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Carrier Just Showed Corporations How to Beat Donald Trump


Carrier Just Showed Corporations How to Beat Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders

Today, about 1,000 Carrier workers and their families should be rejoicing. But the rest of our nation’s workers should be very nervous.


The only thing that the Media will report and the only thing that the American People will hear is that Donald Trump kept his promise and saved these Indiana jobs from going to Mexico.
The voters will only hear the confirmation that they voted the right way.
No one will report what a sell out the deal really was and the trouble we are in.


An intelligent and thorough overview. Sanders lays out the sordid details of Carrier's total self serving nature. Trump is just Carrier corporation incarnate - manipulating, dishonest. They and their companies are con men of the current age.


And you can bet that every penny of those tax breaks will come out of schools and public services, since it's just money being shifted sideways into the pockets of those corporate monsters. Shame on Trump and double shame on Pence for betraying the people he has sworn to serve.


If only Bernie conley that to us before he was suffered by HRC.


Sanders I'm a fan of yours with qualifications.

One of those qualifications is how you pull your punches at exactly the wrong time. I mean, I understand that you are a politician at heart, and sometimes it's hard to just get to the damn truth of any matter, but come on. Affording even a shadow of a shadow of doubt to Trump? And you keep doing it?

Here is a prime example of rhetorical device which actually ends up promoting a position that Trump is anything other than, well, Trump.

You write…

I said I would work with Trump if he was serious about the promises he made to members of the working class. But after running a campaign pledging to be tough on corporate America, Trump has hypocritically decided to do the exact opposite. He wants to treat corporate irresponsibility with kid gloves.

First of all Sanders, how exactly did Trump's repeated pledges, and written policy positions on his website detailing his plans to greatly reduce corporate tax rates equate to his "pledging to be tough on corporate America"?

Hypocritical? Trump's not being hypocritical here, he is being Trump. If he were anything than a fake populist to begin with, THEN he would be hypocritical. Don't give him so much damn credit saying he is being hypocritical. He doesn't need your help in this regard.

Kid gloves? He wants to treat corporate irresponsibility with kid gloves? I think you have confused Clinton for Trump in this instance. No, Trump doesn't even want to borrow Clinton's kid gloves. He wants to hoist the masses as punching bag, and join his corporate brethren in a bare knuckles punching orgy with bonuses paid for who ends up with the most bruised knuckles.

Who is in the gallery, making bets? Corporate Democrats, and you are the referee with no power.

How about calling out Trump directly for this obvious intentional "deal" with Carrier as this is what he INTENDED to do, not that he "folded".

Stop with the mealy mouthy critique already. Stop pretending that Trump can be worked with already, or that Trump is anything but Trump.


"We need to send a very loud and clear message to corporate America": Bernie, I'm with you on this but we must move to nationalize corporations to send this very message. The workers should consider doing a sit down inside United Technology and the surrounding community can bring them food, etc. The company's charter must be revoked and their assets seized and the factories turned over to the workers who can start building useful things such as solar panels and wind mills.


We certainly cannot count on corporatized milquetoast "mainstream" media mouthpieces to laser-focus on Trump's numerous, transparent and immediate sell-outs of his supposed voter base, the working class.

But there've got to be independent Trump voters looking at his early actions and his extremist corporatist and militarist cabinet and saying "Wait, what?"


The T-dump troops are already trumpeting their "victory" over Carrier (Mnuchin on record live - CSPAN) and how Hazmat man is fulfilling his promise as Carrier is keeping THOUSANDS of jobs in the U. S. T-dump voters enjoy being ignorant and clueless so should enjoy the BS.


It's not just Carrier, it's all these damn corporations who hold state governors hostage, demanding huge tax incentives to remain in their native states or say they are leaving and moving their corporate headquarters. Connecticut has been hit with these jerks: GE left for over $130 million in tax credits from Massachusetts; Bob's Discount Furniture demanded $11 million in tax breaks to stay in CT even though they were opening 11 or 12 new stores and they got it; Sikorsky got $220 million in tax breaks to remain in CT. Meanwhile our budget is underwater and we have had to cut funding for education, thereby raising college tuition rates yet again. Programs for the elderly the poor and the disabled, including vets, have been slashed and there have been numerous layoffs of state workers no matter how important their jobs are, such as those who are fighting the epidemic of drug use in our state. There is no end in sight to this unpatriotic greed by corporations, many of whom, like GE, are paying ZERO in federal taxes!


