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'Carnage That Could Have Been Prevented': West Texas Mass Shooting Provokes Fresh Calls for Stricter Gun Laws

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/01/carnage-could-have-been-prevented-west-texas-mass-shooting-provokes-fresh-calls

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Kudos to the cowardly congress and the neurotic nra for enabling the domestic carnage to continue unabated and un-debated. Well done, boys.


I cannot express my deep darkness’s.

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How many of us really believe that this latest carnage will provoke our spineless Congress into doing anything? How many Rethug scum will simply echo what this Orange Turd in the White House claimed - that these shootings are mental heath issues that have nothing to do with the need for stricter gun control laws. I am increasingly disgusted with this wreck of a country we have become. It is profits and paranoia over people every time and Trumpo and his loathsome colleagues will keep exploiting the fear and intolerance that they stoke to increase their base.
Once again, we will have to listen to these political hypocrites talk about their “thoughts and prayers” for the latest victims. Those are WORTHLESS in times like this. Australia had the gumption to enact a comprehensive gun control law after the mass shooting in Tasmania in 1996. Even their conservative prime minister supported it. It looks to me as if our politicians cower and kneel before the appalling NRA, the Nauseating Regressive Ammosexuals, and the gun manufacturers. And, this is also predictable - Uh-meriKKKans will go out and buy even more guns thinking that the “libtards” will try and take them away.


A message to the Multi-Media, Save Your Headlines this Carnage will be occurring Again Very Soon.

God Bless America; America The Beautiful; Dripping In Blood at a Mall or School Near You.

Isn’t it Wonderful Living In a Country where we are allowed to Buy whatever type of Gun we want.

Hopefully the Supreme Court will not object to the Abrams Tank and Flame Thrower I am planning to Buy?

“A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

This Second Amendment, which consists of 1 Sentence and was written during the days when a single shot Musket was the weapon of the day, has been transformed by the NRA from being able to Bear Arms within a Well Regulated Militia, into anyone can own a Machine Gun or an Assault Rifle that can mow down hundreds of people in a matter of seconds.

This disgraceful Re-Interpretation of the Second Amendment has turned our Country into a daily shooting gallery where We The People have become sitting duck targets for Angry Suicidal Humans with weapons that only belong within a Well Regulated Militia.


I suspect that as a result of this latest shooting, Texas will require all their citizens to pack a gun. That’s how looney tune America has become.


In 1991 retired Supreme Court Justice Warren Berger called the lobbying attempts for the 2nd Amendment by the NRA - “one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, that has ever been perpetrated on the American public.” The other tragedy is that the NRA used to be an organization that promoted safe gun use and knowledge about guns. Over the years that has been transformed into this whore for the gun manufacturers by scum like Wayne LaPierre who once went to the Capitol Building Rotunda and yelled at passersby that gun control was a plot to take away people’s Second Amendment “rights”. I have heard right-wingers who defend this crap state that the Second Amendment is the most important of all of the amendments. Uh huh. To hell with free speech and protection against illegal search and seizure - I want my guns!!!


I would love to see some action. But it will have to be a lot more than our gutless congress is liable to do. Banning assault rifles? We’ve already seen that the manufacturers will just alter them so they are no longer defined as assault rifles. What about semi-auto “hunting” rifles? The only difference to assault rifles is capacity of the magazines. Ban those and allow only bolt action hunting rifles? Military snipers use bolt action rifles. What about semi-auto pistols? If you ban all semi-auto rifles then they will use semi-auto pistols. Ban those? Ok, keep all guns out of bad hands? That would require a massive buy back. Guns will find their way to bad hands if they are out there. Do you see our politicians doing ANY of that? I wish I could be more optimistic.

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That would get a lot of support down there, especially from Looney Toon and possible future governor, Ted Nugent. You couldn’t pay me to live in Tex-Ass.


In the past I have proposed to others and have gotten nowhere fast is…if you own a gun you are a part of the local National Guard. Your guns and bullets are kept there. Regular training on a monthly basis. If you draw a deer tag or whatever you can withdraw your gun for a time period within the season. If we are invaded you will be called to serve. Thus “a well regulated militia”.


