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'Care for This World': Echoing Pope's Climate Message, 13 Arrested at Gas Facility


'Care for This World': Echoing Pope's Climate Message, 13 Arrested at Gas Facility

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"Love the Common Good" and "Care for This World"—these are the words of Pope Francis that were held aloft by protesters as they were arrested early Tuesday for blockading the entrances to a gas storage facility in upstate New York.

Forcing large trucks to idle beside the Crestwood Midstream gas storage facility gates, the demonstrators read aloud passages from the recent Papal Encyclical on climate change before they were taken into custody by Schuyler County deputies and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.


If you yourself weren’t there and got arrested or if you’ve never been arrested at a protest of any kind then from where do you speak about the commitment of others. From back in the days of the Berrigan Brothers and many others who risked arrest, all were welcome at the demonstrations but not everyone chose to be arrested. That was always understood by the activists that the costs for some were different than for others. A woman with small children and no one to watch them while she would be incarcerated. A man who would risk losing his job or someone facing some other penalty not faced by the others. Some who took care of an infirm or elderly person etc. Everyone’s personal life was different and only their care and concern was the same.

If you could then you did if that was what you felt moved to do. That was always understood but it was never required that you join with others in being arrested. That was their choice. It was only necessary that you supported them by being part of the protest.

So when were you ever arrested at a protest diveshopingoa?


You are full of it. I am someone who also went to a lot of protests and worked to organize them not from some weirdo lack of concern for innocent people but from true concern and with an eye to avoiding the police excesses which happened regularly to break up peaceful protests. Was i a professional organizer yes if you call making minimum wage a profession. Was I a volunteer…lol … anybody out there feel like stuffing envelopes for a few hours after work? lol. We were people of faith, humanists of morality and atheists of concern. We absolutely NEVER tried to get someone else arrested. Contrast you with the Berrigan Brothers who would wait in prayerful non violence for the police to arrive so that they would be arrested and bring the issue of disarmament of nuclear weapons to the public’s eye. No one did what you claimed to do. I don’t know where you did this but it was not at any of the major demonstrations in Washington or other major cities. You claim you were an organizer which is bullshit! Plain and simple. It took a lot of work week after week for months to organize a major protest. Maybe you did some local stuff but I pity those people if any trusted you. Just from what you’ve said, I can tell that you were never really an organizer. You’ve laid out a typical hollywoodized scenario which is more fantasy (albeit an distasteful one) than anything real. If it really happened even once then you were truly cowardly.

It sounds like this 20 cops thing happened once on some campus and became an ever bigger and bigger thing in your mind ever since. Spare us your lack of morals too. The point of protest - of non violent protest - is civil disobedience. Yes the point is to get arrested in many cases. An act of courage - a choice made by brave decent people. What are you babbling about 'comes with the evil eye?" You aren’t talking about being arrested for protests. Underground groups ? Real things? Baloney! Just more of your baloney. I have nothing in common with you … sorry.

You are all screwed up and mixed up… there is no point in conversing with you.


Fortunately, more and more people like these see “my back yard” not as pertaining to the 40’ x 50’ on the other side of their screen door, but to the commons which sustain all life. If your wisdom and spiritual insight allowed you to see the whole world as your backyard, you wouldn’t make such a snarky comment, and you would be a better person.


You tried to control chaos by getting police to attack protesters? That’s what you said. Wow. I hope you never organize the protests I go to. We would call you a provocateur.