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Carrying Out Trump's "When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts" Order Would Violate 4th Amendment, Warn Legal Experts

Apologies for posting this more than once, but Trump just cries out for this:

Kings most commonly, though strong in legions, are but weak in arguments; as they who have ever accustom’d from the Cradle to use their will onely as thir right hand, thir reason alwayes as thir left. Whence unexpectedly constrain’d to that kind of combat, they prove but weak and puny Adversaries.
— Milton, Preface to Eikonoklastes


The constitution is just a piece of paper at this point. Hell a piece of toilet paper would be more useful at this point than the constitution. It would probably have less shit on it too.


That is the situation many don’t want to face yet. If you stand with the oppressed you will be treated like the oppressed.


What part of the Constitution has Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP NOT violated ?


legal experts also warned that law enforcement officials or military personnel carrying out such an order from the president would be in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It makes no difference. Trump consistently violates the law and gets away with it. Dems don’t have the moral fortitude to fight for justice.


Not sure if the 4th amendment stuff matters. Not even sure why it is being cited. It’s not a search and seizure, or something that requires a warrant. To start, there are all the patriot act stuff, plus the NDAA’s, plus the military commissions acts. They have shot looters in LA in the 90’s and they shot looters in Hurricane Katrina. They can declare martial law or they can declare the protestors enemy combatants. I’m 100 percent not a legal expert but that’s the obvious stuff. They’ve been shooting looters forever.

And NO, I am in no way defending Trump or agreeing with that asshat. Just sayin’.

For what its worth, I think we should burn down a lot of shit. I don’t think they should loot but I can’t blame them. It reminds me of the Sublime song April 29, 1992. Gettin’ some pampers. Fucking predatory financial system with taxpayer subsidies to offset the losses anyways and the outrage comes at the looting, not the unnecessary loss of life. They should probably hit more golf courses.


Dims had a sixty vote Senate, the House, and the Presidency, and all we got was RomneyCare and permanent Bush tax theft for the wealthy.


EOs aren’t laws. But you really had to dig deep, didn’t you?

Karish was a fvcking lunatic, like all preachers.

See this is my point…

““A protest has purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated, we didn’t do this to our city,” she said. “If you want change in America, go and register to vote. … That is the change we need in this country.””

Hahaha. Sigh. FUCK YOU LADY. I know I am wrong to act this way but seriously, fuck you people. Vote? Get the fuck outta here. You fucking assholes just gave 6 trillion to rich people. What do you expect? Go f yourselves.


" The constitutional basis for the executive order is the President’s broad power to issue executive directives. According to the Congressional Research Services there is no direct “definition of executive orders, presidential memoranda, and proclamations in the U.S. Constitution, there is, likewise, no specific provision authorizing their issuance.” In some instances they have the same affect as law. Every president has used them, it is how Thanksgiving became a holiday. You remember George Washington don’t you?

In terms of digging up good legislation, he did some good things. Not hard at all to find them.

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Note that the Orange Cheato DID NOT SPECIFY white collar looters like the Big Banksters at the NY Fdereal Reserve, who have been looting Billions$$ from the US Treasury for months since Sept 2019!!


This needs to be talked about MORE!
In the 60’s when we were protesting Vietnam we suspected this kind of crap. So the fascists should be pretty good at it by now

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Riot and Revolution

I hear ya
The riot fires burn out
The revolution goes on
Even in defeat the revolution goes on!
Crazy Horse
The Panthers
The Mau Mau
A. I. M.
The riot fades
The revolution rises
The riot is a reaction
The revolution is change
The riot is emotional
The revolution takes anger and makes it energy!
We’re all Panthers
Time to roar!

©2020 Ghost Poet

As a State Senator in Illinois, Obama pushed and got passed, the videotaping of police interviews and interrogations. This was a very big deal, as Chicago police were later revealed as having secret detention ( holding ) facilities in their city. Specifically, just for interrogations that were in violation of basic human rights, the presumption of innocence, right to an attorney, et al. 3rd World!
As President, Barack Obama was a middling executive, at best. Even many black thought influencrs will admit that.
Obama was a super-smooth public relations hack, at his worst moments. His genuine and most empathetic public gestures look staged, choreographed and hollow, in the rear view mirror.


This is being discussed, as Garza, former leader of BLM was on Democracy Now and other progressive media, discussing COINTELPRO operatives and informants currently inside the various organizations fighting police and security state terrorism.

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We need names, addresses and photos

A Riot is the language of the Unheard

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I heard an interview last night with former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young. He was being asked about the “violence” today during the riots vs. his time protesting with MLK. He gave a weak condemnation of police activities of the mistreatment of his fellow black citizens, but talked almost exclusively about how horrible these protesters are by causing damage. He focused heavily on property damage to communities. Young continued on discussing how “in his day” protesters were better and MLK wouldn’t approve of any of this. “Change is created when…” he kept saying.

Honest question, what does Young or any of the former Civil Rights leaders know about change? With 50+ years of hindsight, did the plight of the black person really change? Whips, dogs, batons, and bullets turned into cages, dogs, batons, and bullets. Almost as many blacks are in poverty and third world conditions as in Young’s “heroic” time. I believe Flint probably had clean water in the 60s and food deserts weren’t the norm in impoverished areas.

And here you post another black “leader” discussing voting our way out of this. Republicans have had an orchestrated effort to suppress black votes for decades, and Democrats “reluctantly” play along. Or, in a primary, Democrats use the same exact voter suppression techniques that the Republicans created. Vote? To Young and the other black leaders around the country, name one way your people and communities were made better by voting? Because to my ears, many Civil Rights leaders sound like pacifist voices for the Oligarchy.

Edit: I feel I need evidence for such inflammatory comments. Defend this.

Clybourn endorses Biden.

John Lewis endorses Biden.

John Lewis endorses Clinton.


What about the precedent set by President Obama? He ordered the killing of two American citizens who were executed by drone. Why don’t people, especially the media, talk about this grievous violation of constitutional rights and principles?

Didn’t we hear twump, if he does it, it’s legal. It would be difficult to charge military persons with using deadly force.