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Caribbean Islands Brace for Impact of 'Monstrous' Hurricane Irma


Caribbean Islands Brace for Impact of 'Monstrous' Hurricane Irma

Julia Conley, staff writer

While many corporate media outlets have been focused on the potential impact of Hurricane Irma on Florida and other southern states in the continental U.S., the Caribbean Islands are also preparing for what meteorologists are calling the strongest hurricane to form in the Atlantic in the past decade, as Irma has been upgraded to Category 5.


Irma is up to 180 mph winds per the National Hurricane Center. 180 mph is an all-time record for this part of the Atlantic. Funny how those records keep falling.

Puerto Rico is a bankrupt colony of the United States. Just a guess, the mainstream media would be more interested in this part of the United States if it was more inhabited by white voters. Instead, Florida will get all the press.


Mother Earth has been weathering upheavals for billions of years,literally. She will recover. We probably won’t.


Time to install small solar and wind in the Caribbean, so it’s not so dependent on fossil fuel energy, like imported diesel. The windmills of Houston survived Harvey, apparently.


I am waiting for the denialistt trolls to explain why physics wont work and that there is no proof that what is happening is actually happening!

We won’t want to believe it even as it becomes excruciatingly obvious to everyone. What do you do if you live in Houston and each year you worry about not being able to swim? What do you if you’ve retired to Miami and nobody wants to buy your condo and everyone wants to sell you theirs? We won’t want to believe that Miami will become a ghost town someday. We won’t want to believe that there is no more money left in the coffers to rebuild again each year!

As it keeps getting bad, we just won’t want to believe that it will keep getting worse!

We won’t want to believe it!


If Irma continues on to southern Florida, we should encourage Trump to go immediately and ride out the storm in Mar-A-Lago:


Until we are forced to, probably too late. That’s the downside of living in “Fantasyland”, where opinions and magical thinking trump (sorry) science.


That’s a very Judeo-Christian way of putting it.
Faith is believing in something that cannot be proven. But, our planet is ruled by the laws of physics, etc. So, as 80-90% of Americans observe what is happening, saying; " I just can’t believe " what is going on, it will go on and on. And, get worse. It’s not because we’re stupid, it’s because our gods need money and " prosperity " to function under our current way of organizing and thinking.
Soon enough, Pat Robertson and Billy Graham, Jr. will begin calling for the sacrificing of non-white virgins, after all " the others " have been purged and sacrificed. That’s how it works with our kind of American faith. We’ll kill anyone who messes with our god-given right to be chosen, to be exceptional.


People generally rely on the corporate media for their understanding of the world. Progressives and news junkies will search out facts and information even if the conservative/consolidated media never mention any of it. But most people are not what we once used to call ‘political’ by nature. They read headlines and watch tv news and listen to am radio. To put it mildly…they just don’t know the facts and people like Trump exploit that fact. For them storms like Harvey and likely Irma are shockers. They begin to wonder if they are being told all the truth about climate change but they doubt their own perceptions because they aren’t scientists nor are they conversant with the facts of climate change generally.

They will have a very hard time ‘believing’ that climate change could get so bad so quickly mainly because for years the denialists have ruled the airwaves and so the public has been left unprepared.


Mother Nature is coming and, BOY, is She pissed!


The one country I don’t worry about is Cuba. That government takes protecting its citizens seriously.

Everyone else? Not so much.

Right now I’m just hoping this thing doesn’t hit my town.


185 mph winds now. Still a record.

From what I can see. Irma is just barely tracking a bit farther north. This is fairly optimistic news for Puerto Rico and Cuba, not so good for southern Florida. The Florida Keys need to be evacuated by maybe Friday at dusk. There’s a chance that other parts of Florida will need to be evacuated, so you might want to start preparations now or be prepared to honk your horn a lot.

The problem with a 185 mph hurricane in this particular spot, where no 185 mph hurricane has ever existed before, is that hurricanes are famous for cranking up when they come over the Bahamas and into Florida. Every day this storm gets a wider, more entrenched wind circulation, where tropical storm force winds grow outward from the center at about 15 miles per day. So, when this thing hits it could be like a Katrina, which was once a category 5, plunging down to a 2 when it hit, but with a vast wind field all around it that does all the damage. Or Irma could get cranked up even more, if that’s possible.

I’ll be amazed if the Federal Flood Insurance Program isn’t bankrupt in 2 weeks or so. Like Wyle E. Coyote, maybe it’s able to stand around indefinitely in thin air after running off the edge of the cliff. Oh, if that’s you, run on the bank or else!


Thank you – I needed a good laugh! And yes, we really should suggest that he ‘hunker down’ at Mar-a-Lago with lots and lots of his wunnerful chocolate cake!


If one says it enough it becomes true! Earth’s just getting ‘warmed’ up for the big fireworks display around 2050. Then wait for the grand finale, by then I’ll be dead and have no children to account for. Whew!


One last comment, global warming is like a big angry bear and we’re poking it with many sharp sticks. Guess who wins?


Re-reading Wikipedia’s (Hurricane Matthew) September-October 2016 which reached a category 5, Irma and Matthew have many similarities. Furthermore, Matthew caused a reported death rate of 603 with 546 deaths reported in Haiti alone. As to Cuba, Cuba has been through hurricanes since time begin, and has great medical teams that mobilize quickly with needed supplies stock piled, and such; however, Haiti for example, for one never recovered from the earthquake of 2010, then storm, after storm, after storm, after storm, then Matthew. Although, I am not religious, I will light a candle of hope.




The Cubans are not burdened with a for-profit health care system, or for-profit insurance companies, or a huge, for-profit pharmaceutical industry. The lack of all this “overhead” makes it possible for them to do a much better job for much less money.


More named storms and hurricanes than usual were predicted for this hurricane season and it looks like the meteorologists got it right this year.and it is only early September. A lot more could happen over the next couple of months. These islands are certainly in a bad location given the typical path of Atlantic hurricanes. The US media of course focuses on the US which sometimes makes it seem like hurricanes are not doing much damage when some of these islands are suffering terrible damage.


The Cuban approach to hurricanes is textbook. If we had any intelligence, we’d mimic how they prepare.

I live in Gulfport, MS, and our knees are already beginning to twitch. We’re not in the forecast zone (yet), but that monster looks like a shoe-in to squeeze through the Florida Straits into the Gulf, and at that point, with our offshore water being some of the warmest in the Gulf, we’re beginning to think Katrina 2: Aquatic Boogaloo.

So light them candles up! I’m planning a hasty retreat if that thing turns our way.