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Capitalist Competition Is Sabotaging the Race for a Vaccine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/24/capitalist-competition-sabotaging-race-vaccine

Always about the profits.

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Mike Pappas and Luigi Morris wrote:

“The same is true of Sinovac Biotech’s vaccine, which is being used with high-risk workers in China and is undergoing phase 3 trials in Indonesia, Turkey, and Brazil, where they resumed after a controversial case.”

Now, after reading above sentence, one might want to refer to the hyperlinked source provided by the authors to see more about the “controversial case” a phrase used in only for a Chinese vaccine.

A click leads us to the Reuter’s headline “China’s Sinovac vaccine is safe, Brazil Institute says.”

Curious, I’ve to reach towards the end of the article for the paragraph below:

CoronaVac uses inactivated vaccine technology, a traditional method that uses killed virus that cannot replicate in human cells to trigger an immune response.

Experts have warned that the safety of inactivated coronavirus vaccine candidates should be observed over longer periods, as some other inactivated vaccines had led to disease enhancement effect, where vaccine-triggered antibodies, instead of offering protection, could worsen infections when people became exposed to a virus after inoculation.

The second paragraph - starting with “experts have warned” - appears to be a general statement over testing procedure, which said that “some other inactivated vaccines had led to disease enhancement effect,” etc. It says nothing about Coronavac’s vaccine being possibly unsafe, which is surely what the phrase “controversial case” is meant to evoke.

More fascinating might be the sentence that “competing candidates developed by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson JNJ.N have had their trials halted in the United States due to saftey issues.”

Now THOSE vaccines, AstraZeneca’s and Johnson and Johnson’s, might qualify better for the appellation “controversial case” (or cases).

But accurate reporting would spoil Trump’s China, China, China campaign, wouldn’t it? Really, what Trump says can be overlooked, for he seldom mean anything, but what is uttered by some “progressive” individuals or periodicals - that, as the Wizard of Oz might say, is a horse of a different color.

When Russia announced the launch of its own vaccine, western media was all over it claiming it not safe and had not been tested. Much the same happens in Western Nations with Huawei and the 5g protocol with claims the tech will be used to spy on the west.

A lot of these types of articles have their sources as rival Companies or people paid for by the same. It becomes impossible to divine the truth when so many of the so called “truth tellers” are being paid to publish their version.

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