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Carrying Out Trump's "When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts" Order Would Violate 4th Amendment, Warn Legal Experts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/carrying-out-trumps-when-looting-starts-shooting-starts-order-would-violate-4th


And of course Big Media doesn’t at all respond to the obvious Agent provocateurs documented doing property damage.

Do a youtube search to see what I’m talking about as I can’t post links here.

So little has changed in the decades since the Reagan admin broke into my apartment because I was on the Emergency Coalition against Aid to the Contras way back when.


Look out!


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It was posted on another article. I’ll repost here as well.

Jimmy Dore covers video of possible agent provocateur.


Does it feel weird to anyone else to read an article for legal justification to NOT shoot someone? It seems like everyone should know this. But I guess we needed a legal expert to tell us murder was unconstitutional.


Well… No mention whatsoever of the fact that the Obama admin set a very high bar for unlawful disregard for the 4th amendment.

One side needs to be better than the other to stick the flag in the “moral ground”.


Thanks for that.

Considered calling myself TwoFlower before settling on my moniker, so really appreciate yours!

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Agreed. This is what decades and decades of settling for the lesser of two evils has brought us to. Let’s not get started on Big Media settling for press releases for these same decades in the name of profit margins.

I’m still waiting for a Obama supporter to please show me just ONE PROGRESSIVE piece of legislation he backed while prez. Just one!

I’m so angry today I’m spitting.


So this is what, Trump’s anniversary congratulation card?
for Kent State and Jackson State?
Trump’s a wee tad late (by weeks) on the anniversary “celebrations” for those National Guard and Police murders (murders by heros). No doubt, this threat/declaration/“cheer” is his way of making up for it. So “nice” of Trump, to “celebrate” those anniversaries.


What president of any party makes a public statement as this one? The language of a dictator…who is being allowed the possibility of even further damage in another term of office.


Please stand if you want to be treated like a Black person in America . . .

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Here you go: This legislation ended a 500 year policy that tribal courts had no jurisdiction on crimes against native women (rape) on the reservation and U.S. courts had no jurisdiction on crimes committed on tribal lands. I’m sure you see the problem with that.


Tribal Law and Order Act 2010

Executive Order 13175


Yes, Moon of Alabama has a good story about this today as well. One of the provocateur’s was asked if he was a cop, his reply was “what does it matter”. He has since been outed as Jacob Pederson of the St. Paul PD. Click on the first vid. link in the story to see him in action, and scroll down to see his dept. photo. Spoiler alert: He’s white.


Let Mr.Trump the major thug himself lead in the shooting of demonstrators. He is full of hatred despite the grueling graphic scene that forever changed my view of American law enforcement. This is trumps game and now is the time for his bluster ignoring the barbaric act of lynching. The killer policeman isn’t in the least concerned about being fillmed or the fact that the already handcuffed subject was saying “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe take me in the car”. It seems the killer policeman in uniform is unconcerned about the consequences of his action.


Thanks! Been reading more lately over at Moon of Alabama since I’ve become disappointed at the reporting here recently. Not every story needs to have a Trump spin to it. Just report what’s happening. It’s pretty easy.


Another thing I noticed in one of the videos, the man was in obvious distress when someone comes up does a very brief carotid pulse check without timing it and doesn’t check respirations or any other signs for distress and walks away. This is just a hunch, but I believe he didn’t have a pulse or why wasn’t more done?


He was outed by people who know him, one of which is the owner of the gas-mask being used, on Twitter earlier.

The side by side photo’s make it pretty hard to argue this is not the St. Paul cop.

Now let’s see if any mainstream media outlets will touch it.


And the corpress will call it “controversial”

Not criminal

The umbrella is a nice touch, straight out of Dallas Nov. 1963. Ed Lansdale was identified as umbrella man on the sidewalk that day during the assignation, by Col. Prouty who new Lansdale very well, and was convinced he was coordinating the CIA operation. Lansdale was famous inside the agency for his brutality towards the Filipino people, ushering in the Marcos era.


Army from Fort Hood, Texas loaned an armor tank to FBI to use at Waco, Texas.
A FBI guy fired a grenade thru the plywood outer wall and set the building afire. Many children died inside. Karish did not start the fire.

The fbi guy was interviewed on PBS but never charged with murder / manslaughter as he should have been.

Detroit riots about 50 years ago had US army light infantry stop riots and arsons by killing over 100, as I remember.
LA riots were stopped by US marines who also killed many people in that city.

The prez is speaking to his small 15% rock solid voters / citizens. Promoting his power to stop riots, arsons, civil disruptions - if only the governor will allow him in.

Kent State was not murders. The victims were not at the scene of the burned down Naval ROTC building where the national guard were lined up. They are collateral damage. AND we have thousands of Afghan, Iran and Iraq ‘collateral damages’ since 1980 and nobody gives a darn.