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Can't Touch This: To Stave Off Climate Disaster, Arctic Oil Must Stay in Ground


Can't Touch This: To Stave Off Climate Disaster, Arctic Oil Must Stay in Ground

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Somebody better tell the Russians. According to Greenpeace, they currently spill at least 500,000 tons of oil a year into the Arctic Ocean and are about to do a massive expansion of their Arctic drilling program


Exactly. We’ve got the same syndrome out here in California with our Governor Brown, who attends climate events at the freaking Vatican while continuing to frack like crazy. This syndrome is called hypocrisy.

Nearly all of us are hypocrites to some extent, where fossil fuels are concerned. Fossil fuels form the organizing principle of the infrastructure surrounding us. We can only do the best we can, for the sake of conscience, to eliminate gratuitous carbon emissions from our lives - doing without meat and air-travel, for instance.

But we need another word for the opportunistic mega-hypocrisy displayed by cretins like Jerry Brown and Barack Obama - who preach environmental consciousness and practice “drill baby drill.”


An order of magnitude is calculated using a factor of at least ten. U.S. production of Co2 is 38 percent higher per capita than Russia, not 3800 percent. I never said that the U.S. should not be held accountable for pollution, just that others shouldn’t be ignored because it is politically expedient. Ignoring the fact that the Russians are currently doing massive drilling and planning to expand it is its own hypocrisy. How about a treaty putting all arctic drilling off limits instead of bloviating about Obama and nuclear war?


Hell, the Canadians are the same in per capita co2 as the U.S. The article was about drilling in the Arctic. It only mentioned the U.S. I simply pointed out that Russia needs to be included in the governments that are drilling in the arctic and polluting it. Norway too, now that you brought it up.Both true statements. No offense intended.


They even expropriated Heracles and the Greek Gods! ha! How a civilization could be both cultured, technologically advanced, and at the same time be so brutal and lawless, still resonates today.


The united states of hypocrisy IS the World leader in environmental destruction! Easier to see if we stop listening to the lies that spin out of warsington!


If she did say that… she’d be lying…


And if Russia does it, the US better do it too, right?


I agree… I am conflicted between a hopelessness… and some tiny semblance of hope… just heard yesterday… NPR… David Barsamian… had Paul Cinenfuego… he wrote a book… Local Governance…It is not a miracle book… lots of work is necessary in order for this PROCESS to work… but… it is something along the lines of what I have been thinking needs to be done all along… that EVERYTHING needs to go back to LOCAL… I am going to buy this book… can’t wait for it to go second hand… We may not have time for this to work… but barring an out right REVOLUTION… this is the best way forward…


Seems like the issue is not where the petroleum comes from, but the quantity of petroleum pumped out. Arctic oil is no more polluting than Saudi oil. We need to get over the idea of setting fines for CO2 release, like carbon taxes. Lunacy. We need to set global limits on production. There is no need to stop pumping all oil, just to pump much less oil. For example, if we went back to a global production level we had around 1970, say, about 8 million bbl./day, that would help. We need to understand that setting “fines” on polluters will never be effective. We do not want to fine people. We want to stop carbon emissions. And any oil that comes to the surface ends up as CO2. (Petroleum, unlike wine does not keep.) Easy to claim that Arctic Oil bad. But the focus needs to be on limiting production. There is only one planet to save, seems to me.


Hillary will say anything to get votes-But, anyone that truly trusts this “Thing” to fulfill her campaign obligations needs their head examined- in short, Hillary is one deceptive, lieing, self serving money gobbling Pig, just like her phony, Wall Street serving, pervert husband-


Obama first TELLS us he is concerned about climate change/chaoe. Then he is going to SHOW us he is concerned by going to Alaska. So now it is time to DO something about climate change.

He has taken some small steps in the right direction with his carbon dioxide emissions rules. But his “all of the above” energy policy has got to change.

Instead of embracing them he and his admin need to stop:
Arctic drilling.
Offshore drilling
New nuclear

He needs to back off the bad “trade” deals, TPP, TTIP, TISA, etc.


Hey Obama- Why don’t you deny Shell Drilling Rights in the Arctic, OUR Arctic, and tell them to go clean up that despicable fucking mess they made of the Niger Delta, before any permits in American territory will be doled out- They are irresponsible and disrespectful in their actions over there- What makes you think they will be any more responsible in My State of Alaska?
Or, are you afraid the Rothschild’s will give you A spanking???


Creating a paradigm of opposites is an extremely useful hypnotic tool for the oligarchy, that people will forever continue to be taken in by it.

Jan Kozak’s book titled, ‘And Not a Shot Fired’, gives the game away in describing how this strategy of opposites works. A brief description of this strategy has been concisely given in the following manner -

"Many people have no conception of this strategy of pressure from above and pressure from below so well outlined in Jan Kozak’s book titled And Not a Shot Fired. Some radicals think they are fighting establishment forces, and don’t realize that it is precisely such forces which are financing (classical case are communist movements) and using it for their own purposes.

