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Carson, Science, and Putin


Carson, Science, and Putin

Christopher Brauchli

True science teaches, above all, to doubt and be ignorant.
— Miguel de Unamuno,The Tragic Sense of Life


Thank you for the enjoyable read, Mr. Brauchli. I think Jonathan Swift would also enjoy your satires were he alive today.

It's hard to believe that Carson is a bona fide scientist or surgeon. That kind of blindness is usually not associated with an educated individual, although is it possible that he graduated from Bob Jones' University? Otherwise, as I mentioned before, the guy is a classic Savant: brilliant in one area and a total dingbat in others.

I didn't realize that Putin had this particular delusion about climate change. Of course, Russia might benefit... but at what cost to how many innocent peoples driven under the waves?


A quick look shows that he graduated from Yale and the University of Michigan Medical School. No Bob Jones there. Do you think maybe he did some self-surgery on his own brain and messed stuff up subsequent to graduating?


Dr. Carson may be a fine brain surgeon, but from my perspective, Dr. Carson seems to have no common sense about many things such as his take on the Pyramids and so many other irrational statements, like the latest; when asked what he would do if Russia did not honor the no fly zone in Syria: " I would order the military to shoot the Russian plane down". What you seem to be forgetting Dr. Carson, is the US was not invited by Assad to Syria, and no matter what you may think of Assad, he is the legitimate leader of Syria, while Russia was invited and is an ally of Syria and in fact has a military base there.

Oh and another thing, what if Russia retaliates and shoots down an American jet? But I guess you have not thought about those consequences....or have you? Since so many of your fellow fascists think war with Russia is inevitable!


If his comments are honest, rather than pandering to a rather ignorant base, then he absolutely defies the characterization of being a well-educated man/surgeon. Quite an anomaly.


They are all likely to brag about their ability to admit they were wrong just before it becomes too late.


The blog is silly. That's the way I perceived it. This is essentially a blog ridiculing the lack of substantive knowledge and seriousness of the Republican contenders for the US Presidency, criticism that they justly deserve. The article is about Carson in particular and his total lack of knowledge of science and of the material world. Brauchli could have delved into the fact that Carson has several malpractice suits leveled against him, that he believes in the tooth fairy or some other magical beings, and that like Freeman Dyson whose name he has probably never heard, that CO2 eating trees will solve any adverse overdose of excessive carbon emissions into the earth's atmosphere. The thread of the blog, however, picks up on a silly Idea that a casual encounter with V Putin by Trump and Fiorina somehow makes them the stuff that world leaders are made of. What does any of that have to do with Carson except for the imagined possibility that he too would have liked to have also been a Putin pal.

What irks me is Baruchli's emphatic comment "Mr. Putin is skeptical of climate change." On what does Baruchli base the assertion. On the basis of an off the cuff comment reported in an article from the NYT and on the speculation of some Putin critic. Good God, the NYT, the newspaper you can trust! And then his narrative devolves into a hypothetical discussion regarding Carson's actual shallow concept of weather, physics, and biology and what Putin's knowledge level of science might be. To place Carson and Putin on the same intellectual level for the sake of comparison or measure is not only silly, it's absurd.