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'Capitalism is Mother Earth's Cancer': World People's Summit Issues 12 Demands


You are in no position to speak for the 100%. Your version of reality is limited to your limited prism.


I’d encourage you to recognize that the answer to the conundrum is found within your own frame. Note the emphasis on MAN alone. Perhaps you could educate yourself to what this means–the glaring omission of the Female Aspect to life and things of this world, up to and including that Great Mother Nature principle termed Pacha Mama and deeply revered by South American Indigenous peoples–by reading Eve Ensler’s piece published today on C.D.

It IS man that deems himself exceptional that causes him to diminish the value of Woman, his partner. In efforts to own, control, and punish HER… His way destroys the Earth.


There several points I want to address regarding tourism at the Galapagos Islands:

  1. One needs to spend at least three days on the Galapagos Islands to experience all that they have to offer. Five days is even better.
  2. That being said, it is truly a world-class experience and a trip you will never forget … especially for naturalists!
  3. The environmental laws designed to protect the wildlife, plants, etc. on the Galapagos Islands are very strict and carry severe fines and/or prison time for disobeying any law.
  4. The Ecuadorean government has no qualms at all in stepping in and very quickly restricting access to any area (or an entire island) that is showing any signs of stress … especially from tourism.
  5. Tourism on the Galapagos Islands has been expanded to bring in additional income. Oil is our #1 export. With the price of oil down, additional streams of revenue are being implemented along with large reductions in the general budget.

Please come, the people of Ecuador welcome you!


DH –
This is a liberal nation -
Large majority of Americans want National Health Care for all -
Higher minimum wage -
Help for the homeless and needy –
They are anti-war by huge majority and were anti-war even before these most recent wars of aggression by our government.

The government is ignoring the will of the people.

But I do agree that, rather than supporting ways to truly enrich the lives of Americans, corporations are shoving crap under the noses of citizens –
especially children via TV ads.


Amazing that the CIA hasn’t attacked as yet –
Wonderful story and envy you –

Also agree that democratic socialism is the way which we saw some of with the New Deal at work here in US.

Looks like the right wing can sell anything with its propaganda of lies –
privatizing adds a profit margin – how does that save taxpayers money?

Very happy to read this story.

We need to end dependence upon fossil fuels here –
and nationalize the oil industry (Koch Bros.) which should have been decades ago.


Capitalism is truly suicidal –

Globally suicidal –


While I am in total agreement with the goals, and even the language of the proposals, I sorta wish they would use more secular tone. Such as replacing “Mother Earth” with eco-sphere, or something that won’t make some people roll their eyes and think, “Effin’ Hippies!”


The article is a sound proposition about how society should be responding to the predicament, climate disruption and ocean acidification and warming, brought on largely by the use of fossil fuels to drive the operation of the vast infrastructure of industrialized civilization, especially in the ‘developed’ countries.
However, a sound response, if it should develop, can only slightly mitigate what happens to these natural processes as the vast damaging infrastructure will continue its deleterious impact as it continues to age.
A rational approach from all levels of society would be to adopt measures to both mitigate and adapt to the terrestrial and marine impacts of climate change.
That however, is most unlikely as it would require sound decisions by many millions of people, if the world ‘leaders’ used their leverage to sponsor such a movement.


Please look into Senator Bernie Sanders, he’s a democratic socialist running in the Democratic party for president 2016.


My solution is for everyone to stop eating meat. It is destroying the earth and therefore it has to stop. People who don’t eat meat are healthier than those who do; meat is not a part of a balanced diet.


Greenwich and mbrownec are writing about Ecuador. The article is set in Bolivia.

Congrats to Ecuador, which under Correa has gotten out of the ‘oust-every-few-years’ syndrome it had been in. Ditto for Bolivia.
People might ask how an economy, Chile, that owes more to Milton Friedman than to Salvador Allende or Michelle Bachelet, is now the most prosperous in South America?
To take a specific example, there is a railroad that runs from Bolivia to Chile and down to the Pacific. It was state-owned; I imagine in two pieces. The Chilean owned segment was going bankrupt and would have shut down. It was privatized and the private operator kept it going and it still exists. - In a private concern, the size of the profit depends on one’s ability to find customers and serve them well enough to get paid, and on one’s ability to control costs, spending on people according to what they produce and not-spending on people according to what they don’t produce, and not spending on things that are a waste.


