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Capital Punishment? A Dead Policy Walking


Capital Punishment? A Dead Policy Walking

Amy Goodman

A jury in Boston has returned a guilty verdict on all 30 counts against the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Now the jury must deliberate on the punishment, which could be either life in prison or death. Capital punishment is outlawed in Massachusetts, but Tsarnaev was tried in federal court, where the death penalty is allowed. The jury will have to decide whether he lives or dies. The case provides a new reason to take a hard look at capital punishment, and why this irreversible, highly problematic practice should be banned.


I agree that capital punishment should be abolished - for the “little people”. That is common criminals. However, I believe it should be kept and used without exception for the big guys - leaders who know exactly what they are doing in staging coups, conducting illegal wars, assassinating dissenting voices, etc. In other words, people like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, the rest of the senior officials in that administration, Bibi Netanyahu, Bashar al-Assad, the members of the House of Saud, and every other tin-horn despot, war criminal, genocidal maniac, and dictator on the planet. They need to die very brutal, public deaths at the hands of their victims - like Gaddafi. He got what he deserved. The rest deserve the same. In the 21st Century it must be made clear that there is no such thing as a legitimate dictatorship or monarchy.


What? Reading Tom Carberry’s script.

Amy Goodman has done more for Truth, Justice, Decency, and Democracy in a DAY than you have during your entire life.

Bravo, Amy! For speaking up on THIS and so many other issues of vital importance.


I don’t know who you are, but whether gene debs is your real name given to you in honor of Debs or you’ve used Eugene Debs’ name as some sort of homage, I think Debs would turn over in his grave if he had one if he heard what you espouse in the same paragraph that invokes his name. I agree that so many murderers deserve punishment, harsh punishment, but my beloved Debs would not agree with your …your… your…rant, to understate it.


I’m for that, except I know after we cut them down I probably won’t feel any better and I know it won’t change anything for those that really suffered. It might, however, change the course of the future.


How do you know that?