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Capitol Rioters Can’t Stop the Economic Forces Undermining Their Tribe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/12/capitol-rioters-cant-stop-economic-forces-undermining-their-tribe

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Stop looking for the trends and finding a way to make your riches. Take the Bard’s advice “To thine own self be true.” Truer words were never crafted. Money isn’t everything–character and wisdom are forged out of Self Reliance, if one reads Emerson correctly.


level with the American people and explain to them that managing the decline is the game from now on” …
the authors solution is a recipe for disaster … anybody who has been working in manufacturing since NAFTA was passed (i am one of them) has seen (hundreds personally) millions of his fellow americans thrown to the curb as jobs were outsourced to mexico and then china … what does managing the decline mean? you are telling people to suck it up an suffer a declining standard of living so that SOME OTHER people will now do well??

If FREE TRADE had been managed well then there would have been more for those people displaced by free trade than Rahm Emanuels advice “LEARN TO CODE”… tell that to a 50+ year old machinist in michigan who has just lost his job due to outsourcing to china !!


That the average Irish male had a life expectancy of only 6 years after migrating to the USA helps demonstrate how god awful ugly the US was back then in spite of all of those years of press that it was somehow this magical place where all prospered.

That the Irish migrated to the US shows how God awful ugly the British Empire was.


One need only to look to other Countries to see how they approach all of these changes. Are places like Norway “managing the decline” ?

Managing the decline is nothing more then saying “the system we have in place is unchangeable. The rich are to get richer. Bezos needs to get to his trillion dollars net worth. You guys have to take less of that wealth so Bezos can take more”

The solution is to dismantle Capitalism which is the fundamental reason for this “decline”. The system called Capitalism is predicated on wealth inequality and only works when more wealth shoveled to the 1 percent.

Cuts to US Military spending alone can help revers this “decline” but apparently that too is immutable.


At least in terms of symbolism, this buffalo soldier was hitting all the right notes…

Er… as a correction, the author seems to be unaware that the term “buffalo soldier” refers to the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the US army which was composed of Black Americans and Jamaicans who were sent out west to repress and kill indigenous Americans.

I guess this guy is too young to have listened to Bob Marley…



Typical libtard double talk. The caucasian working and impoverished class have always lived a very real hand to mouth existence. Their angst is very real, which is why demagogues like Trump are so successful at manipulating their anger and directing it at scapegoats like other under class groups.


What happens when everyone learns to code and no one takes out the trash? Eff Rahm.



This author needs a reality check, and quickly. What a load of biased crap.


It is a mixed legacy.

“The Buffalo Soldiers served as some of the first national park rangers when the U.S. Army served as the official administrator of Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks between 1891 and 1913. They protected the parks from illegal grazing, poachers, timber thieves and wildfires.”

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yes us capitalism is fundamentally broke or FUBAR to use a military term

Rahm Emanuel doesn’t know what its like to work a 9 to 5 job for working stiff wages … hes a plutocrat member of the democratic party


A bit economistic. If all’s you’ve got is a hammer everything looks like a nail.


This commentary is accurate in both its US history and its economics, with its application to today’s politics.

Employment with livable wages are the goals today as they always have been, and that’s the point of the history lesson of the Irish immigrants, including my forebears, who faced the Nativists hatred in the 1840s through the 1860s. I’d also recommend Scorsese’s film, Gangs of New York, for similar accurate history.

You might think that today’s US ethnics would be more understanding and accepting of immigrants who want to better themselves, and to have a better life for their families. Over the years, I’ve seen that understanding embraced in US politics in Senator Bernie Sanders, whose ancestors had emigrated from Poland.

McWilliams cut to the chase with the comparison to 19th century immigration where Irish fleeing famine were treated like usurpers of protestant strongholds, taking jobs for lower wages, playing into the hands of corrupt politicians like Boss Tweed. Herbert Asbury’s informal history of the underworld “The Gangs of New York” published in 1927 depicts slum tenement living conditions that drove its denizens to drunken abandon, drugs, prostitution, gambling, muggings, burglary, piracy. The well to do in those years - decades before and after the Civil War - were exploiting labor much the same as they do today.

My usual take on issues centers around how much routine travel and long-distance transport of essential commodities is reasonable before it overruns Earth’s environmental capacity. The ruling class undoubtedly derives income from car dependency and goods manufactured abroad. They want us to believe “driverless” electric cars, trucks, ships, airplanes and trains will allow modern civilization to continue business as usual. I get the feeling McWilliams believes that hype by the way he speaks vaguely of a changing world ahead.

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Not sure all this wealth accumulation on the part of non-whites is a good thing. Remember the impact of the American middle class on the health of the planet Earth. Now think of two or three times more people consuming and trashing the planet. Rather than looking happily at more wealthy people, most of them nonwhite, we should set as a goal having everyone receive the necessities of life: food, shelter, medical care, and education.


Bit ironic. Rahm couldn’t code a machine designed to count from 1 to 10.

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The IT industry is being outsourced and credentialized en-masse now. Unless the computing service is their primary product. IT support firms are mostly Indian and for various reasons, (more profit) they really want lower wages, so at many US companies run by Indian ownership Americans need not apply. Even Indian-Americans are not wanted.

Same thing will likely happen to teaching, nursing and engineering soon, perhaps as early as next year. We made a deal.


love the term
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

Whatever wealth accumulation is going on it likely will not last. Unless its at the top. We’ll be more and more equal, for sure, but it will be equal because zero and zero are equivalent, as far as incomes. A global race to the bottom income determined less by merit and education than by inherited wealth. Even the most talented doomed to crap jobs because practitioners are undervalued everywhere. Jobs commodified and privatized, and globalized. Only war and national security are exempt, and maybe not even them.

Race will have nothing to do with it, that’s just part of Trumps act to keep poor white people thinking they have a future if they just vote for him. All the others. do it too. Sock puppets here work overtime hiding the truth.

All are lying, pretending trade deals haven’t already decided our futures, a big lie to hide them. Why not tell them the truth. We missed the bus 26 years ago.

Because they are now non-people. They dont even rate any real work in lying to them.

Nor do the so called progressive (or conservative, or whatever, news media, they will repeat their piece of the big lie, probably almost for free. They just want the attention.)

it takes money to make money in a land of no jobs. One only has two kidneys so best to save both for emergencies, like saving the life of a sick child.

I’ve heard enough about life in places like that to know how horrible it is. Countries with simply no jobs, everybody is either a hooker or a gangster (or “computer programmer”) Everybody is just desperate to leave.

Poor is the new Black.

We have some big problems which only something that transcends politics or economics can attain. They have failed us.

Despair deaths are deaths related to sudden shocks that rate high on the Maslow hierarchy of needs, they cause a massive increase in all cause mortality. Statistically many people losing jobs, due to causes which are likely deeply disturbing, for example, training your replacements over a nine month period so you wont be eligible for any kind of benefit. Like divorce or the death of a child. How can those rejected by our money and youth obsessed society retain some dignity psychologically?

That is going to be the real problem maintaining peoples self esteem while being worthless to society. Especially young people facing an entire life like that.

Well, at least people from developing countries will be working.

Restraint stress, restraining animals while strong shocks are administered to them causes massive losses in important brain ares like the prefrontal cortex. This causes disassociation and large losses in grey matter. Literal shrinkage of the brain.

I know the theory of comparative advantage explains why. We are under-educated and over-costly, and we’re not having enough children, or educating the ones we have enough any more.

I know its legal but its still deeply disturbing for a country to sink so low, so fast…

What do you suggest for those poor people do with their last paychecks? Go to therapy?