I note the first statement of the article and its title, condemning capitalism.
I observe that the word ‘capitalism’ was coined by Karl Marx, in a ‘profits before people’ sense, and is commonly applied to the free market system most famously advocated by Adam Smith.
I want to draw your attention to a contrast. Socialism has a long history of economic stagnation, and its most ardent form, Marxist communism, has almost as long a history of millions of dead people and millions of people fleeing the worker’s paradise(s). In contrast, in recent decades, hundreds of millions of people have moved up from absolute poverty, mostly in China and India, but many other nations too, because their countries have set aside socialist adherence and have let more elements of a free market operate in their countries.
(I am aware of the wide sentiment that USA-Americans have ‘more than enough’, and should revise their living standards downwards for the sake of the planet and everyone else… :slight_smile: )


In the real world the ants feed grasshoppers to their young. Interesting that ants are social creatures while grasshoppers are not.


Those of you who bash capitalism need to read “The historical roots of our ecological crisis,” by Lynn White. 3000 years ago, long before Adam Smith invented capitalism, somebody wrote in the Torah that Yahweh gave man dominion over the entire earth and all living things on the earth. It is this attitude that resulted in our environmental problems.

The problem with capitalism is that Smith assumed that when humans act out of rational self-interest, the invisible hand of the market produces the best outcomes. But when humans act solely out of rational self-interest, the result is “greed is good” (Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street”) and "selfishness is a virtue’ (Ayn Rand).

Does the invisible hand of the market produce the best outcomes? Alan Greenspan (the white knight of Ayn Rand’s thinking) testified before Congress after the economic meltdown in 2008. He was asked why the invisible hand of the market did not prevent the irrational greed on Wall Street that caused the housng bubble. His response: “There must be a flaw in the theory.” A FLAW! Is the pope Catholic?


Are you aware of demographic transition? When countries industrialize and emancipate women, birth rates go down. Russia and Japan have negative birth rates.

Capitalism is the best way to industrialize societies. We know this because the western democracies and Japan are all capitalist nations. The only example of socialism producing an industrial nation is the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Russia was an agrarian, fuedal nation before communism and lost WWI to the Germans (an industrialized capitalist nation). Stalin vowed that the Soviet Union had to industrialize as rapidly as possible so that it would never lose a war to Germany again. He used a planned economy to do this. But the people suffered because the government decided to make guns, not butter. He was successful because the Red Army kicked the Wehrmacht’s butt in WWII.

When the Berlin Wall came down, the socialist Soviet Union became the capitallist Russia whose economy is dependent on selling oil.


Please allow me to make a notation. The Soviet Union under Stalin was state (centralized/autocratic) socialism … not democratic socialism being predominately discussed on these discussion boards. There is a huge difference. Thank you.


Will take just one exception to your comments -
liberals are anti-capitalism and anti-the corporate state -
they do not think everyone is able to work or there are jobs for all –
nor do they agree with Clinton/Gore knocking out 60 years of guaranteed Welfare
Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has been almost as corrupted as the Repug Party
and the corporate-Democrats who are reached the Congress and House are more Repug/Business party than Democrat or liberal.

Liberals support the New Deal regulations –
It took the right wing elites 60 years to overturn them.
Unregulated Capitalism is merely organized crime.
There is no sense trying to re-regulate Capitalism – as Michael Moore notes …
“Capitalism is an evil which cannot be regulated.”
We need to move on to Democratic Socialism."


You have to understand that progress on alternative energy - clean and renewable – has been suppressed by the right wing for decades.
We can have electric cars – we can probably even have solar-driven cars.
We can do without fossil fuels.
We can do without nuclear reactors, as well, which as we saw at Fukushima are highly vulnerable to earthquakes, tsumanis.
Global Warming will bring changes and weather even and catastrophe and we cannot right now say how all of it will compound – more frequent and more severe floods/droughts, hurricanes/storms, lightning strikes, cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.


mbrownec –

Correct, but I bet you’ll see the Repugs calling Bernie Sanders a “commie” and his followers “commies.” :smile:

Also, for those who don’t know, the party which Hitler took over - the Nazi Party –
was actually a liberal organization (socialist) which supported women’s rights, abortion, labor, labor unions, national health care, on and on.
After Hitler took over the party, everything was turned upside down.

Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR were actually dictatorships – fascism.


Hi Sioux Rose –
Patriarchy: “The bird with one wing.”