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Carrier Union Leader on Trump's Jobs Claim: "I Almost Threw Up in My Mouth"


Carrier Union Leader on Trump's Jobs Claim: "I Almost Threw Up in My Mouth"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's smoke-and-mirrors speech last week to Carrier employees had their union leader "almost throwing up in his mouth."

As consumer advocate Ralph Nader wrote, "Trump made Carrier, a subsidiary of giant United Technology, his poster-child for showing how the U.S. is losing jobs under NAFTA."


Perhaps more Murkins will start distinguishing the difference between reality TV and public policy ?


Chuck Jones: " Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers."

What would you expect! This whole election was nothing but a dog and pony show for the masses; especially so, after the corrupt DNC enabled Trump to be elected once they nominated their sure loser, crooked Hillary over their sure winner...Bernie.


When it comes to Republicans, where there's smoke, there's mirrors. The only surprise here is that any jobs are staying in the US. Of course, my guess is that even those jobs won't stay for long -- just long enough to pocket those tax credits.

So, in the future, remember to bring your fan to blow away the smoke anytime Trump and, especially Pence, start making claims about saving jobs.


Not if reality TV continues to be presented as public policy:

"Nonetheless," wrote ThinkProgress' Ned Resnikoff, "the deal appears to have had its intended effect. Following days of misleading, laudatory news coverage, a new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds 60 percent of respondents now have a more favorable view of the president-elect thanks to the Carrier deal."

As long as people get their news from the same "reality"-makers who created Trump in the first place, how are the people going to be able to recognize who's doing what in their suffering. If people are kept ignorant, they can't help themselves, can't tell who's friend or foe.

Mind is the chief. Who shapes mind? Questioning for truth and grassroots organizing: two wings for a U.S. political phoenix.


I would like to see a little thought, from any politician, as to what we are going to do to create jobs and keep jobs in this country. Between manufacturing jobs being shipped to Mexico, Vietnam, China, and God knows where else.... in addition to the coming robotic revolution....I wonder where everyone is going to work. Customer rep jobs headed to India, STEM jobs being filled by 12h1 visa holders, farms being replaced by giant corporate collectives, ect ect. I have friends who's kids have advanced degrees and are delivering pizza's. Worrisome.


where are the voices of outrage from the people whose state is going to be supplying their tax dollars for maybe 700 jobs and probably for maybe 1 year or so? the ignorance of amerika's working class is mind blowing. hope they are happy with their nazi leader. hard at work to keep them quiet.


Bernie told us to vote for HRC and he campaigned for her. Noam Chomsky told us to hold our noses and vote for HRC. Now we are stuck with a neofascist. Thanks but no thanks.


Jobs will continue to be outsourced; workers who seem lucky enough to stay will be supplanted with, and succeeded by, automation. It doesn't matter which political party is elected. Companies will always try their best to play with their employees on the cheap. Real manufacturing jobs will not come back - robots will just build more robots.


Sooooo true!


"Dog and pony show for the masses"...SO TRUE!


It's hard to outsource taking care of your elderly parents or health care but if there WERE a way....


Oh, that's seems simple enough. Just toss the elderly and infirm over the wall after it gets built and let the Mexicans pay for it.


There is so, so much work needing to be done, so many millions and millions of jobs needing to be done... but in our current economic-political system, what makes a job is not that it needs to be done, but that it is needed to keep the current capitalist economy going.

I work in a hospital where there are critical, dire shortages of nursing staff, teaching staff, doctors... everyone. Go to a public child care center: do you think they could use several more great (and well-trained, through enlightened and free education) staff? Class sizes in high schools and community colleges: do you think really it would be good if we hired more teachers? How about cleaning and beautifying and greening (radically greening, actually) our cities (which lifts everyone's spirits, potentially unleashing more positive and creative works)? Any jobs needing to be done there? Or how about radically greening our whole civilization so that we just might avery entirely cataclysmic climate change and other environmental disasters--any work needing to be done there?

With enlightened and solidly people-powered leadership, any transformation is possible. The question is, how do we create this?


It isn't so much that robots will build robots, and it isn't about folks with advanced degrees. But manufacturing in the 21st century requires a different skill set. Did you watch the folks kept working on the Carrier floor (those not sent into the auditorium to be ready to "react" to the speech)? I watched a woman pull up a wire harness from down in the furnace, turn around and grab a screw or bolt, robotically fit the harness against the side of the cabinet, and power-drive the screw in to hold it in place. Yes, she had loads of consciousness available to watch the political parade. You wouldn't want to do that with your advanced degrees any more than deliver pizza.

But on "60 Minutes" Sunday I watched workers in a newly built, new-style steel mill (recycling from scrap metal) seated at control panels, watching robots do the dangerous, robotic work and making fine adjustments through control panels. Control: That's what humans do and robots can't. Now, admittedly, it takes fewer humans and less union organization to run those control panels. But they're working like human beings. Let's see DJT make those kinds of jobs.


We did NOT elect Trump. It was another rigged election. They've been rigged for a good while now. About 2 million black people were purged from the voter rosters in southern states because they gave them their plan --- they needed those 'electoral' votes to steal the thing. Look at the results -- Hillary has about a 2.7 million vote lead in the 'popular' vote meaning that many voted more for HER so please don't be calling us Americans schmucks. Yes we do have schmucks here but there are a minority -- that why they have to now steal the elections.


Only the literate will, and there are not enough.


No government official "makes" jobs. They try to create the conditions ( if they are even interested) that favor a better economic environment. Also, I understand that there are not that many robotic jobs available even for those with degrees. It just is not happening. Some people actually like doing physical work even with an advanced degree, but there are not that many jobs available.


I do not have the answers, but I imagine it is best done through communities. It's the jobs that actually require people that are needed.


And get rid of the disabled as well. More use of teledocs.