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"Can't Change a Corrupt System by Taking Its Money": Sanders Urges All 2020 Democrats To Reject Insurance, Big Pharma Cash

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/17/cant-change-corrupt-system-taking-its-money-sanders-urges-all-2020-democrats-reject


Good thinking. If only there was a party that felt the same way… oh yeah, there is:


But . . .  But . . .  That would mean P’Loser, Bought-Down, Bait-Oh and a lot of the other Korporate Koncubines – including the DNC – would have to give hundred$ of million$ back to their owners.


Old people care about healthcare. The young care about the climate emergency.

It seems the near-term extinction of humanity has become normalized. I would like to participate in a democracy opposed to all political corruption.


> You can’t change a corrupt system by taking its money,


You can’t change a corrupt System by trying to take it over from the inside.


Just thanks and a HUG to Bernie Sanders who continues to speak
what’s in the hearts of the American public which we cannot do as one voice.

How fortunate we are at this moment and since 2016 campaign –
Sanders and other liberals obviously need MORE protection as we’ve seen what
can happen to liberals in other campaigns for democracy and justice by liberals.

The threats to the Congresswomen – 3 of color – were begun by our own president.

In a very shocking threat to our own democracy by him.


Author sez:
“Biden … unveiled an incremental healthcare plan that would create a public option and expand Affordable Care Act subsidies.”

Yes! Because USAns are not interested in health care. What they are really clamoring for is MORE public money being shoveled into private pockets for access to a financial product.


Can we say “capitalism?” Making money off of other money without having to toil for it. Nor offering any value as in the health insurance scam.


Back in 2016 I thought there was a chance I was wrong about that, but Sanders helpfully demonstrated the folly of working inside the party, to the degree I would have thought no one could still be confused about that. Nick Brana from Sanders 2016 campaign staff really detailed many ways the party has to nail all the doors shut.


“You can’t change a corrupt system by taking its money,”

I couldn’t agree, more, and I am grateful to even have a candidate like Sanders who won’t take corporate money, period. Not like some other candidates who do take it and try to make it appear they don’t. A pledge not to take PAC money, for instance, doesn’t mean you won’t solicit money, directly, from Wall Street, big Pharma and corporations as some of the No Pac Money candidates have.

Unfortunately, as long as a political system runs on money with the full approval of the courts, it’s just a matter of time before we’re right back in this situation, even if we vote in more candidates like Sanders. The problem remains the system, not the vultures like Biden and others feeding off it.


You can’t change a corrupt system by taking its money,

This truism also applies to organizations that take money from Corporate sponsors in order to operate. The Ford Foundation is not funding NPR or PBS out of kindness. Corporate sponsors of these media organizations know if they tried to put out their pro-corporate message directly , few would trust that message and so do it via donations .

As a matter of practice I will read the short bio of many authors whose articles are posted here on Common Dreams. Many tend to work for various think tanks. I will then review where those think tanks get their money and it generally a Corporation .

These Corporations use these “donations” to increase revenues and in my books it pretty hard for a person working for PBS or one of those many think tanks to convince me that their revenue sources do not shape what they write or say.


Contacted Bernie’s DC office to find out if there will be a video available of this to show all over VT and for others in different states to do the same. Work with your local Physicians For A National Health Program and your local libraries to show it throughout your state.

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I voted for him when I lived in NYS.

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Outside of Bernie and The Squad (which is way bigger than four women), it isn’t clear that the d-party wants to change a corrupt system.

Exhibit A: Uncle Joe said unequivocally that under a ByeDone admin, “nothing will fundamentally change.” Can’t get any more direct than that.


“Can’t Change a Corrupt Election System by Voting for Its Candidates”


Biden: “Nothing Will Fundamentally Change”

I think it’s clear that they want Status Quo, and are willing to go down to save it. In fact they are willing to destroy the Party and our future prevent change


We have thecaudacity to point out other countries’ corruption and we probably have the most of any other country.

Yes, taking influence $$ is corruption!!


The only way the system begins to change, certainly not totally changes by any means, is for every voter who considers themselves to be progressive is to pledge to refuse to give a dime or a vote to any candidate who takes money from corporations, lobbyists, or the wealthy, period. Yes we will lose elections until the point sinks in with the pols, but it is the only way - short of the constitutional amendment we need to make money not speech, and corporations not people - to bring about ending our corrupt politics.


Well…why we are at it. Can we please add DENTAL insurance also? Its ridiculous that a missing tooth fix is considered “cosmetic” and your share is something like $1200. Anyone else?