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'Cardi B Is Right': Sanders and Rapper Call Attention to Social Security and Urge Strengthening of System


'Cardi B Is Right': Sanders and Rapper Call Attention to Social Security and Urge Strengthening of System

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) embraced a newfound ally this week when he tweeted his agreement with a statement made by rap artist Cardi B about strengthening Social Security.

In a recent GQ interview, Cardi B shared her interest in politics and her admiration for President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his establishment of a social safety net through the New Deal and laws like the Social Security Act of 1935.


The Clintons, Obama and other corporate Dims have compared themselves to and quoted Ronny Raygun more than they compare themselves to or quote FDR or other Dims.


There is no mystery to “solving” the Social Security problem. LIFT THE DAMN CAP ON THE PAYROLL TAX! That will fix the problem for the retirements of anyone living now. Then we can talk about turning the SS system into a full defined benefit pension plan for all, like the very successful and higher-income paying Railroad Retirement system, which the companies hate, but the workers like very much. It is time for the average workers to take control of the government and start running things for the benefit of the vast majority, instead of the selfish Ayn Randian a-hole governing elites. Can you imagine just how much better the country would be if we made three simple changes: A $15/hr. minimum wage for all; public college tuition as a right; and national single-payer health care. Poverty rates would absolutely plummet. We have to overcome the right-wing brainwashing of most of the working-class. We just have to.


Agree with this article, but one problem. When was America ever great ?


Of course Bernie S and Cardi B are “Right.” But tweeting about something and organizing to build power to get something are a long way apart. And as genedebs says above, the starting place is removing the tax cap for the rich. I’d also suggest, taxing all income as earned income, graduating the tax to make it progressive, raise the minimum benefits, stop taxing benefits…and don’t allow the rich to get benefits.

In any case, the basic system is sound and can become flush with cash rather easily. None of that matters if a critical mass of the people in the U.S. won’t organize to protect and advance OUR INTERESTS.

Does that last line fit in a tweet?


Social Security is a self funded system and is NOT responsible for any portion of the Deficit!
That they still put that money into the general fund to be spent as it comes in is one major crime of the Reagan era. He did it on purpose, raising social security withholdings on poor and middle class folks saying we were “banking it” to make up for his tax cuts to the wealthy. Now every repugnant republican since has given a tax cut to the uber wealthy with the false promise that they will grow the economy. They must be called to pay up for all the needs of Social Security now, since they supposedly invested the money they were given. Pay up!

Why aren’t capital gains taxed as regular income? Why isn’t there a progressive tax bracket taking 51% of everything over a million dollars a year?