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Capitalism or Socialism. Which Will it Be?

Capitalism or Socialism. Which Will it Be?

Robert Freeman

We already know the most hackneyed slogan of the next election cycle: “socialism.” Utah Representative Chris Stewart has even launched and “Anti-Socialism Caucus.”

But socialism has lost a lot of its epithetic punch since the days of the Cold War, when the world lived under a nuclear Sword of Damocles. Here are a few reasons, on both sides, why socialism doesn’t sound so scary anymore. You might want to save it to parry the lunatic ravings of your crazy uncle at the next family gathering.

Ten important things that Capitalism has given us:

The Trump phenomenon shows that we urgently need an alternative to the obsolete capitalism

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21st socialism is no where near early 20th century Socialism.In fact we have been practicing socialism for centuries.How do we pay for roads,sewage,water,police,local and federal government,military,libraries,schools,community centers and a host of other “public services” ??? We collectively pay for them through taxes,federal,state & local.Even life,vehicle,property and health insurances are paid by use of a socialist system ! While we are at it why not health as well ???


Great post… They’re already smearing sanders … who is proposing social democratic NOT SOCIALIST policies …

he may want to consider dropping the term “democratic socialist” and go with “social democrat” … i suppose it wont matter much there going to try and smear him as a socialist and communist, just like the good ole days when ronny raygun was president

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There are many socialist entities in the US. The neo-liberal era starting in the '70’s sought to privatize everything so that the greedy capitalists can skim from everything they can get their hands on and have succeeded in many ways. They seek more privatization too because of well…profit. This has to stop. we need staunch regulations on all businesses that are running rampant on the environment and private enterprises along with the financial industry. We are now the most lopsided, income equality wise system in the world. Dystopia results from these disparities. It’s high time for some socialist changes or things will accelerate to the cliff and we’ll all go over the edge to oblivion.


Oh, theoldgoat: I never thought Seattle would ever be like this. I can’t imagine why the city council seems so oblivious to reality-----maybe they are all hoping that all the stores will close and downtown will be a ghost town-----and then when no one will live there anymore, they will apply for redevelopment money and start over… but as wealthy landlords now. There has to be avarice ruling this inhumanity—
It was such a relief to see what Rhode Island is doing, and that there is a way out of this Hansel and Gretel Frightening Woods that once was a beautiful city… I had to look up their state motto. It’s very ironic. They took an indigenous language, and chose “ALKI,” meaning.
" by and by." So look to Rhode Island, Seattle, and by and by, Seattle will return-----and maybe Seattle, take a look at Rhode Island’s motto----“HOPE.” : )

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“Socialism isn’t fundamentally about public ownership of private resources.” Nothing truer said.

Socialism has never been about nationalization or government ownership or control of the economy, at least not for those socialists who hold true to the traditional interpretation and roots of socialism before the meanings and aims were distorted.

One enduring tiny and rather insignificant Party that still maintains that socialism will be a planned society, a free federation of associations, not an authoritarian state, is the World Socialist Party of the United States.

A visit to their website offers an illuminating and clear-sighted understanding of what socialism has to be.



great response … how will sanders deal with the “socialist” smear word?

he is going on FOX for a town hall … he’s going to get labeled big time … he better have something good for a response

The first 5 minutes of this video is very reactionary: “I am embarrassed by this” [by the homeless]. “The cops should have the authority to arrest these people. There’s an ordinance against sleeping on the street.” In other words, the sensibilities of the middle and upper middle class are challenged by the homeless: the problem is the homeless, not that Seattle is one of the most unequal cities in the County, that there’s little to no affordable housing and there are no jobs for this “surplus population.”

Seattle likes to market itself as a progressive city. But Seattle’s politics have always been dominated by Big Business: from Boeing and Weyerhaeuser to Microsoft and Amazon. Seattle’s corporate media is also not progressive: Seattle’s monopoly newspaper, the Seattle Times has been anti-union for at least 100 years (the paper was virulently opposed to the Seattle General Strike of 1919). TV and radio (like KOMO) are also very right wing; or I guess I should say “Liberal.”


Those who champion capitalism would prefer nuclear Armageddon or global ecocide to changing our social system to some kind of socialism. I am serious: the capitalists would prefer that billions of people die than to eliminate the system from which those so few benefit so massively. They are sociopaths with nuclear weapons who are addicted to the profits from fossil fuels. That’s what we are up against.


" China’s economy which is blowing the doors off of the United States."

That all started when they moved away for a totally centralized economy and allowed private property and a more or less free market.

" 1. Nordic countries—Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark—with the highest self-reported rates of happiness in the world . All proudly practice democratic socialism."