At this point, any sensible person would come to the conclusion that Mitch and his buddies actually want your children to be shot.

And why not? They’re making a killing off all the NRA bribes.


It’s not enough to kill innocent civilians globally. We have escalated to killing each other using our totemic fetish, the firearm. I recommend reading Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s book Loaded, then perhaps watching Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine. Terrifying, worse than any horror movie ever made.


Yeah right.

It’s like we are having the same discussion over and over again. In fact just a few weeks ago after El paso I stated that if we dont do something actually meaningful, and background checks and maligning mentally ill people isnt it, then I’ll see everyone back here in a few weeks when the next shooting happens to have the same discussion and here we are. Wash, rinse, repeat. Might as well just copy and paste your answers cause it’s always the same discussion.

Look folks, when the massacre of CHILDREN at Sandy Hook could not get Congress to do anything, nothing else will.

Background checks and going after mentally ill people isn’t sensible gun reform. It is completely useless. You can have a criminal background and not become a mass murderer just as you don’t need to have to one to become one. And usually the kind of mentally ill people who’d go amass an arsenal to kill people don’t go to see a shrink, not to mention that mentally ill people are far more likely to be victims of violence than its perpetrators so this whole mentally ill people angle is bullshit and actually harmful to those suffering from mental health issues.

Plus, you could be mentally ill and simply not diagnosed so no one would know about it etc. Point being: even the crap they propose is useless. What we need to do is BAN ALL GUNS and then create a licensing system to acquire ONE handgun or rifle. Anything less than that is self aggrandizing BS.


Yes, sadly no doubt about it and as long as we keep hearing " thoughts and prayers" nothing will change!

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The carpenter desires timber , the physician disease, the warrior a weapon.
America is a warrior nation.
It began with violence , has been maintained with violence ( the MIC)
and will end in violence .


True, a warrior nation that has murdered millions all over the world and has lied that it is not a violent nation… but is a peaceful nation!


This is the most sensible solution to the gun issue that I have seen so for. It makes sense. If you must have a gun then you must accept the responsibilities of being part of the militia and your access and use fo the guns must be well regulated. What are the arguments against what Ditton proposes?


We might be willing to pay you to stay out. That’s a very broad and insulting brush you’re painting with. Yes our politics are screwed up. We have been gerrymandered to hell by Republicans. But contrary to popular belief we are not made up of 100% Republicans. Texas has over 28 million people and around 40% of voters vote Democratic. Now if you hate hot weather, I can understand not wanting to come here. But the idea that we are crawling with nothing but right wingers is overblown nonsense, and very unfair to the left wing portion of our population.

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What good does that do if trump calls for marshal law, shuts down the banks, and makes local armories off limits.
Guns are useless to everyone,citizens and military, if they are not accessible.
The mentality toward guns never ceases to amaze me.

With all due respect and sympathy to those who have suffered and died at the hands of angry, desperate, lonely, down trodden, and tormented souls.

A Colt .45 and an AR-15 walked into a bar. They were hell bent on going on a killing spree but there were no people to pull the triggers so they just went home and sulked. People kill people, not guns.

If we stopped selling all guns today there are enough to arm crazed killers for centuries.
Can’t we agree to work on the HUMAN condition at least as much as gun control?


This guy was in the process of being pulled over by people with guns. Those people with guns and who were trained to use them were unable to stop the subsequent carnage. This not to slight them but rather to show that the logic of arming all of the population as a response to this violence will not prevent these shootings.

The issue here is a culture that invites violence as a solution to its problems and the fact this guy was hauling a gun around in his car. The combination of being quick to use violence when an individual feels the situation warrants along with a gun that near at hand and always at hand means these situations will occur with regularity.

The only USE these guns have is to be used to kill. If people feel that being able to access weapons that kill one another with ease is for the greater good and is useful than they are going to have these shootings forever more.