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Carnage in Manchester: At Least 19 Dead After Bombing at Concert Arena


Carnage in Manchester: At Least 19 Dead After Bombing at Concert Arena

Common Dreams staff

Though details continue to emerge, police officials in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom have confirmed that at least nineteen people were killed and many others injured after an apparent bomb exploded at an arena where American pop singer Ariana Grande was playing a concert Monday night.


This is the stuff that will allow your Government to take what is left of your freedoms away- Bad Mojo coming down in Manchester- Blowback???


Well, that it for Corbyn's Labour on June 8....

And please, no "inside job" crap. The Islamist extremists know exactly how to poke and provoke stupid racist white western governments so they will fall right into the trap set for them. To see this, then imagine where we would be today if, after Sept 11, 2001, the US government had done....nothing.** Would there be an ISIL and regional chaos in the ME today?

**aside from installing secure cockpit doors and very quietly and covertly pursued the specific perpetrators


Horrible, but small potatoes compared to what US-enabled Saudi Arabia is doing to the people of Yemen.

The US and Saudi Arabia are the terrorists.


The CIA could learn something from the Mossad about that. Then again, when you have a $600 billion defense budget and 12 carrier groups you gotta use them somehow...


In before first false flag claim.


Naturally, what Western leaders will do is to call for more state violence, which is how we got ISIS in the first damn place, which will also help ISIS grow. It's a horrible tragedy, and it's a horrible tragedy when the US and Britain and other countries kill massive amounts of innocent people with our state violence (which the media never mentions). We kill entire families at weddings, say oops, and the media will (at most) mention it in passing. The right wing (which is what ISIS is) in the Islamic world and the West is bringing us all down. I would also like to mention Robert Dreyfuss's book "Devil's Game", which documents how the US and other western governments, along with Israel, supported radical jihadists in decades past as a counterweight against the left and nationalists in the region. Just think what is going to happen when global warming really starts to impact us and the ME is largely uninhabitable. If we don't fight for progressive policies all around, dark, dark times are ahead.


I beat you - I used the term "inside job" - same thing.... Someone will call it that soon..then again, it didn't happen in the US, so maybe not...


Excellent post that will be widely ignored in the hysteria over "terrorism."


Holy cow. A bomb goes off in an arena full of kids and NO ONE in the comment section can say a word about the victims? Or even that it is a bad thing to blow up people enjoying a concert?

Everything is not political, or a false flag, or deserved blow back. ect ect.

I just read the article and wanted to say my prayers are with the victims and the families of the dead. I hope they catch who is responsible. That's all.


Thank you, Bligh,

When our first thought after mass murder is to angrily buttress our political position, we have taken a step ourselves towards the callousness that can lead to killing.

Killers and their allies must be caught & punished. But mostly, we create a peaceful and democratic world by building solidarity and community. That's the only way to prevent more people from turning to fear and terror.


And so the circle continues. Violence begets violence begets even more violence. Round and round we go and we, as a society, don't seem to know how to stop.


Horrible tragedy!


Don't know what you mean by 'inside job crap'....I barely just finished reading a headline about 'Corbyn Surges' when: Voila....right on cue! The French used big rigs on sidewalks to get their Macrons back on track...tar me with the conspiracy theory brush if you want...but as far as I'm concerned this is a case of the Brit Deep State getting things back in the 'right' track...so to speak.


The Russians did it?
Let's look at facts.
- Car slams into Times Square pedestrians
- Putin killed JFK!!!
- Russia caused the Fukushima meltdown.
- Russia killed the dinosaurs.


I read Miss Grande's Wikipedia pages under Personal and Political Activism, etc. It was quite interesting. And, it invoked my sympathy for all the people, their families, etc who will be affected by this horrible deed.
If British Security was on very high serious alert, expecting something, especially since today President Trump is in Israel and was very recently in Saudi Arabia, this concert would of been a great place to focus their men and resources on. This was not simply a " teenie bopper " affair. Miss Grande is a brave and committed young woman. Certainly a truth seeker with some street cred.
Miss Grande, my sympathy goes out to you tonight.
Keep your chin up and don't let the bastards get to you, and yours. Vaya con Dios, all.


That's exactly it, in a nutshell.


Such a terrible thing. My heart goes out to the injured and the families.

I must admit to being relieve it wasn't an EPL match. What's happening to us? The constant media manipulation is turning our society into a place where people must stay home and cower, but still purchasing, in fear, isolated from one another.

I noticed that the article said 'bomb-like' and 'apparent bomb.' Thirty years ago, it would have said apparent gas leak. Even if it turns out to have been a faulty gas connection, most people will remember that it was a bomb. CD's headline says that as well.


I think what Bush did was even more stupid than what your comment indicates. I think we could have actually pulled off regime change in Afghanistan and made things better for those people. Of course it would have been better to never get involved in the 70s creating those monsters that ruled them I realize. Instead we took on Iraq for no reason whatsoever and failed everywhere. I didn't always feel this way - I was and still am against the Afghan invasion, but after hearing enough commentary on what the first few months after we went into Afghanistan were like, I'm thinking it was a salvagable situation even after the invasion.


Hello dara, "Afghanistan is where empires go to die"! Have you ever heard that quotation? Has any empire been truly successful in conquering the country? Start with Alexander the Great and proceed forward in time to the USSR and 'Merica! Don't skip the British as they went there three times. Kudos for stupidity Britain!!!