rights come under suspicion of being dangerous to social stability rather than supportive of it. My opinion is doing nothing is not an option.


Perhaps, and certainly it is how peace is maintained in our state prisons.

Comical, invoke the 25th with demented Joe in the wings. That’s rich !


Well said, and completely concur.

I fired off an email yesterday to one of my Senators (Jeff Merkley, D, OR), the only Senator to endorse Bernie in 2016, btw, stating those responsible, beginning with Donald Trump, should be held accountable, with commensurately appropriate consequences.

Going forward, every political campaign should include clear and concise questions regarding this episode, the views of candidates on such actions, and their respect of and support for our constitutional democracy.

The old adage, silence is consent, most certainly applies.


I’m chuckling at the mental painting of tRump crossing the Potomac. Speaking of non-violent policing, an officer facing many protesters and walking backward up several flights of stairs while talking on his mic (as far as I could tell), led them into a hallway full of other officers sending all but one of the protesters back down the stairs.


I agree that they need to be; but you can bet your last $…THEY WON’T BE!


This has already been a history-making presidency challenging many assumptions we hold about the laws. What can be legally done to a rogue president? If tRump gives an irrational order in his last days as commander-in-chief, how his staff and the military leaders respond will write another chapter for high-school history students to study. I assume they are still taught history as we were way back when.


I’ll make it short and sweet, there is a river in Chicago and a pair of concrete boots that fit the traitor’s feet perfectly.


Even if the 25th Amendment is some how invoked, is there enough time left to have it enacted?