No, they do not practice democratic socialism. They are all advanced capitalist economies with private ownership of the means of production. What hey have an advanced welfare system that is financed by the successful capitalist economy.

" 1. The internet —yes, it was invented by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in 1969, and only later commercialized."

True, and if it were for the “government” it would still be used to talk betwen ballistic missile silos.

Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea are all actual socialist economies. They ain’t doing too great last time i checked.

Socialism had only brought death and misery everywhere. Oh, and pollution and destruction of the environment.

Then again. Maybe Americans need good dose of Socialism. Noting makes you appreciate freedom more than standing in line at 0500 t get your rations. The going to a government subsidized job day in day out for the rest of your life. The coming hone and put some sweaters on cuz it’s 25F outside and there’s no heat in your 1 bedroom apartment where you live with your wife and kid.

It’s only been 30 years since the socialist workers paradises collapsed. Have we already forgotten?

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There’s no eminent risk of socialism breaking out in the US now. That’s just BS. The purpose of the attacks on “socialism” by the GOP are to head-off-at-the-pass the Sanders campaign in 2020, to discredit the mild (New Deal - like) reforms Bernie proposes by raising from the dead the bogeymen of the Cold War. But don’t worry, the Democrats will soon join in. Just look what the Liberals are doing to Jeremy Corbin in the UK - that’s a preview for 2020.

You should check and see if Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea have been under constant assault by capitalist countries, and in the case of North Korea, leveled to the ground.

If Socialism is unviable, why do you suppose capitalists countries have continuously assaulted those countries since the Russian revolution?


Capitalism or socialism, which will it be? I hate to say it but it looks like it’s going to be a dystopian hi-tech fascism for most of us.


Socialism has brought death and misery? Have you checked the history of the United States lately? Are you blind or stupid? The CIA has itself acknowledged that Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro’s Chavista Bolivarian Revolution has improved the living conditions of millions of Venezuelans (2 MILLION housing units for the poor built using nationalized oil profits, literacy, health and nutrition all improved) Were it not for the fabricated orchestrated collapse in oil prices (see the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel for more on that) and the monstrous sanctions imposed by the global capitalist cartels and the USA, Venezuela would be doing fine. Oh, and one other point, Venezuela is not socialist, its government is. Most of Venezuela is still very much capitalist. Don’t smear socialism using examples destroyed economically by the global cartels. That’s a phony bullshit argument. And I know you wouldn’t want anyone here to think you are phony bullshit.
China? Please, the road to a pacified cheap labor force OFFERED UP FOR EXPLOITATION BY THE GLOBAL INDUSTRIALISTS without democracy and one of the highest execution rates on earth was paved by Mao Zedong’s uber industrialization order resulting in TENS OF MILLIONS OF CHINESE STARVING TO DEATH. That was neither socialism nor capitalism, IT WAS TOTALITARIANISM, BRUTAL MURDEROUS TOTALITARIANISM.


Alan, you don’t have to convince the folks here on CD. We are all gifted enough to understand how democratic socialism, in otherwords the way thing were before the fateful Reagan Revolution were. Look at how prosperous the middle class was and how it grew between 1945 and 1975. There was still a wealthy class BUT they weren’t the ruling class like today’s rich filth elites and they didn’t own the government to do with as they pleased and to the detriment of the 99%… No brother we are all beyond convinced that democratic socialism is the key to a better tomorrow for everyone. The sheep you need to convince as do we all are the Trumfucks. You know, that portion of the population that falls on the left side of the average IQ of 100.


SEATTLE IS DYING IS SINCLAIR MEDIA GROUP RIGHT WING FASCIST PROPAGANDA. What is needed in Seattle is not more arrests and prison but AFFORDABLE HOUSING, MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT AND ADDICTION TREATMENT, then real, obtainable living wage jobs for the poor would help.
The city council tried to raise taxes to provide these basic necessities but they were shot down by Big Money. TAXES MUST BE RAISED ON THE BILLIONAIRES TO BEGIN TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS BECAUSE “YOU CAN’T RELY ON THE PRIVATE SECTOR TO SOLVE WHAT THE PRIVATE SECTOR CREATED” to quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


The use of “socialist” as an epithet has been substantially broadened in the common vernacular. A former President can leave office and make a year’s salary with one speech to Wall Street, and they’ll still call him a Socialist. Yet listen to them squeal when we compare Trump to historical fascists! We can discuss these terms with rigor, or we can call each other names. We can’t do both.

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Capitalism benefits the top .01% greatly. That’s only a little more than 3 million people.

On the other hand, Socialism benefits everyone, all 330 million in the United States.

This is why the .01% have so much of an advantage and one reason for the widening income inequality, that it’s now necessary to institute a greater tax rate on this group.

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