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Carnage in Somalia Was 'Revenge' for Children Killed in US Raid: Report


Carnage in Somalia Was 'Revenge' for Children Killed in US Raid: Report

Jon Queally, staff writer

Suggesting blowback, investigators say bomber may have had very personal reason for attack: the killing of civilians by U.S. forces earlier this year


I am personally thrilled that the bomber identified the source of his angst. This is news that should be flashed on billboards across the nation so Maybe the general populace would Wake Up to the fact that the US is a murderous, destructive nation, and thus invites ‘blowback’. There is a way to make it stop…


When the American people finally wake up to the fact that the world’s terror is really coming from within the state of Virginia, and D.C., all hell will break, what? And, that F-UP movie, Captain Phillips is just that, a F-UP movie!


The so-called “War On Terror” is thin cover for the US govt terrorizing the rest of the world.


Precisely. All of our meddling in other “sovereign” nations pisses their citizens off. It’s funny, if you asked the average 'Murican what they would do if, say, China or some other country had armed troops in our country terrorizing other 'Muricans, and planes flying in our airspace dropping bombs on our cities trying to root out 'Murican “terrorists,” 99.9% of them would say “bastard invaders! I would grab my 2nd Amendment and shoot every one of those illegal, evil bastards!! I would be a total patriot!!”

But when THEY do the same thing to US for the SAME THING - those are “insurgent terrorists attacking US Troops,” not patriots defending their country from a foreign illegal invader.


I am totally convinced at this point that our “Global War on Terror” has actually increased the numbers of terrorists. By that metric, it is a total failure.


And what of these four dead soldiers in Niger???We only heard of them because of Trumps incompetence . Thank You for this article----


Yet, back her at home when someone lands a fist on the face of a fascist friend of killer cops, causing a little bruise, you all cry “violence”!

What a strange way of avenging a US attack on civilians - blowing to bits 350 of one’s own fellow civilians. Sorry, you will get no “understanding” from me on this vile act.


The bomber had a very personal reason for this vile and horrible act? I can understand the anger but:



“New details emerged Tuesday about the possible motivations behind a bomb attack that killed more than 300 people in Somalian capital of Mogadishu over the weekend—the deadliest such violence in the nation’s history—with the information suggesting the bombing may been in direct retaliation for a raid by U.S. soldiers this summer that left 10 civilians, including children, dead.”

Huh? Someone killed 300 Somali civilians in retaliation for Somali & US forces killing 10 civilians in previous botched raid?

What’s wrong with this picture?


Ones own people?
Those of us in US who do nothing; about the cops shooting poor blacks and whites and abusing them.and they are not punished;:
Those of us in US : who are elected by the majority because so many do not and cannot vote, and they pass bills to pay industry and a mercenary army to go about the world killing, abusing and displacing millions:
Those of us in US that raise he’ll because authority wrongfully kill our kin, that take $ by the pile and then become quiet, and call it justice:
African Capitals are they truly African decided upon who rules? When we in US say innocent while all those people are working and making wage off that capitals being under invaders and their own people do nothing or help power to destroy less powerfull are they truly innocent?
If the system is corrupt and you profit from that system, and you continuously vote in those you know are going to get rich by killing Africans, is there no shame or even a tinge of guilt.
OR do we say they are not " our people"; and then Holler," Get the f out. Of my way, your cart is. Blocking my way" during "Black Friday at Wal-Mart?
The real nice people that make the bombs, missels and millions of rounds for our military, they are your people. And they have no FN clue about who the f they are killing or why.


Not sure i follow the logic of this… Apparently US forces kill 10 Somali civilians, so another Somali decides to kill 300 more Somali civilians in retaliation. Is that about right or am i missing something?


Blowback - the most common reason stated by the radical left for terrorism, but this makes no sense. The bomber was pissed at the US for killing Muslims so he went out and bombed Muslims? In Europe, 5000+ Muslims joined ISIS to kill mostly Muslims. They could have stayed at home and attacked the west, but they chose to join ISIS to kill Muslims. No one uses terrorist tactics to attack civilian targets like Sunni Muslims yet their most common target (by far) are Muslims. Blowback is primarily used as propaganda. Islamic terrorist organizations (like al-Shabaab) seek power for authoritarian rule.


