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Castro Demands Obama Drop Blockade, Return 'Illegally Occupied' Guantánamo


Castro Demands Obama Drop Blockade, Return 'Illegally Occupied' Guantánamo

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

During the first family's historic visit to Cuba on Monday, the Cuban president confronted President Barack Obama about the crippling trade embargo and called on him to "return the territory illegally occupied by Guantánamo Base."

At an afternoon press conference in Havana, the two leaders touted the "concrete" achievements made since the countries resumed diplomatic relations in December 2014.


Yipeeh for Raul Castro!!
He says, what has to be said.


Speaking the truth to power…bet Obama doesn’t hear that very often.


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Accusing Cuba of human rights abuses, while maintaining a torture site on Cuban soil.


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The communist leader said Cubans “find it inconceivable that a government does not ensure the right to healthcare, education, social security, food, and development, equal pay, and the rights of children.”

You’re not the only one, brother. By the way, make sure you check you office for bugs after Obama leaves.


One imagines president Castro, that you’re well aware that having closer relations w’ the US power mongers can morph that “extraterritorial outreach” into something much, much more heinous than what you’ve experienced to date…


“The communist leader said that Cubans …”
… as opposed to referring to Obama as “the democratic leader”?
— Sounds like that phrase could have been written by the New York Times.


And Castro is right –

We’ve been at this blockade for 60 years now – what absolute BS.

Plus our use of Guantanamo illegally – and using it to torture people.

The US is the terrorist nation.


Raul is getting suckered by the master neoliberal-con artist — but not as completely fleeced as Gorbachev and the drunken Yeltsin.

The Disguised Global Capitalist Empire HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country has a ‘History’ of militarist attempts to take-over Cuba as one of its near territories, and failing that to oppress and tyrannize its citizens as all Empires do according to the late/great Jewish intellectual, Hannah Arendt, who presciently warned of all Empires:

“Empire abroad entails tyranny at home”

This is what I commented to one of the first NYT deceitful articles about the Cuban trip by Julie Hirschfeld:

Well, Mr. Hopie Changie (or Secret Agent 008, as some call him) certainly raised the “Hopes” of a majority of the media/propaganda deluded ‘subjects’ of the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire (aka America) in the 2008 (s)election — as Slick Willie “I feel your pain” Clinton proved he could do both for the ‘subjects’ within the DGCEmpire, and those ‘subjects’ then recently freed from the supposedly last “Evil Empire” on earth, with the fall of that wall.

So, ‘hopefully’ — from the Empire’s perspective, Obama can pull-off that trick again, and get the Cuban people to not only forget the truth of what Sydney Pollack and Redford’s 1990 film “Havana” documented in historical novel form as the transition from a subject territory of the gambling and financial Empire under the Batista Vichy-like regime of militarist, economic, and social tyranny.

Cuba is tentatively ‘inviting’ their big neighbor back, but as Mr. Gutierrez says in your articles’ conclusion, “The Cubans aren’t sure what the U.S. intentions are — whether this is being done because it is a Trojan horse or a hidden regime-change policy,”

And in reply to Redford’s question of why the revolutionaries of the late '50’s had to “actually fight?” — Raul Julia [Revolutionary Doctor Duran simply said, “But, they won’t leave by asking ‘Nicely’”.

If the Russian people, of the euphoric early 1990’s, had known what they know now, would they have ‘invited’ the U.S. HQed Empire, only ‘posing’ as our former country in to loot them?

Ultimately, of course, the real winners will be il Donald Trump and Sheldon Adelson with their massive new casions and real estate Empires taking over Cuba and returning it to the conditions of Batista 50’s with poverty, slave labor, and economic tyranny.

I’d give it a decade.


Castro is right that the U.S. should do those things. It is Congress, not the President, blocking the first one. But the President himself refuses to stop the occupation of Guantanamo, once again showing his subservience to the military.


Raul does?


Very glad both Castro and Obama are more mature.


I had to turn off the tube in disgust when the media “journalist” said, “the Cuban dictator” in reference to Raul Castro.


Gross overstatement is so much better.


I do not believe that Castro objects to the word communist. Why would he?


Is anyone alleging that torture is now taking place in Guantanimo? The remaining prisoners have access to attorneys, who aren’t making that claim.

Returning Gitmo to Cuba is overdue, and resolves more than one issue.


I wasn’t remarking on Obama’s immaturity. It was his hypocrisy - chastising Cuba for “human rights abuses” while torturing prisoners on Cuban soil. He’s made a fool of himself.


Well, this Castro seems to be more lenient than his brother. Still putting people in prison for not liking him tho.