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Case Closed. There's No Question the Founding Fathers Would Impeach Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/05/case-closed-theres-no-question-founding-fathers-would-impeach-trump

Not sure why anyone would respect the “Founding Fathers” any more than Trump, considering the slavery, genocide and land engrossment. The Constitution was basically a handshake deal between slave owners and mercantilists, brought about as a coup by plutocrats who thought there was entirely too much democracy going on. Can we please get past all this Little Red Schoolhouse hagiography? Trump is very much in the American tradition – every toxic bit of it. Liberals need to understand that this IS very much America, and very much “who we are.”


The Republican Party is an unabashed crime syndicate with the stated aim of destroying the U.S. federal government, or “Drowning it in the bathtub,” as it was once so colorfully put.

They are supported by thousands of mill/billionaires and millions of zealots who believe that, in the absence of government, they will be liberated—free to build their own local fiefdoms—and rule over territories the way Mexican drug cartels now operate in Mexico.

There is no more pretense as there was in the past; Mitch McConnell is publicly bragging about packing the federal courts with partisan fascists, and with shutting down any legislation that comes from the House for Senate ratification. He refused for nearly a year to allow an Obama appointee to the Supreme Court to get a hearing. claiming that the next president should have that power. When asked if he would apply the same rules if an opening occurred during Trump’s last year, he pretty much just laughed in the face of the questioner. Power not abused is power wasted.

Voter suppression based on race, ethnicity, income and party affiliation is out in the open, and sanctioned by the Supreme Court. Anywhere Republicans are in control, it is useless to try to vote for anyone but a Republican. If Democrats are in control, don’t waste time trying to organize a third party. You will be shut down.

Senators and representatives are openly advocating for laws based on the Christian bible. When Jerry Falwell founded Liberty Law College, he stated that the goal of the college was to train lawyers, jurists and politicians who would infiltrate the government and use the law to replace the Constitution with Christian law. His plan is working splendidly, even though he is no longer here to see it come to fruition. The Evangelical Christians, eager for the opportunity to trash the secular Constitution and put biblical law in its place, see the self-serving Trump as an eager and willing participant, as long as they continue in their slavering adulation. He’s really and truly too stupid to see how he’s being manipulated, not that he would care anyway.

Donald Trump has turned the presidency into Trump Enterprises and operates it like his own business, running the country solely for his profit, taking advantage of his power of pardon to openly recruit gangsters to do his bidding and then pardoning them for their crimes, and his authority as president to direct government officials and military personnel to use only his company facilities when on official business, thus funneling millions in taxpayer funds directly into his personal bank account.

Lastly, we have no one who will stand up to the Republicans. Certainly not the Democrats, who have been openly facilitating the takeover by the right since at least Clinton’s administration. Before anyone points out that it started 'way before that, or always was that way, I will just note the middle class that once existed and the relative prosperity the country witnessed during the days of strong unions, and Democrats who were domestically progressive. Today’s Democrats have wholly replaced the Reagan Republicans as the conservative capitalist party while the Republicans have become the Tea Party, the party of fascism and authoritarian rule by dictate. And we are told to “vote blue no matter who,” while Joe Manchin openly supports Republicans who are running against Democrats, and has stated that he will never vote for Sanders or Warren. When asked if he would vote for Trump he replied: “Not Sanders.” Other prominent Democrats are likely to follow his lead.

I think this will not end well.


It will assuredly not end well. Even if the Democrats miraculously get the Republicans to jump ship on Trump, we still have all the problems that opened the door for Trump, just waiting for the next Trump. The Democrats aren’t the solution, they remain very much part of the problem.

And meanwhile, the climate change monster is at the door, already eating away and undermining every economic- political system in the world and threatening humankind’s very existence while this country dithers and obsesses about whether Trump, the climate imbecile, is guilty of quid quo pro with a country most voters can’t even find on a map. You can’t make this shit up.


The founding fathers would be in a client state working out how to drive out the American forces.

Oh, the cognitive dissonance! We love our CIA when it takes out our enemies; hate it when it commits war crimes. Love our FBI when it stops a white supremacist; hate it when it surveils minorities. Love our soldiers on Veterans Day; hate the permanent wars and Abu Ghraib. Love the DEA when it takes down an El Chapo; hate it for mass incarceration. Love to believe in Horatio Alger; hate the rich when they take too much. Love the environment; hate to cramp our style. Love our financially elite founding fathers; hate our modern financial elite. Love “God;” hate its diversity. Exceptional American delusion.


