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Carson, Camp-assion and Evolution


Carson, Camp-assion and Evolution

Christopher Brauchli

The progress of Evolution from President Washington to President Grant was alone evidence enough to upset Darwin.
—Henry Brooks Adams, The Education of Henry Adams


Ben Carson is an exemplar of the difference between fantastic training and fantastic education.


Dr.Carson has also stated that he thinks anyone of Muslim faith should never be allowed to run for POTUS. Since the Repugnant party is mostly made up of fascists and war mongers and stooges for the MIC, is it any wonder that Donald the xenophobic, demagogue and Islamophobic, Trump is leading their Stasi party?


The Nazis had Dr Mengele and Republicans have Dr Carson.


Rick Santorum is an idiot and Chris Christie is a self serving weasel. 'Nuf said?


I am sure Mr Christie would point out that weasels could not have evolved from a Monkey thus the theory of evolution disporoven.


The funniest thing I have yet seen from the creationist camp is that banana thing. If any have not seen it do take a look. The PROOF of intelligent designed is carried in the banana. That all you have to know. :smile:


Well reasoned SDP. It makes sense to me.


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"Chris Christie is a self serving weasel."

self-serving? yes, especially at the all-you-can-eat diner... but, weasel? somehow that lithe, little animal does not come to mind when i think of CC. how about a wallowing hippo?