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'Carnival of Resistance' Targets Trump as Tens of Thousands of Britons Pour Into Streets


'Carnival of Resistance' Targets Trump as Tens of Thousands of Britons Pour Into Streets

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After U.S. President Donald Trump was greeted with angry protesters as he arrived in London on Thursday to meet with U.K.


they have the right idea. i just wonder when americans will rise up and take to the streets?


Where were you on Jan. 20, 2017?


This type of political demonstration, if We the People want it to produce results, must be carried out, not “just” in Washington DC, but in every state of this nation, in front of statehouses, court houses and every place where representatives of this current administration are present.

There must be one common goal in these demonstrations.

That goal must be for those who are enabling this Fascist administration to: Resign or be Removed.

This will take the commitment of Millions of people dedicated to the reclaiming of our Democracy.


a long way from there, thank you very much. i myself wouldn’t have ever attended the inauguration of this dip but other than that it is time that other countries stand their ground against him. i was fixing to say our president but he isn’t mine. he is just someone who wants to make our lives miserable by thinking about him 24/7. what is your point?


Thank you to all of our friends across the pond.


My point was that your original comment seemed oblivious to the many demonstrations and protests that took place on that day, in DC and elsewhere, and on subsequent days in many places around the country. If you’ve been unaware of the level of domestic resistance to Twitler and his rotating cast of characters, it may be the fault of corporate media. Or not.


At least we in the US can vote and get rid of Trump and the Republicans who support his racist fascist agenda and his efforts to break down the world order for no purpose at all except it is destructive which is all that counts for Trump. The time is now to roll up our sleeves and get to work. There are probably thousands of Trump supporters running for federal or state office in November. Step number one is defeating as many as possible. Step two will come in 2020.


And what? Elect another Clinton or Obama fraud that talks “progressive” but works for the same masters as R’Cons? You, as a “my party right or wrong” shill/enabler/supporter/defender are oblivious to the subversion and betrayals by the DP "elite’ establishment that I blame for the rise of trump & co! The last two, Bill & Barack did little or nothing to build a strong progressive or radical base, they did exactly the opposite, culminating in the candidacy of Hill who was and is loathed and reviled for countless good reasons…that arrogance and manipulation, dirty tricks, one-sided mechanisms (read: the “super delegates”) betrayed the people’s candidate/president, Bernie sanders, to anoint the Red Queen, and that directly gave us the ginger pig, trump, and his cabinet from Hell!

You, predictably, defend and soft-sell the DP sellout wing, and undermine, cast doubt on the real, radical, change this republic and world desperately needs!


We need constant, frequent mass actions here in the US–too much is at stake not to do so. Also, everyone needs to vote this time around and against Trump the Vulgar barbarian and every one of his enablers. I have suggested to the League of Women Voters in Vermont to help register low income people at food shelves/pantries.


Two dates so far: August 26 and September 8 for mass actions. Stay tuned.


We should get baby Trump balloons of our own and fly them during Trump’s
military parade. Along with hundreds of thousand of protesters we might get
the attention of Americans and show the world that we are not all Trumpanzees.


This huge protest will not have the slightest chance of changing Trumpo the Klown. He will react like all asshole Rethugs and simply double down on his positions. Further, because he is an appalling egomaniac and malignant narcissist he will accuse the people of London of being "very mean to me " and move on to his meeting with Putin on Monday. Hey, Donnie, you fat fuck (I love the balloon, BTW), don’t forget to bring your knee pads. Too bad there can’t some kind of drone in the room to record this secret meeting because it will probably be highlighted by what I’d like to call treason.