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Carnage Unleashed: DoD & AUMF


Carnage Unleashed: DoD & AUMF

William Cohn

As Congress pretends to restrain the already vast powers to wage war acceded to the executive branch we see further dereliction of duty resulting in shameful sorrows of empire and untold suffering abroad. A draft bill touted as reigning in the AUMF (authorization for use of military force) passed shortly after 9/11 in fact gives the executive branch an even greater blank check to wage war. In part, it allows the President to proclaim new enemies against whom any amount of force may be used, requiring two-thirds of Congress to reject that determination.


The AUMF that allows Presidents to initiate an “action” for a period of time before going to congress (or not), do not realize that in about 45 minutes a nuclear exchange could destroy most life on our planet, Not 30 days, or 90 days: 45 minutes.


“The proposed bill is bipartisan, sponsored by 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans, showing that the dereliction of constitutional duty is systemic to Congress.”

Again more proof we are on our own people. Democrat or Republican makes no difference, we are all wage/debt slaves to the corporate regime.


“American people should see death on their doorstep, given the global slaughter wrought in their name.”

Only if their son or daughter has been drafted.

Direct Democracy


Want to end our nation constantly on a war footing?

Never again vote for Democrats or Republicans, the two most evil political parties.


Sorry, but in America today, insouciance is the name of the game! It really doesn’t matter how many millions of poor third worlders are murdered by the US military, the only way any American will actually care is if, for every such poor victim is killed, one American is also killed. You know the old eye for an eye!


civilization will just disappear.


You’ll never get 2/3 of Congress to oppose a war. In the last appropriation for the military budget, Congress (Dems included) actually increased military spending over what Trump proposed. (The increase was more than the entire Russian military budget.) When it comes to enriching themselves and their class, 2/3 support is an easy mark to meet.


Most human beings have been granted the Divine gifts of common sense and reason. Why does it always seem sorely lacking where it is needed most?