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Carson Pulls Tool Used by Officials to Identify Segregation


Carson Pulls Tool Used by Officials to Identify Segregation

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the latest sign that the Trump administration is systematically sabotaging the stated missions of federal government agencies, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced this week that it was doing away with efforts to identify segregation in American communities.

HUD announced on Friday evening that it would pull an online assessment tool that communities can use to find data and maps of segregated neighborhoods.


Pick the word that best describes Bennie “Gonna Stab Your Belt Buckle Zzzzzzzzz” Carson …

… conspirator, hypocrite, impostor, informer, turncoat, Judas, apostate, backslider, betrayer, deceiver, defector, double-crosser, fink, miscreant, quisling, snake, sneak, traducer, treasonist, two-timer, Benedict Arnold, back-stabber, grumpy, dopey, sleazy …

… just kidding boys and girls … all of 'em …




Time to amend the complaint and keep his sorry ass in court.


And the cookie parts ain’t even real chocolate …


Carson has earned the nickname REDLINE Carson.


It’s the president’s responsibility to ensure that legislation is carried
out in the manner/spirit and intent with which it was passed –

This is just another way of destroying the legislation after the fact.

Fascism here is no longer working in the dark – it’s out in the open – on parade.

Carson and Haspel show us that they can still buy a “Judas” who looks just like us.


Who is this guy really? He is like the Manchurian candidate - either brain washed or brain controlled. He is the true “brother from another planet” cause he don’t have a clue about what needs to be done with HUD. He seems to have been born without a moral compass - possibly separated at birth from his brother in regression - Clarence Thomas.