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Care for 'Conversation and Dinner' with Don Jr.? First Family Access Possible With Purchase of Trump-Branded Apartment in India

Care for 'Conversation and Dinner' with Don Jr.? First Family Access Possible With Purchase of Trump-Branded Apartment in India

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump presidency continues to spark ethics concerns, with the latest worry concerning a trip this week by President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., to India.

The trip, which begins Tuesday, is "intended to help sell more than $1 billion in luxury residential units being built by the Trumps and their local partners," the New York Times reported.

The author has a shockable conscience. Don, Jr. and his family aren’t so equipped, as are almost ALL of the Congress members who sit back and watch this happen.

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I’d rather get a root canal.


Go away you annoying silver-spooned twit.


Does the word “corruption” and the concept behind it, even exist in US-English anymore?


It seems there are plenty of ultra-wealthy Indians devoid of ethics or conscience who are perfectly willing to play this little game. Sociopaths come in all nationalities.


For a five-percent premium on your purchase, you get excused from having to talk to the eldest spawn of Don.

Remember, the Trump Family Grifters firmly believe that nepotism is good and conflicts of interest are irrelevant.

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I would have dinner with him in the chance that I could dose his drink with a few hits of L.S.D. just to wipe that condescending smirk off his smarmy face, then the real fun would begin, big game hunter indeed, I

Sadly, especially Indians. The Indians that fill the ranks of “professionals” in my city (especially rich MD’s for our capitalist hospital monopoly “UPMC”) are 99% right wing assholes.

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Not among Putinist progressives, or so I am learning. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense either.

This is a violation of the emoluments clause clearly, an impeachable offense.

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I know of wealthy Chinese who have much harsher things to say of Indians. There exist ancient prejudices and hatreds predating white America by a long shot. By comparison we are Johnny-come-latelies.

Do the apartments come with indoor plumbing , or is that an extra million or so?

Not shocking at all.
Would anyone be shocked about private meanings to garner favor and $$$$ with the mafia? Trump is merely carrying on the tradition as required by oligarchs and corporate henchmen.
What is shocking is the impossibility of democracy in the USA.

He is to give a foreign policy speech, what? How absolutely bizarre!

Did he learn the technique from the Clintons and their donate for access foundation? Actually the Hillary and Bill were a little more subtle; they left expectations unsaid. Which is a more professional approach to influence peddling.

Why in heaven would anyone want “conversation and dinner” with this “Piece of Shit” spawn of our “Piece of Shit” so-called President.

They continue to rub their wealth and position in everyone’s face, clearly showing that they believe that they are above the law.

Man, do I wish it was as around 1793, and this family was part of the French nobility, and I was the executioner in charge of the guillotine that they were being led to.


Here’s the extent of Jrs. speech:

“Ok, who brought their checkbooks?”

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Oh so sad, oh so true I fear.