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Carbon Levels Are Higher Than They've Been in Past 3 Million Years, Scientists Reveal


The way I see it… and I may be wrong…is that commercial air travel will be gradually phased out in the 2020’s. I work for a major U.S. airline and I honestly believe that I will never “retire” from my now 24 year career. Instead, I will help “turn off the lights” when civilian air travel is phased out and I will thereby be laid off or retired. In the very near future, air travel will only be for military or governmental purposes…perhaps too for the Uber wealthy. Buy your tickets now folks if you have a place in this dying jewel you want to see. Our days are numbered. I grieve everyday for what we’re doing. I was a pilot once but gave that up because I couldn’t start an aircraft anymore…knowing what my actions were precipitating.


Uuummmokay…it just sounds…a little strange…that we should release …this stuff…and …not worry ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS?? ARE THERE ANY??


6.5 feet of sea level rise in 200 years?

That’s the rosiest prediction I’ve seen in some time. The poles are warming much faster than the rest of the planet – in 200 years, just Antarctic melt will account for 8 feet of sea level rise.

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China has done some work and big kudos for public transport, promotion of manual labor both to create jobs and to reduce dirty energy. They also have major structures on coastlines still to deal with. And they also caught the fracking virus.
There is also strong public opinion that using technology is somehow superior to older manual methods.


Do you have a reference for the lights out concept? Not contesting your info, just might want to pass it along.



Maybe the first of many? Maybe not.


No reference, just my own theory. “Lights out” refers to literally… I will turn off the lights in the office after air travel ceases. Not referring to death. :slight_smile:


You may see flight slowing on your side of the world because other countries which can do it cheaper are stepping up. I taught at the biggest commercial flight university in China the last four years. Slowing down? No way! Anything but.

As for the military side of flying, I think it will die when the fire on the last war goes out.

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initiate –

Wait … I’m asking the question and all we know now is that you and I don’t know
the answer. (smile)

Basically I don’t think anyone knows but if nature isn’t doing it, I’d refrain.