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Carbon Levels Are Higher Than They've Been in Past 3 Million Years, Scientists Reveal


Carbon Levels Are Higher Than They've Been in Past 3 Million Years, Scientists Reveal

Julia Conley, staff writer

Human activity has helped cause carbon levels to rise to a rate that hasn't been seen on planet Earth in three million years, researchers have revealed.

A study published Wednesday by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany showed that the last time carbon dioxide was detected in the planet's atmosphere at the level it is now was during the Pliocene epoch, which took place 2.6 to 5.3 million years ago.

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And the sad part is scientific studies by climate scientists will continue to be ignored until it is probably too late!



From the article it is just CO2 with no mention of methane or CH4. There are other green-house gases as well. The complete picture is very ugly.




One of the memes the Global warming deniers cling to is that when they see that the Earth had these levels of CO2 3 million years ago it somehow “proves” that this a natural event. They fail to understand that there multiple causes for rising CO2 levels and that none of these root causes that might have caused rising levels in the past exist at this point in time.

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I fear it’s already too late. We’ve baked in to the Climate System a path that will lead us to a planet with no livable habitat by mid-century. We should’ve taken action back in the 1950’s when Big Oil knew about the effects of burning fossil fuels.



And they fail to grasp the SPEED at which CO2 levels are rising in comparison to the geologic period. We’re cooked…



You and me both!



WE don’t need any warmer temperatures for the situation to worsen. That domino line has already fallen into the exponential non-linear feedback waves. Think forest fires: lotsa smoke=crisis rains, run off, overgrowth, dry season kindling=more fires, wash, rinse repeat.

The insensate incapacity of “civilization” as Corporate owned Nation State to recognize the darkness its sees is actually its own anal cavity, is illustrative of its abusive history in a nut shell.

Break up the industrial farming conglomerates into regional organic diversified agriculture and cut dependency on import/export rationales by 50% in 5 years. Give the ‘CAFOs’ owners however much paper $$$ they want to go cool their heels in early retirement. Heck, let them be part of the reoriented process if they want - - just require that they prove conceptual understanding of the shift and share decision making



How many times do we have to read this? Past time these Smart Guys came up with a solution. Something is seriously wrong with all of it.

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Anyone see Tucker Carlson’s comments on “feminist scientists” …
A FOX News host actually asked how “feminists do science”—and the Twitter burns are priceless

"How did we wind up with a country in which feminists do science?"

AOC is also after him –

Also …

I’m not recommending anything, but is anyone here capable of commenting
on this theory from HIVEMIND …?

My opinion is that if Nature wanted this stuff to be absorbed by the soil it would
already be doing that –

Twelve years ago, two mycologists wondered if atmospheric CO2 could be sequestered in soil using ectomycorrhizal mycelium. The academic literature said it was possible, but there was no work in the field showing real-world results. They knew that mycelium formed a friendship with the plant’s root system extending their reach a hundredfold giving the plants nutrients in exchange for carbon. Their theory was that not only would the mycelium help sequester carbon in soil, but would allow plants to exchange nutrients even across species. They developed a blend of mycelium and applied to a dozen sites in Chicago including green roofs, urban farms, and vacant lots. The soil samples that were taken for carbon content before inoculation and one year after were tested at the prestigious Chicago Botanic Garden’s soil laboratory. The results were astounding. They were able to sequester up to one hundred tons of CO2 and N2O in sites as small as five hundred square feet. Additionally, mycelium helped the plants thrive through drought, heat waves, and smog. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a well-developed carbon market in the US at that time and the two mycologists moved on with their careers and families. The project died on the vine. Fast forward ten years and the Paris Agreement gave new life to the movement to stop catastrophic climate change. Two of the world’s top ten CO2 emitters, Cummins Diesel and Shell Oil, are clients and HiveMind is rolling out a retail brand called NetZero that will allow every American to sequester their carbon footprint in their lawn, garden, or urban lot. We have partnered with WeFunder to do a seed raise and are offering an early adopter discount of 20%. You have an opportunity to invest in HiveMind and join the fight against climate change at: http:// https://wefunder.com/hivemind



Yes, the record has shown that in the past when Climate changes at such speed, this generally coupled with a mass extinction event. There is no time for nature to adapt.