What the Founding Fathers would do is irrelevant today.
Today we have a fascist sycophantic cult of racists, still fighting the Civil War, who DO NOT give a rats ass about history, the rule of law, tradition, democracy, integrity, The Constitution, reality or survival of America as we know it. They only care about control.
The rest of us really need to start grasping this AND acting accordingly if we are to survive as a Nation.

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Professor Reich, you are right that the Founding Fathers probably would impeach President Trump if he had invited a foreign power to help influence the outcome of an election, but that isn’t what happened. You are wrong in stating that President Trump asked the Ukranian president to dig up dirt on Joe Biden to help influence the 2020 election, and you and all the Left know it (except for the Leftists sheep). You know good and well, as does all of DC and most of America (except for the Leftists sheep), that President Trump was looking into the origination of the Russia Collusion hoax and this is why he asked to look into the Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, and this was underway long before Biden announced he was running. The Left is accusing President Trump of doing exactly what Biden did that Biden is seen in a video bragging about bribing a foreign government for his and his son’s benefit. This is what is so outrageous about this whole impeachment fraud, and this is why most of American (except for the Leftist’s sheep) are so outraged at the Democrat party. The Leftist leadership keeps saying these things thinking they are pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans, but we know. The Leftist leadership is conning their own sheep that blindly follow along blindly repeating each day’s talking points the DNC puts out.


I believe that you simply left out the reason for Trump’s impeachment. Namely the withholding of 400 million in aid to Ukraine because he wanted them to do him a favor as he put it. By the way, as Ukraine was fighting Russian aggression why under Trump are right wingers so willing to excuse Russian aggression? By the other way, why did Trump reveal classified information to a Russian ambassador and all the rest? Why is the right being so wrong under Trump? Defend your own freedoms and fight for our constitutional form of government … and not try to make our country a monarchy!

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The problem with Reich, like Josef Goebbels, is a very intelligent person, but is so sold out to party ideology, that it pollutes every word he writes or speaks. This is the guy who wanted to rewrite the constitution to turn back the Connecticut Compromise; to reapportion the electoral votes - letting the big states take the electoral votes of the small states based on population and popular vote, to reboot the 2016 election. Any opinion he would have about what the founding fathers would do is prejudiced by his political bias and, in many cases, outright bigotry. If his redraw of the electoral vote was used in 1992, Bill Clinton would not have won because he did not get the majority of votes. His opinions are like a cursor on a slide rule, moving to find the formula that fits the narrative for that moment.


This may be who YOU are, but not who “we” are. America, like most start-ups, began where they found themselves & set a foundation to build upon. America grew up! It made mistakes & evolved, developed, learned & eventually, matured. Where it began is not where it stayed. That’s stagnation. Like most businesses, governing bodies & other entities, including most (not all) humans ~ over time wisdom is gained thru mistakes made & experience that comes with change & growth. Rules & policy start out basic & are then ‘tweeked’ along the way, to keep up with changes. What ya’ don’t want to do is devolve - move backwards, or forget lessons already learned. Complacency, greed & hubris can sneak in, destroying what’s been built & achieved, almost before you know it’s happening. Quick & decisive action must be taken to regain control & get back on right track! There’s no time for watching & waiting to see what happens. It won’t just turn around & fix itself. It’s too easy to do nothing - avoid the hard choices & extra work, but nothing good comes of that. Failure comes to those who do nothing to right what has gone wrong!
America has come a long way from where it started & we learned hard lessons that made us stronger & wiser along the way. But then…a slow, insidious, “creeping crud” began to appear, starting in the 80’s (am old enuff to remember it well). It took awhile for the effects to become noticable; nothing changed, so it spread more during the 90’s. Minimum wage hadn’t increased in 10yrs, but cost of everything sure did! News reported gap between rich & poor was getting huge! Rx drug prices rocketed up faster than cost of housing, utilities, food, gas & still the income gap widened with record speed. News headlines regularly reported all these rapid changes; warning bells went off; but nothing was done about any of it! Obscene amounts of money entered politics & gov’t. Corp. America gained power & used it; working class losing ground. And so set the basic pattern that continues to this day! It didn’t start with Trump! Our jobs soon became our biggest U.S. export! Alot of empty talk, but no real action - same as now. Money talks + listened to! Everyday worker’s economics still sliding down. The rich got so rich they can’t even begin to spend it all! Our jobs that paid a living wage - overseas. Filthy money corrupted politics as never before & greed became the order of the day! Like now.
But… NEVER BEFORE have we seen such vile behavior, lies galore & corruption like we now have in Federal gov’t! Rotten from the top, down! Country is polarized & hate talk is everywhere. These States are no longer united! Our Democracy is corrupted & on its last breath! Divisive politics keep us from being able to come together & save ourselves! This shit is far worse than ever before & still those in power aren’t willing to change their tune. They, after all, are part of the wealthiest class & they want to stay that way! They divide us with their lies & bullshit. And at the top is the world’s worst grifter, but greatest con man, it seems. Soon, there will be no democratic gov’t left. Authoritarian Rule only, if not stopped right now & remove all the rot & corruption throughout. It may be too late already for us common Americans. For too long we’ve been ignored & losing everything slowly, while only the rich are represented. Will we open our eyes & see the truth? I want to hope so. I’m just glad that I am old lady now & won’t have to deal with this crap too much longer. Our whole country is sick! Big changes better be quick! And, don’t be fooled by Fux News, or anyone else’s words.
Talk is cheap. Life is not. Good luck!