By way of an example, the establishment can simulate leftist mobs into violent confrontation with local law enforcement, at the same time providing exhaustive news coverage so that the entire nation can see and tremble, and by way of solution propose expansion of government powers (police) to supposedly end the violence. "

It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to see this strategy of opposites, or, “pressure from above and pressure from below” , at work in countless different areas of human engagement.

The temptation when hearing about wickedness in high places, is to assume that those acting in the best interests of the environment are genuinely who they say they are, the good guys, for want of brevity and clarity.

In the vast majority of cases, this is far from true. Just a few strokes of the keyboard exposes the strategy of, ‘pressure from above and pressure from below’, as a pincer-movement that gets everyone to fall in line with what can only be a deserving cause, when in fact, all that is really happening is that everyone is being manipulated into a corner to suit the oligarchy’s long-term carefully planned ends; which ends, unfortunatley, are now not so long away from their completion.

All this talk is all very well and good, nevertheless, it is better to demonstrate why it is said, ‘do not throw caution to the wind’.

Oil Change International’s web pages can be found by Google searching -

‘the price of oil - oil change international’

From their menu bar, highlight, “About”, and select, “Funders”.

What we see is a list of the ‘Usual Suspects’, one of whom must stand as a name to recognize by all concerned in their list of “Supporters”, Rockefeller. No doubt a little internet surfing will provide for some interesting research on the others.

As for the oil giant, Shell, a little further surfing also provides for interesting results, when their name virtually appears alongside that of the World Wildlife Fund (or, World Wide Fund), when we see the organizational chart in the chapter heading, The Windsors’ Global Food Cartel: Instrument for Starvation, given in the Larouche preimprisonment ‘Executive Intelligence Review’ publication, Google searched as -

‘Who Is Responsible for the World Food Shortage’

These ties between the oligarchy and conservation groups are best illustrated by reading the material to be found by further Google searching the terms -



Martin O’Malley is a friend of fossil fuel industries. He never met a fracker that he didn’t like. Just look how he allowed ground waters in Maryland to become polluted by unbridled fracking and factory farm runoff:

Governor O’Malley’s Corporate Ties
Friend of Corporations, Factory Farms, and Fracking

foodandwaterwatch D O T O R G /maryland/about-big-chicken-omalley


It’s possible we might not tap into the coal heavily. It’s really noxious, perhaps enough to alarm the masses, and doesn’t fuel cars well. That would be good, because the amount of carbon tied up in coal dwarfs what remains in petroleum and natural gas, shale oil all those other sources included, so if we ever got so into coal that we succeeded in making “clean coal” a reality, the global warming would be beyond catastrophic.


Russia, especially Putin, doesn’t seem to care much about international sanctions. The annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the continued tensions between Russian and Ukraine would seem to support the idea that Russian cares very little about international sanctions or opinions. If America wants to be held up as an example for how other countries should behave in the international community it would make sense for us to make the first move toward drastically reducing our CO2 emissions and taper off our dependence on fossil fuels. If the country was able to collectively accept climate change and that humans are responsible for it, we could accurately say that we are an example to the rest of the world in enforcing positive change on our planet.


I see the potential to label them (and shout out to AlephNull) and myself as hypocrites for wanting better, but not being able to do it, or get to that ideal, by myself with my own resources. So this causes me to pause and ask:

If I feel this way. And you, and obviously a whole simple, if not super- majority of folks feel this way, why is it not so?

The answer, in the sorriest pitiful-for-a-supposedly-sentient-species, is money. Capitalism is the best form of tyranny, but it still ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, and YES UNREMORSEFULLY REQUIRES a governmental entity or power to control it. However, we have allowed our wealthy to create a system whereby your vote is really only a triviality. The winners still do things in order to court money and repay favors to those donors.

The only way to fix this is to have GOVERNMENT, us! take back the election process by electing the one person who said they’d overturn citizen’s united. That person is Bernie Sanders, and he needs folks like me to elect Kirkpatrick instead of McCain, and I’ll do that.

We are facing challenges in this world and age where it is IMPERATIVE that we think about, not 7 but 2 generations hence!! Forcing a Blade Runner or (Pick one of the many) Mad Max world on them because we all bought into the fallacies of capitalism and free markets, and compound interest (Which marries quite well with a relentless work ethic born from a world of exploitation to do a really big demolition job in a few short generations.).

If we don’t do some drilling, while it is legal and legitimate in the eyes of the rest of the world, then someone is going to do it, and it is going to be messy. I see the benefit in doing it as safely and cleanly as possible but mandating that the resources be used in making plastics, not combusted. Let’s not forget that the Scandanavian countries of Norway and Finland and Canada also have claim and are capitalist driven.

This really does argue for a planetary governing body with teeth.