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Cashing in on Kids: 172 ALEC Education Bills Push Privatization in 2015


Cashing in on Kids: 172 ALEC Education Bills Push Privatization in 2015

Brendan Fischer

Despite widespread public opposition to the corporate-driven education privatization agenda, at least 172 measures reflecting American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) model bills were introduced in 42 states in 2015, according to an analysis by the Center for Media and Democracy, publishers of ALECexposed.org and PRWatch.org. (A PDF version of this report may be downloaded here.)


Committed Americans interested in retaining the all-important wall between church and state recognize that Charter Schools DO funnel enormous sums of money into Catholic and/or Christian Schools.

Yet few pundits have the courage to mention this fact.

Thank you, Mr. Fischer, for doing so:

"Although ALEC and other school privatizers today frame "vouchers"—taxpayer-funded tuition for private, and often religious, schools—in terms of "opportunity" for low-income students and giving parents the "choice" to send their children to public or private schools, the group was less judicious in its earlier years."

Diabolical is too kind a word for the Koch Brothers' network of billionaires who have used their embarrassment of riches to hire brilliant thinkers and use novel ideas to essentially rape, pillage, and plunder the commons.

The Koch Brothers have a lot to do with the state of the water in Flint because it's their philosophy pumped through so many Republican channels and sitting in the darkened hearts of too many state governors and representatives that has led to this kind of "cost-cutting"(at great cost to sentient life) philosophy.


In Washington State, the GOP-controlled state house just passed a bill to keep the charter schools in the state open despite the revelation of misappropriation of funds (one school has to pay back the state over $250,000 because the state discovered that the school's board lied on their budget projections and kept the excess public funds anyway), hired uncertified/under qualified teachers, turned away applicants requiring special education services (which the school did not provide), and blind-sided the parents with a long list of costs they had to fork over to the school for textbooks, extracurricular activities (very few provided), etc. This particular "academy" also did not provide free transportation to/from school. What a deal! I would venture to guess that the recent legislation incorporated ALEC language if not en toto, in part. It was announced that last week or so Bill Gates injected hundreds of thousand$$$ into the push to keep the Charter schools open (they were only given until then end of this year...June...to remain open due to the State Supreme Court rulling that it was a violation of the Washington State Constitution to funnel public funds into private schools). But, I guess the repugnicants in our state legislature believe the rules do NOT apply to them when they run counter to their agendas to privatized any and everything!