Yes, and Trump has apparently paid ZERO income taxes as well for years. Yes, they are all conning the US public and we've allowed it or not be allowed to participate in the process to the level to cut them off.


"Trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the United States. Why? Because he has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives. Even corporations that weren’t thinking of offshoring jobs will most probably be re-evaluating their stance this morning. And who would pay for the high cost for tax cuts that go to the richest businessmen in America? The working class of America."

This is either one of the most disingenuous statements Sanders has made, or he has been sleeping under a rock for at least the past 20 years or so ...

The charming little detail that he has conveniently left out (so where are the fact checkers, here) is that this practice has been going on for decades at all levels of gov't under BOTH D/R administrations - that this practice has been used as a sop to "the masses" to gain votes to "counteract" the policies of corps made possible by those very trade deals he used to rail against most of which were signed by Dem admin. - in other words Trump is "saving" jobs that both Reps AND Dems helped to lose ... Those "safe" jobs he refers to were, in fact, rendered "unsafe" by the actions of his own party, in conjunction with Reps ...

His shilling for the DP continually reaches new lows ... does he honestly expect us to believe that his candidate wouldn't be doing the same thing? Gimme a break ...


Quit being so hard, he said he would never give in to terrorist not extortionists.


What a guy... Mr Altruism, himself. He, T-dump, and the diabolical dozens in the Cabinet and prez advisory group will suffer Pyrrhic victories and maybe even their own casualties as a result of their malfeasance....if there is a god.


Still love ya, Bernie.

We are voting for more Berniecrats in our local Dem orgs on Saturday, and one is running for the school board. Maybe we really can "Tea Party" this party. :O)

But, yeah, the future for at least four years and probably further looks pretty dismal. We'll see if any good comes out of our efforts to change things. At least we will be in good company as the deluge grows.


Don't be on it. many are just as bad as followers of she who must not be named. Doesn't matter what he does-he's their guy! USA! USA! USA!


Yes, and the corpses convinced even otherwise "progressives" to vote against their own interests and defeat Measure 97 in Oregon, which would have been a tiny percentage tax on them to benefit the state.

Corpses have lots of money to make shiny ads to convince busy, tired, broke people that they really, really are their friends.


I saw something in a bar one night that's stuck with me as a 'life lesson' ever since. Sitting there when voices were raised..looked over..one guy is already in a kind of martial arts 'stance'..the other guy is still sitting, but, y'know..'serious' looking...and the karate guy is shouting and coiled..literally..'coiled'..looked ready to me but then the sitting guy said something that...just..defused it instantly..he looked at the coiled guy and said:

"..you're not gonna do anything.."

He turned around and sat there. The coiled guy uncoiled and sat down and it was over..like a weird jedi mind trick...just..done.

This is exactly how I feel about the New Left and 'Bernie' in particular right now:

"You're not gonna do anything.."

And they're not! Its posturing. Its Bernie and the New Left in a 'Karate Stance'..nothing more. They're shouting and posturing and coming on 'heavy' and yet its all...just..baloney. If the New Left and Bernie were serious? There would be a Major BDS movement in place NOW! Like the grape boycott that worked by the way, or like that lunch counter in Gainsboro. If you're still paying then you still APPROVE. None of this can occur 'In a vacuum'. Can't! But its like Global warming.."oh, sure, yeah I believe..just don't ask me to actually DO anything about it..".

Bernie? You're not gonna do anything! Your Kung-fu is weak.


I can't stomach to watch or listen to any of the rightwing programs. Considering how much betrayal of promises or back pedaling trump is doing, are any of those shows pointing that the man lied? Anyone here know?


The promises Bernie was referring to did not include Trumps tax plan. Listen to what he said in its entirety.