We may be diametrically opposed in our ideologies, but I think in this particular case, our viewpoints are the same on the complete idiocy of this article. How could anyone ask that we try to understand this utterly senseless act - not even directed at a US military or diplomatic target - as “revenge”?? Have my fellow leftists lost their mind?


I refuse, fucking refuse, to ever again use the Zionist propagandist term of “terrorist” but when I am referring to the USA/MIC. For all others, I will just say “soldiers” or “fighters”.

Let’s just avoid using that racist word–as that is precisely what it has become–please!


We do not know full story and most probably never will
Case in point: Iraq and it’s sectarian warfare after US destroyed Saddam’s government.
Multiple times British and Americans were caught while dressed as Arabica attacking Sunni and Shias, one case the Iraqi police caught them red handed and arrested the bunch; Only to have their jail attacked by our military and prisoners released.
The US gave free reign to contractors to fire upon the opposition to US Shias flying their militia flag, murder pure and simple; But it fanned the flames of hatred between Iraqi,s and kept them from forming any solidarity to US occupation.
We are only getting the official storyline, and for that matter we know not if 300 died, we to this day cannot find any obituary for the dead of last mass shootings in US.
And we do know of the 100+ crisis actors and actresses paid for by ???¿¿¿¿.
Somalia has had an ongoing civil war over who controls what oil is there, with US Canada and Brit petroleum supporting a central government we put in place.
The old regime wanted nationalized oil, now we oh so well educated americans know that is a big F’n no no, don’t we.
History of that whole region and US meddling is one of huge bloodshed and a perfect example of US military LImited Conflict Resolution dating from Regan Bush Presidrncy.
You may know it better as crisis management, yup, a crisis that we instituted.
This covert warfare in That area has been ongoing since before Clinton began bombing African aspirin and baby formula factories.
That it has tribal and religious roots just makes it easier for US to exploit.
HE’LL your hero’s in uniforms kill that many civilians in each of Syria and Iraq daily.


Oops need a PS: Supposed to of read ( LIMITED INTENSITY CONFLICT RESOLUTION).
You may yet find it upon non Google Search.


Critics of the U.S. military presence in Africa, and in Somalia specifically, have long argued that the so-called “war on terror”—as it has elsewhere in the world—is actually making the problem of terrorism worse, not better.

It isn’t just the critics saying that. During the Iraq war, our own generals were saying that killing “terrorists” just created more.

This is why there is no way that the US can use force to bring recalcitrant countries to heel. People don’t like it when their friends and family are killed and when they have lost everything, they figure that killing Americans is one way of getting even. What do they have to lose?

These authoritarian types who think that bullying people is the way to go have never had any success at all, but that doesn’t stop them. About the only way to get rid of the John Boltons, Darth Cheneys, Donny Rumfelds, and the rest of that ilk is to remove them from power as soon as they show their colors and let them spend more time with their families.


The thing that you are missing is that just like there are divisions within the US (Confederates vs. Americans), so there are divisions in other countries. To lump the bombers with the people they killed is like trying to say that you don’t understand why someone whose family was killed in Las Vegas sets off a bomb at the NRA headquarters.

“called for revenge against the Somali government and its allies.”

The bomb attack was against the Somali government and its supporters. In the eyes of the opposition, it doesn’t matter that outsiders lump them in with the government supporters. They still are opposed to them. It’s like being unable to understand why that dick in Charlottesville killed that woman by running over a group with his car. After all, they were all white people and therefore on the same side, no?


Read the article more carefully.
“While the Somali government at the time apologized for what they described as a “case of mistaken identity” and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said it was “conducting an assessment” of the joint raid, local villagers called it nothing but a “massacre” of innocent farmers and young boys:”

The Somali government was involved in the earlier incident with the US.
The group that did this was a rebel group. I get the story but it is still harsh but then I have never
seen any of my family members killed. Nor my friends.