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Carnage Concealed: Experts Denounce Pentagon for Lowballing Number of Civilians US Killed in 2017


Carnage Concealed: Experts Denounce Pentagon for Lowballing Number of Civilians US Killed in 2017

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Human rights advocates are calling the Pentagon's newly released figures on civilian casualties during President Donald Trump's first year in office a massive under-count that belies the true scale of carnage and reveals an absence of meaningful investigations into reported deaths.


A single civilian death in the name of illegal American wars of aggression, neo-colonialism, and racism is one too many!


With lying traitors in power anything they say is always a lie.
Hasn’t been any truth uttered from the whitehouse in over 50 years.
Biggest collection of failures the world has ever seen.


Trump is simply an idiot but Obama, despite his ability to schmooze talk, killed aplenty. Would Clinton have been worse?
I’m tired of shitty, phony, self serving leaders who love killing.


I have written to my senators and congressional rep to request they stop drone killing in my name. I consider someone who wont fight you face to face to be a coward, and not at all convinced of the righteousness of their cause, and when that attack is Offensive, and NOT in direct defense of an imminent outside attack on us, it does not reflect the values we profess to be fighting for. Can everyone commenting here say they’ve at least done that much?! If not, WILL YOU? PLEASE?!!


There is a common US military operations expression in Yankee argot to describe the absurd number produced by the Pentagon regarding civilian casualties from all US military actions this year. It/they pulled the number out of its/their collective asses.


Our corporate financed political system breeds the election of social and moral misfits (idiots) to run our country, The corporations that make money on making war, finance and choose these hawkish “politicians” to further their bottom line and line their pockets.

Originally when corporations began being chartered if they dabbled in government or politics they lost their charter. We must go back to that rule. We are suffering the effects of this rule being relaxed.

In addition, campaign expenditures should be severely limited and the TV conglomerates should be made to give prime time non commercial face time fairly and evenly to credible candidates, as judged by a mixed jury from a cross section of registered voters. The campaigning duration should be limited to one month before all elections. This would at least give us one month of non commercial comedy. We may even get a government that is more truthful.