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'Capitalism is Mother Earth's Cancer': World People's Summit Issues 12 Demands


'Capitalism is Mother Earth's Cancer': World People's Summit Issues 12 Demands

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


I think this article clearly and accurately illustrates which countries are the “third world” countries when it comes to Mother Earth and protecting her and which countries are assuming leadership roles.

I am an expat who retired to Ecuador, South America three years ago. The value of Mother Earth is acknowledged, protected and has rights in our Constitution. By the way, the Galapagos Islands and portions of the Amazon Rain Forest are under our care.


Every word of truth spoken, as in this event, resonates through the very fiber of this experience.

One can never give up acting on behalf of that power.

Hizzah I say.


With this generation, the US has sold 100% of its soul to capitalism. Today, even liberals so strongly believe in the success of the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.

When we don’t care about the survival and well-being of fellow citizens, especially those in crisis, it would defy all logic to expect that we would care about “Mother Earth” and the long-term survival of humankind.


How are the people treated, including the poor?


Add education to the list:

One best way is to get the world online!


In response to DHFabian…

Note: Ecuador is a very small country with a population of just over 15 million.

Ecuador’s president since 2007, Rafael Correa, is a socialist and grew up in deep poverty. He is in his third term (and last term due to term limits) in office. Under his programs, known as the Citizens Revolution, he has reduced poverty by 32.4 percent (from 36.7 to 24.8 percent of the population).

Ecuador has the second highest minimum wage in South America … at $356 a month ($16.56/day). Additionally, all employees receive 13th and 14th month bonuses that is required by law. (They get an extra month’s pay in August and December based on their average monthly wage.)

As another example, President Correa firmly believes that education is the long-term key to leading the country out of its “third world” status. As such, all education (pre-K through a doctorate’s degree is … free.) This is a huge benefit to the poor who previously had no hope of being able to afford a college education.

Health care is guaranteed to everyone under our Constitution.

What about jobs? As of September, our unemployment rate is 3.2%.

Since President Correa has been in office, the laws are designed to protect the poor from exploitation by the very wealthy ruling class. (As I posted previously, I’ve seen more wealth and poverty here than I’ve ever seen in my life. The income and wealth inequality here is beyond comprehension.)

Due to President Correa’s social programs that are lifting thousands and thousands of families out of poverty, he has an exceptionally high approval rating. If our Constitution is changed (by a popular vote) so he can run again - he’ll win in a landslide.

Since living here, I have changed my political beliefs from progressive to socialism. The economic effects of socialism and its success among the poor and working class are undeniable. I have seen socialism at work … and it works. Socialism raises the economic status of the entire country. When many do better, the entire country does better.

(By the way, President Correa received his Doctorate in Economics from the University if Illinois.)


So true; all actions are part of the whole. We must keep on, that is the deep challenge for all.


The sad part of all this is homo sapiens has a chance to evolve, should the worst case scenario occur, otherwise, the status quo increases to grow in power and its enslavement of even more people for their convenience. Anybody that thinks capitalism’s ruling cabal will come to its senses simply does not understand how power corrupts. The power elite plays for keeps.

The future for man kind simply can’t compete with those who consider themselves “exceptional”. They can’t help themselves. It’s a “last man standing” gets it all, mentality.


Compassionate socialism is the way of the future for the Planet; taking caring of Mother Earth.


This summit is polar:

the polar opposite to TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), TIPP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and Paris Climate Change Conference in so far as they serve transnational corporate capital interest.

Bravo Bolivia!


There is so much “content” contained in these few words. I think we really need to understand that:

  • There are types of damage to Mother Earth that cannot be made whole again.
  • There are resources that cannot ever be replenished.

Why must we, as temporary inhabitants, be so destructive and uncaring? Why can’t we be wise stewards rather than exploiters?


Yes, indeed, Bravo Bolivia and bravo Ecuador.
I am going to fwd the manifesto above to those in the SC office of the Campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. I want Bernie to see this article.
I am a happy volunteer for Bernie 2016, doing what I can: posting comments on RSN articles where appropriate, educating/informing others that there exists an effort to advise voters to write-in Bernie Sanders for President should the DNC succeed in trying to ram Shillary down our throats. Here is where anyone can pledge to do this:www.citizensagainstplutocracy.org
This World People’s Summit sounds like a place where Bernie would have fit right in.
Listen, folks, posting on Progressive sites is a wonderful thing to do; even more effective is to volunteer @ Bernie headquarters to phone bank, knock on doors, whatever you can donate an hour or more to. I would imagine that the website Bernie2016 will give info where you can call to join the team. It is a worthy and noble group to give your energies to!


Thank you for your recommendation! I just downloaded the Kindle version. The book is receiving high ratings on Amazon.


Unless you add planned parenthood, sex education and discussions about overpopulation and the limits to growth, none of this will work.


Please; add in China and India and Thailand and Malaysia and Japan and South Korea and Vietnam and Indonesia, at the very least, to your acronymic list of bad guys. You could probably also chuck in places like Nigeria and Brazil and Russia and and and…


Ya’ know, it’s not just that we need jobs for people, but what kind of jobs… here in NY there is the practice of depending on building more casinos to make jobs for people… I don’t care if people bet, that is not my issue… My issue, is how much electricity are those casinos using… that is just one example of the stupidity we are practicing. If we do not evaluate the energy usage of the jobs we have and create here, then we are not doing justice to the fight against climate change. Climate Change is THE UMBRELLA ISSUE, which everything else should come under when making policy. We need a GREAT REVOLUTION in what we consider a “good job”… Is it making some consumer good that is necessary or unnecessary… something plastic?.. A medical tool, which is necessary is one thing… that’s okay, but also, some are made of plastic… maybe we could look at that… .then, you have all the myriad toys that made of plastic… REALLY?.. that is a big fat waste…and do not get me started on recycling… that in it’s self is co2 producing… running all those trucks around etc…


Don’t forget the meat industry which contributes more greenhouse gases than all other industries combined. Until the size of the animal slaughter industry is slashed, all other measures are inadequate to save the planet.


Keep in mind capitalism will find the value in everything and then devour it. Got children?


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