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Carson, Who Called Fair Housing a 'Failed Social Experiment,' Tapped to Run HUD


Carson, Who Called Fair Housing a 'Failed Social Experiment,' Tapped to Run HUD

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Dr. Ben Carson, the former Republican presidential candidate who once called fair housing a "failed socialist experiment," on Monday was officially nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to head the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


His task, after a complimentary Trump University crash course on Real Estate flipping, will be to raze all public housing and essentially give the properties to developers, no doubt developers with ties to Trump Family Inc.


This only illustrates that the new administration is cruel.


Yet another sycophant to polish T-dump's knobs, who has absolutely NO experience in government operations, and no concern for the well-being of the most vulnerable humans among us. As long he is cozy and warm in his West Palm Beach manse (close to DT), he could give a damn about those struggling to keep a roof over their and their family members' heads. And to think that DT and his father would not allow anyone with the skin color of Carson to occupy their government-funded housing projects. Whores all!

Witless, clueless, and criminal nominations that reflect the total lack of character of their anointer who, like the appointees, has/have no concern for our nation, the world, and our planet and are only in it for self-aggrandizement and feathering their own nests worldwide.

Meanwhile, the tweet troll continues to shred a vital peaceful alliance with China, a nation that holds billion$$$ in US treasury securities that they could easily cash in (and cause untold damage); and a nation that would invade Taiwan in a New York minute, if they so desired.

Yeah, all you T-dump supporters...you are not protected from the disasters he will surely create worldwide as well as in our country.


I forgot to include Carson's consistent propensity for prevarication...not unlike his anointer, T-dump.


Over the past many years the government has decreased funding for HUD and made it more inaccessible to those who need affordable housing most. I don't see this changing with this Trump administration.


No need to preemptively apologize for the Trump finishing off HUD.


A old redneck raciest acquaintance of mine who gets all of his information from sound bites from Faux "News" said that these people that Trump appoints with no experience have no bias and can then make unbiased decisions. Of course, he does not read anything, so he does not really know that these people are extremely bias.

I answered him by telling him that his logic was incorrect. I said, "the next time you need an operation, please call on me to perform it. I have no medical training, very little knowledge of medicine and no experience in surgery. Therefore, I can cut you, perform the operation and close you without any bias."


Method to the "madness"


A cardboard box can be nice.