Thank you for your post, everyone need to read and understand Arctic-News Blogspot daily.



I studied 5G about a year ago and got very sick from the science being hidden from the public. Dr. Barry Trowers work and others showed me just how stupid we all are. I live out in the desert and the nearest tower is about 5 miles away. Unlike in the cities where it’s at your door. One way or another we will be fried.

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AOC is rightly talking about report UN Report (IPPC) which says we have
12 years to act on Global Warming –

but Secretary General of United Nations in 2018 also said …

"Runaway Global Warming … likely to begin within 2 years"

and that would be the beginning of the end.

(The reason for this is based in the fact that there was a 50 year gap in Global Warming
before we began to feel it’s effects – therefore we are only now beginning to feel the
effects of all the harm done to the planet/Nature AFTER 1969 … and just think about all
that happened after that time – with gas driven autos/reduced MPG, WARS, POPULATION,
continuing right wing oppression of humans, factory farming and failure to alert the public
to the need to stop animal slaughter and animal-eating. Attacks on birth control and abortion
and still Elite influence to stop birth control and abortion which so highly profits them in
cheap labor which means higher profits for them. This issues hides being “morality” which
the GOP nor Trump have any of – but also behind Evangelicals who front for Elites/GOP.)

Every woman must have the right to reproductive freedom - CHOICE.

UN chief warns of ‘runaway’ global warming if no action is …


Warning of the risks of “runaway” global warming, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday called on global leaders to rein in climate change faster. Advertising “If we do not change course by 2020, we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change,” Guterres said at U.N. headquarters in New York.

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Our Planet, on Netflix, is a very moving video commentary on this issue:




(black warning box) “Quitting smoking now increases your chances of a normal life span.” Within a year or two of quitting smoking, your chances of getting lung cancer plummet and now your blood pressure doesn’t spike.

(black warning box) “Climate engineering R&D increases your grandchildren’s chances of a normal life span.” It’s that serious! Yes or no, and choose rather quickly if you want yes! We know at a minimum that the Arctic is melting down now and that world food production will be, at a minimum, vastly disrupted. Moreover, I’m telling you that some of the engineering is going to be cheap and effective. I’ve been doing it, often with our retirement savings! If you want to see a new type of building that right now solar-heats itself at low cost, look at klinkmansolar.com Some of the engineering is going to be modestly expensive and quite effective; for 5.7 billion dollars or whatever the Donald wants to spend on a wall, the entire world can make vast progress.



Every time a new story about this comes out – They tell us “it’s really a lot worse than we told you last time”.

Incrementalism people. - lol

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Cool site . Tx for the link



“It tells you where we’re heading if we don’t get serious about addressing climate change.”

This is such a misleading Header. People who scan the head lines will take it as Humans still have time to change the Future of our civilization. We don’t. All the ice in the World will melt, all 200 plus feet of it, extremely rapidly. With heat increasing, the water will expand to even greater heights. We don’t have centuries to change our sources of energy. We don’t even have decades. Nebraska’s current flooding alone should tell you. How much of our food supply was affected this year? How drastically has North America’s bread basket been damaged? Farmers all over the World are devastated. From what I can tell, only China has planned ahead and prebuilt infrastructure and cities, above flood lines, and away from earthquake faults. The rest of the World is under the sway of propaganda, brainwashed by media . This site is supposed to be better than that. So, Don’t let your Sub Header contradict your message.

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Eventually we will have to address the fuel being used to travel for leisure or cargo transport. The long range travel has to be converted to electric or hydrogen. As we shut down one interstate at a time we can use that right of way as a mass transit corridor, such as bullet train,etc. Bullet cargo train perhaps.
Local transport needs to be mass transit as well. Where it can’t be, vehicles using gas engines must be of the Briggs and Stratton horse power size.
Whatever we do, we must not listen to any of Trump’s speeches on windmills. What a complete idiot.