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Caravan of Central American Asylum Seekers Greeted by Supporters at Border


Caravan of Central American Asylum Seekers Greeted by Supporters at Border

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A caravan of hundreds of Central American asylum seekers gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday to turn themselves over the U.S. officials, in a direct challenge to the Trump administration, which has vowed to bar the migrants from entering, even though turning them away would violate international law.


Excuse me, there are plenty of people in this country who face danger every day. Sick of these assylum seekers! Plus the US law allows them to enter this country without being sent back unlike people who enter this country from Canada. Laws need to be changed.The US needs to take care of its own people before inviting the whole world in here.


The central american region has been culturally and economically drained by capitalist corporations and democracy building wars that are really supporting dictators.

Why do people flee their homes and neighborhoods? The answer is straight forward sociology 101;

Pirate corporate capitalists have destabilized the region for easy removal of resources. Now rich northerners are afraid the masses they have destabilized will stampede north in numbers like the destabilized countries stampede into Europe.

The downtown one percent get the money and their rural base foots the bill in more ways than one.


One reason there are asylum seekers from Central America and South America is because of the policies of US Empire. In fact that is the main reason there are such asylum seekers. That has to be taken into consideration.


Oh boo woo- some people would rather take in these users than worry about people right here. Tell me how the USA empire affected them also?


The war on drugs and destabilizing Latin America countries for one.


What’s the matter- you need more members for your churches- or you need more maids and butlers?
Once again- the ivory tower would rather “discuss” this than even mention the workers who lost their jobs to outsourcing in the USA over the past forty years.


And??? Your point is???


Some people would rather raise up illegals and talk about bathroom use than even bring up the fact that millions of people in the USA lost their jobs and now are either unemployed or underemployed. This is just one reason the rethugs get into office.


How about “dead” towns and cities right here in the USA. I happen to live near a couple of them.


‘Sick of these asylum seekers…’ gives you away. That is the rhetoric used by nationalists who want to build walls at their borders and within society: “These brown people, These black people, These gay people”…etc. It is preferable to research and question the background of such politics before letting everyone know how sick you are of asylum seekers. Peace…


Trump doesn’t care about international law. He is too infatuated with himself and his power as president.


For you information, Nobody in the USA is facing anything like the dangers central Americans are facing from gangsters and goons. Down there, merely trying to organize a union in one’s workplace, do any kind of reporting, doing any kind of social jsutice or environmental advocacy will result in a high probability of getting killed.

Nothing like that is happening here. Please do some traveling.


That’s what i said a while ago. Didn’t really resonate with some of the posters here who think the US a really bad place. I guess it depends on the agenda that’s being pushed at a certain point in time.


The real question is how many of these greeters are taking any of these refugees to be in to there homes. It is easy to say come to America for a great life while Americans in cities like Chicago Los Angeles people live in the streets. America for Americans first take care of America first.


Looks like the illegal immigration supporters are running out of cash. The guy holding up the “Refugees welcome” sign in English and Arabic definitely didn’t have the funds to print one in English and Spanish.


The murder rate in America is very high. People shut out for there views on a lot of things. America is not a pure and noble country there is much evil. Men marry men like ways for women this does not make a marriage. So call me a hater with your loudest voice for I speak truth. Does this mean a person should be killed for he is a man who loves a man. Of course not that would worst then the first.


Yes, US foreign policy has historically supported the most savage regimes throughout Latin America, and while there is certainly a legacy effect, things are more complicated now and right wing thugs supported by a countries wealthy business class can take over even without a much in the way of US intervention - as has happened recently in several countries including Brazil.

This blaming of the USA for every bad thug in the world, except when the thug is perceived (correctly or incorrectly) as being “anti-US imperialism”, then the thug becomes a good guy, is a dangerous path the left seems to be taking.


I agree w that but alot of our foreign policies which support dictators have created alot of this mess.


Take your endorsement of my post elsewhere.

The US has its own insidious ways of controlling its political discourse and political activism from the left, and especially union organizing, which has become a “right” in name only. But in all those cases, the worst outcome for the “troublemaker” is getting fired (the US is the only country in the world with “employment at will”) or maybe employment blacklisting. At very worst, a direct-action activist can get few years imprisonment on trumped-up charges. This is all unacceptable, but not like central America (except Costa Rica), where leftist troublemakers can get dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night and shot.