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'Capitulation' Not an Option: Memo Details How Dems Can Stall or Stop GOP Rush to Confirm Trump SCOTUS Pick

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/capitulation-not-option-memo-details-how-dems-can-stall-or-stop-gop-rush-confirm


SPINELESS Democrats Won’t Fight for the Supreme Court!


There are many things they CAN do to stop the GOP-DNC push toward permanent corporacracy (fascism). They won’t do any of them, however. The GOP-DNC junta will install another fascist on the high court. And the boot on the face of the People will only grow heavier.


Expect “the boot on the face of the people” to be goose stepping during the 2021 inauguration.

Everybody who has not been locked in a closet or afflicted with terminal denial syndrome for the past 35 years knows that the Democratic Party “abandoned the democratic base, undermining enthusiasm” when they formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985, redefining “bipartisanship” to mean capitulation to the GOP agenda in the process.


We need to keep in mind that the DNC has as much regard for Progressives as the RNC.
Zip ! as they have stated and demonstrated many times.

BIDEN Blasts BERNIE in Attempt To Get VOTES!


Republicans know how to solidly use their tools to get what they want. Democrats know how to use their tools and solidly refuse to use them. Hence, we are stuck with today’s circumstances. Said thousands of times before - we need a powerful Progressive Party to put our country on track. Good luck with that.


The corporate masters are pro Rump/Bidden and do not want the “divide and conquer” to apply to their grip on power and both parties…


This article is accurate and worrisome. We know that Pelosi and Schumer have already given away many of the tactics that could have been used to stop Trump’s SCOTUS pick. We know that Pelosi and Schumer appear to be in bed with Trump and the GOP and Moscow Mitch.
There are way too many DINOs in Congress, such as Coal-Boy Manchin, war criminal Duckworth, and Cloudbootyjar.
I’d recommend that AOC, Pocan and the other true progressives lead an insurrection.
Basically, we can’t count on politics anymore. We have to vote Trump out, and then do a 1960s style street revolution to overthrow the entire cabal of losers, fools, and traitors.
It’s time for a reboot of the SDS, Yippies, Weather Underground, and Black Panthers.


It is the duty of every true American to oppose , in every possible way, the would be despot and his cabal of undemocratic administration. The very life of our democracy depends on this.
Just as it s the duty of every real American to oppose these Trump supporting trolls .


The DNC does not represent the wishes of every member of that party, thankfully. The Democratic Party as a whole desperately needs new leadership.
At the same time, those like you and thylacine (?), who,whether intentionally or not, seek to give Trump four more destructive years are very,very wrong.
You play the hand you have and , in this election, that means voting for Biden and Senatorial candidates from his party. Heck, if road kill was the only choice in opposing this fascist threat on our democratic process then vote road kill.
After Trump and his cabal are ousted, after the constitution is safe, then let us see how diligently you work to make changes.

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A demonstrated Milquetoast and a weak, mostly silent and complicit House “leader” that call the shots over all others and silence other voices, especially progressive left! They refuse to support openly and strongly the issues all the public support and the DP base demand - we’ve seen this charade before and do not buy the mealy-mouthed craven deceit and lies! - Yeah, right they will fight the trump/GOP regime! BS!

Since when have these two and many/most others DP political lap-dogs really fought for anything? “Capitulation” is their middle name as witnessed numerous times when a fight was needed and demanded by the rank and file!

Since when has the DP put forth a real people’s candidate or pushed “progressive” issues that served the 99% and are widely supported, rather than serving special interests? Their campaign “contribution” bribers?

The DP establishment fronts the weakest and almost most corrupt candidate, refuses to openly support M4ALL, climate crises, student debt to predators, really support BLM and people of color, working people, the poor - the 99%, push real support for the USPS, environmental courage, you name it, the refusal to build a winning coalition. A primer on how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - and real representation for the people!

"failure by Democrats to do everything in their power to slow Trump’s Supreme Court pick could "be viewed by many as abandonment of the Democratic base and could undermine enthusiasm." Jeez, ya think? They abandoned the DP, Independent, Left base long ago!

Expect nothing from the weakling twins, chucky and nancy, but mumbled promises and diversionary rubbish, ignoring the path to stymie trump/GOP court packing. empty words of “my good friends” McConnell & the GOP - worthless crap that will evaporate like a fart in a windstorm!


Im sure it will be all my and @thylacine fault if Trump wins. It wont be the DNC and Biden’s fault that they did not give 100,000,000 people a reason to get off the couch. Because the Wall Street minority in the party NEVER takes responsibility for destructive action. I guess they, unlike you, don’t realize that they are obligated to vote in support of “Nothing will fundamentally change” and the meaningless Wall Street candidate that has been chosen for them. We are all obligated to act like whipped puppies and fall in Wall Street pocket like you the DNC. Ok I get it. It’s SO bad now, in part due to the DNC capitulation, cowardliness and ineptitude over the years that we’re all obligated to give up democracy in order to save it. But no problem, we’ll get it back if Ol Joe wins - Right? WHen the DNC goes back to ignoring it’s Base again.

Joe Biden Should Stop Shitting on the Democratic Party’s Base

87% of Democrats Support ‘Medicare for All,’ Though Joe Biden Doesn’t

BIDEN Blasts BERNIE in Attempt To Get VOTES!

Joe Biden’s $200,000 paid speech praising a House Republican, briefly explained
The former vice president isn’t sorry about it.


A morning trivia question for Commons readers: Who said it (a Democrat)?

There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels… upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!


Just for reference

Democrats Have a Wide Range of Options to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Pick
By David Sirota
A memo is circulating on Capitol Hill that spells out exactly the kind of tactics that could slow Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nomination. Will the Democrats use them?



You’re talking to someone who just said s/he’d vote for road kill.

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Actual democrats might, but as usual, Pelosi and Schumer will forbid it, or pick the weakest action to use. There are lots of D democrats working hard to save our nation, but the Democrats are only interested in getting their graft and grift from their Oligarchic Masters, and that seems to consist of sinking the democrat’s efforts by whatever means necessary.
** I wonder if, when they meet privately, they have to Heil der trumpenfuehrer before they can talk? Wouldn’t surprise me.


Are you participating in the MPP?

Well, We all get to Bark At The Moon once-in-a-while

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Yes, the democrats could throw out lots of roadblocks, but ultimately McConnell will get his Justice appointed.

I started promoting it and watched all but 20 mins of the ‘convention’ then did a little deeper dive and found that MPP HQ is walking distance from CIA HQ. Call me paranoid
I see that West, Hedges, Martin and Stone endorse it and Dore was promoting for a while and did a great speech at the ‘convention’ (but hasn’t mentioned it lately as far as I can tell.
Not sure what to think. I like the idea but -
Keeping an open mind and an eye on it but havent donated yet.