Hang in there sister, we ain’t done yet! I mean we as in our democracy. Our democracy ain’t done yet. People everywhere are sick of all this crap as if only the rich are Americans not us. As if only the rich matter not regular people. You know people who send their kids to public school expecting that they will get a decent education. People who struggle to have a good life for their families on their take home pay.

I think that the con game being run on our country by the rich has finally gone too far under Trump. He was/is too much, too greedy, too corrupt and actually too crude and vulgar as well. He is like a R rated president and not one suitable for families if you can believe it. And he wants to rule rather than represent. I think in his arrogance (and a lifetime of corruption) that he has made the republican/plutocrat bubble burst. So hang in and take heart. Our democracy ain’t done yet!

Wow! That’s telling it like it is. I usually never read Reich’s articles for the very same reasons that you so aptly mention here. Tonight was the first time in ages, and truth
be told, I didn’t even read it, but decided to see what folks were saying in the comments and I was so pleasantly surprised to read your remarks. Thanks for this. It gives me some hope, not a lot, but some. Best to you.

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Exactly. I don’t give a shit what the founding fathers would do today. For most of them it would be whatever enriches themselves the most. I guess this method of argument appeals to somebody but I’d love to see it go away permanently.


There is every good chance that these racist, elitist founding den of genocidal thieving “fathers”-- pre-Andrew Jackson and his Democratic Party for poor and landless whites only-- never would have elected Trump in the first place.

Jeez, just rambling along erasing history and spewing your own illusion

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“Not sure why anyone would respect the Founding Fathers.”

You don’t give a shit about anything but yourselves.
Gee let’s rule based on your values

Oh wait we have that and it’s trump

Good Reply “Talk is cheap. Life is not”

The trash talk on this page is just that, cheap trash.

If they aren’t trolls, they are idiots.

How the Republic fares in the hands of the people who “don’t give a shit” is quite obvious.
That what we have now

Hand in there, there are plenty of Patriots, who actually understand History
and can get beyond their own self interest.

Oh, I don’t know… could it be that they came to Turtle Island to steal, rape and drag people from across the Atlantic in chains to work for them for free and under the lash? Why didn’t they have this experiment in England?

You make several good points but I don’t agree with your thesis.

AOC and Bernie Sanders and to a lesser extent, Liz Warren, provide evidence that much of America is moving left and further left than any mass movement in the past. Think about it. 45% of the Dem voter base is supporting a candidate who supports single payer medicare for all.

That movement should not be trivialized or dismissed. It is real. I think you’re right that the country has moved right in the last 50 years but that movement is not sustainable. It is ending.

Last night, Virginia voted for a Democrat govenor. You can dismiss him as corporate and centrist but the larger point is that Virginians rejected a far right Trumpist for someone to his left.

In more progressive areas, progressive candidates like AOC are starting to break through.

Life and politics is a never-ending battle. It’s war. And for 50 years, the right has been winning. But economics and demographics are not on their side. If you repress too many people for too long, you get blowback.

Trump was a major sign of this blowback. The public was disenchanted with mainstream Republicans and Democrats and more folks decided to go hard right than middle left. That should surprise no one. But the hard right prescription is not working and will not work. It will not solve the chronic issues of unemployment and under-employment and wealth inequality and education and environment.

Could America swing further right? Sure. For a while. But think about demographics alone. Old white people will die. Poor white and brown people will be the majority. You can’t cage them forever.

Wrapping up, it’s time for liberals like you to roll up their sleeves and participate in democracy. Vote for Sanders and settle for someone else for now if need be and work to elect more progressive candidates everywhere in state and federal elections.

I believe the left will emerge in the end. The right has no prescription to make a decent and fair and stable society.

It’s not time to quit now or opt out in protest and disgust. Fight.