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#CaravanToCanada: Facing Insulin Prices 10X Higher in US, Group Heads Across Border

#CaravanToCanada: Facing Insulin Prices 10X Higher in US, Group Heads Across Border

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A group of Minnesotans faced with "astronomical prices for insulin" in the U.S. recently crossed the border into Canada to obtain affordable access to the life-saving drug.

"We should not have to drive five hours to Canada to be able to afford #insulin!" said Quinn Nystrom, a diabetes advocate and one of those on the #CaravanToCanada Saturday.

In tweets over the weekend, Nystrom highlighted the price difference the five-hour drive would mean. Insulin costs 10 times more in the U.S. than in Canada.

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“Nystrom has ideas about how to solve the crisis…”
It’s past the time for the first idea, Nationalize all of them. Then implement the second idea, after nationalization, it will be much cheaper then.


The example of Insulin and the amount in Costs in Canada as compared to the United States illustrates clearly the corrupt nature of the Industry in the US along with how the Corrupt Government colludes with the Drug Industry to ensure profits come before peoples health.

The Drug Industry in justifying those high prices in the USA tend to repeat these talking points.

1>The high cost is due to the costs of Research and development wherein the Costs of R and D need to be recouped.

2>Other Countries with lower drug prices are getting a “free ride” for those lower drug prices and with the US Consumer in essence subsidizing the same with those higher prices.

This is an outright fabrication. Insulin was developed in 1922. There are no R and D costs to recoup. Added to that Insulin was developed in Canada and the Doctors that developed it sold the patent for a token 1$ as they wanted to ensure that all the people needing the drug could afford it.

The ONLY reason the costs so high in the US is that the Drug Industry is gouging their patients and this price-gouging happens in collusion with the US Government. That those higher costs existed through the Obama Presidency as well demonstrates that this collusion is bi-partisan.

There absolutely no valid reason that the US Industry should be getting away with this and that people DIE because of this makes the US Government complicit. This in fact is an example of the Government deciding who will “live and die” in that hallowed “Free market” system.


Democratic Socialist Canada is not the only bordering country that allows those seeking refuge from outrageous American drug costs, Mexico also allows millions of Americans to cross the border seeking affordable health care. At just one checkpoint in Yuma, Arizona, up to 6,000 Americans cross the border every day and travel 7-miles to the Mexican town of Los Algodones, seeking heath care, mostly for dental work, vision and prescription drugs at 66% less than American prices. Dentist and doctors in Mexico don’t carry to ton of student debt when they graduate.


Hi SuspiraDeprofundis: sigh----what do you want to bet, that along with gouging Americans on drug costs-----that these same people probably also invest heavily in mortuary stocks.
These guys are DYING to make a profit------and Americans pay for it in more ways than one. : (


Trudeau had better put up a wall. They’re coming for your drugs!

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I’ll bet Canada is glad to sell it. I suspect that they still have a profit.
It is important to repeat that it is not just the price but also the need for a prescription on routine, repeat drug supplies that causes a problem. The doctors and the drugs both gouge.

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What they do is extortion legalized by the US Government. It very much pay up or die. There those idiotic Libertarians down in the USA that feel the market should “regulate itself”. They feel Health Care best delivered under “free market” principles totally free of Government interference.

This is an absolute crock. Health Care is not a “consumer good” like a car. A persons health is not a choice like “well if I can not afford a car I will take a bus”.


We have government labs, and we have national emergency options. We need to incorporate both.
Gov. labs for insulin production, and declaring a national health emergency for those that are presently in dire need.
Is the U.S. a business, or a democratic republic country of people?

Just to add an input from the Czech republic: When I asked my girlfriend here how much insulin costs for diabetics, guess what she told me? Any ideas?
Well, you won’t believe this!.. Get ready, hold your breath, count to ten…

Absolutely NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH :slightly_smiling_face:!
And another thing too, which really surprised me: if you have to inject insulin and it is a relatively small amount, then you can safely inject the insulin yourself; on the other hand, though, if you need larger doses of insulin and there is a danger that you might overdose if you did it yourself, a nurse will come to where you live and do the injection for you, just to be on the safe side!
Naturally, of course, that service is also free :slightly_smiling_face:

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