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Casino Mogul's $30 Million Check to GOP Super PAC Triggers Calls for Stricter Campaign Finance Rules


Casino Mogul's $30 Million Check to GOP Super PAC Triggers Calls for Stricter Campaign Finance Rules

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With the midterm elections less than six months out, casino mogul and right-wing megadonor Sheldon Adelson has reportedly cut a $30 million check to the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF)—a super PAC that works to keep Republicans in control of the U.S. House—provoking renewed calls for stricter campaign finance rules nationwide.


Another decrepit sadist who wants to see the coming WW III well funded.


Not one mention of Sheldon’s RW rag in Israel pushing Netanyahu’s propaganda and the Likudites’ messaging. His money is dirty when he gets it ( gambling & ________ ) insert some type of adult entertainment (?) here. And, it gets dirtier and dirtier as it moves along the Zionist/Armaments Business drag chains.
Can’t we do better than this old lech’s misanthropic shenanigans, and worse?


Representative democracy is an expensive game for capitalists, but they pay for it.

Elections only cost 50¢ per person for the people, who easily afford None of the Above and an muddled election result. Put up 50¢ and do it again!

Oligarchs can’t really afford billion after billion attempting to control autonomous democracy.

Evolve to a new game that just might heal Earth with focus of distributed human intelligence. Support autonomous democracy. Evolve beyond the capitalist form of government and its representative democracy scam.


You people really crack me up. Stricter Campaign Finance Rules…haahahahahahahahahahah. Like when hell freezes over?


Sheldon Adelson’s hotel was the one the Vegas Shooting happened at. He owns a body scanner company - to scan people when they come into buildings and fought for scanners to be required in Hotels and Schools right after the Vegas shooting. It was what one set of “conspiracy” theorists arrived at for why that happened.


Are you kidding? Buying politicians is one of the most cost effective, money making schemes ever. They pay a drop in the bucket for what they get back in subsidies and slack regulations. The Republic is dead Garrett Connelly. It isn’t coming back.


The National Mall is a red-light district.


And it won’t leave him destitute either.


I walked through a gambling casino once. No one can tell me that western idea of ‘hell’ does not exist on this planet. All aspects of dehumanization having all aspects of integrity sucked out of people who already have had a predatory system slowly eating them. They are [generally] bloodless slaughterhouses. One test… look into the eyes of people in a casino.

SCOTUS! Damn your arrogance for Citizens United.


I included non of the above as winner and a new election. Corporatists pay chump change for eager wage-slave politicians. They pay hundreds of millions for the election. Do all the candidates have to be new faces if none of the above wins?

Social evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate in the same way that cosmic expansion is accelerating at an accelerating rate. I think autonomous democracy outside of government in dynamic tension with a new six branch government might work okay, at least until something better comes along.


But he will fry like the rest of us.


Unfortunately not like the poor chickens of kfc.


“The republic is dead … and it isn’t coming back.”

Representative democracy is not democracy, it is a republic, and it’s not coming back. What will humanity come up with next? It’s easy to say totalitarian control to crush creative thinking. It’s also possible that almost 14 billion years of accelerating evolution will sweep away control freaks.

“Tell me over and over again, my friend, it’s not the age of destruction.”


The boy has way to much money at his disposal. Why doesn’t he just go buy a republic somewhere and stop screwin up Our government? He can afford to buy his own. We don’t want him buyin ours anymore.


Earth has not had 14 billion years of evolution. Only about 4 billion. I think you are confused about the evolution of the universe. But anyway whatever the timespan for earth, it’s a shame that the result up until this moment has reduced its supposed “humanity” to the abomination of hatred and greed and racist beliefs and destruction and wars and anything else that does not support the proliferation of natural life.



It is funny because some folks here think those rules are going to come by allowing Mitch McConnell to control the Senate schedule and push Trump judges.


This person is worth 40 billion. He gave 30 million. What a fucking cheapskate!!!


That creep used to be a major DNC donor; I guess they wore out their welcome. Maybe the Hillary/Obama bots will learn that sucking up to fickle billionaires in not the way to go. It just shows how perverted our system has become when someone like that changes hats with such a huge slush fund over his personal issue-God and Jerusalem. Money talks the rest of us walk.