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Caring About the Climate Crisis Means Supporting the Demand to Defund the Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/04/caring-about-climate-crisis-means-supporting-demand-defund-police

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Out of the silos and into the streets

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Defunding usually means taking away ALL of the funding. That’s staring in the right direction, but going too far in that direction.

Maybe they could have some bake sales…


Notice the hordes of unidentified militarized police in charge of the streets of Washington DC ?
None of their uniforms identify them with any nation, organization, etc. and of course their names are nowhere to be found.

These unidentified are a combination of 1) volunteer vigilantes like we have seen at MAGA and other GOP events, 2) volunteer talibundies focused on occupying federal property after their success at Malheur, and 3) mercenaries employed by Blackwater, Education Secretary Betsy Devious’ brother Erik Prince’s military contracting outfit that has had a standing contract with the US gubmit for more than two decades.

So, yes, defund post haste and lets discuss policing needs as we reestablish budgets and funding.

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Stop funding the military and FUND Public Defenders!
Most people of color AND poor whites are pressured into plea deals
OR wrongly convicted because of overworked and underfunded public defender offices who have a mere pittance against the great financial and other resources granted to prosecutors.
Public Defenders do not have the time to build a good defense for clients, nor cannot hire expert witnesses to counter the arguments of expert witnesses for DAs.
Thus mass incarceration !
some states do not even have public defender offices at all…
how many can afford $100,000 or more for a defense lawyer?
This is NOT justice. This is NOT security.
Stop the insane, monstrous military budget of $800 billion … a year!
No justice, no peace

that is a good point…Blackwater is probably enmeshed in this…or whatever Eric Prince calls his “killers for hire” now. …

Or pull on those dam boot straps.

Good idea . they could make some brownies using ingredients from the
evidence room . :herb::mushroom:

Rethinking, reprioritizing, downsizing funding, community control, civilian review boards with subpoena powers. Those are some of what makes sense to me. Defunding sounds like a short slogan to further disaster by unleashing private vigilante and militia types with no plan or ability to keep them under control. I don’t see a quick fix to the centuries of racism and injustice. I’d like to think these protests will lead to constructive actions and not another squandered opportunity for positive change … Let’s see what comes of this.

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